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Avatar n tn If you are already taking 30mg of zyprexa for your illness and you suddenly have a setback if dangerous for a doctor to increase the medication to 60mg for a short time until a crisis passes.
Avatar f tn My Dr Just started me on low dose Zyprexa and Valium I guess for anxiety and the Zyprexa has me concerned.Has she been tried on Seroquel? most tolerate it well.
Avatar n tn I took Zyprexa for about 6 months to help treat mild anxiety with doses ranging from 5 to 15 mg. (this was in conjunction with 1,500 mg of Depakote that my doctor prescribed for bipolar.). When I decided that Zyprexa did not seem to improve the anxiety, I gradually reduced the dose over several months, until I finally quit entirely just 2 weeks ago. Since I stopped taking Zyprexa, I have experienced fairly severe anxiety on a daily basis. There are no other significant withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar m tn This I found to be a great relief and was sleeping 7 hours a day on zyprexa alone.After about 6 months like this the zyprexa dosage was reduced to 5mg.This worked fine and I was still sleeping about 6-7 hours daily.This continued for a year but now I am able to sleep only 5 hours on 5mg of zyprexa.I may have to up the dosage to sleep well.While this is not a major problem I feel that this will eventually lead to disaster because we cant up the dosage continuously as I develop tolerance.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 2.5 mg of zyprexa for about 12 years for anxiety, along with Nardil for depression& some things for sleep, etc. Every time I try to get off the zyprexa I get the same wierd physical symptoms, in addition to regular anxiety symptoms that I can recognize. This time I took 3/4 of the 2.5mg for 1 week, and went down to 1/2 for a week, and then dropped it.
Avatar f tn My 24 year old daughter has been on Zoloft for the last two years for generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks but has battled this since she was a teenager (she actually started Zoloft when she was 18 and took herself off of it when she was 20) - and has taken up to 150 mg/day of the Zoloft - but because of intolerance to this level due to side effects - she was lowered back to 50 mg/day -the level she is able to tolerate - after the first year and managed on this level for almost a year
Avatar n tn Hello, I have recently started Zoloft for anxiety. I was also given xanax. Xanax would calm me down a bit, but not stop my aggrivation, or quick temper. When my Zoloft dosage was raised to 100mg from 50mg I started to experience unpleasant side effects. Mainly the inability to sleep, no sex drive, leg tremors, and yellow fingernails. I immediately went to the doctor when seeing my nails turn yellow. My therapist suggested i may have bioplar II, hyper mania.
Avatar n tn I'm not familiar with zyprexa, citalopram is a common SSRI - I used it for depression and anxiety. I think the key is taking it slow.
Avatar n tn This time he was put on Zyprexa and then changed to Risperdal. Ten days in hospital and two weeks of day-visits for therapy later, when he went back to work, he again did not do well (though he was taking his meds). His doctor said that he may not be responding to Risperdal and switched him immediately to Zyprexa (10mg/day). He did not do well in the next three days and went back again to the hospital. He is now recovering in the hospital but his progress seems slow.
616450 tn?1228437227 (Yes, I've read about the risks and side effects.) Has any one else used Zyprexa? I'm hanging in there for the RAI Friday (the decision was made for me by all three endos, by the way, since they think my levels are good enough right now) and I actually feel almost half human. I feel like a person should feel since I've been on this stuff. It seems to help the symptoms NOW--not in three weeks.
Avatar f tn I am just curious how freely is Zyprexa prescribed for anxiety disorders outside Australia? I will certainly discuss this with my doctor when I see him next, but I welcome anyone who has more knowledge on this matter. Thanks.
1082697 tn?1260068216 now this drug is suppose to make you sleepy. well, it is working the opposite for me. the doctor told no one she has ever had on zyprexa had this reaction to it. if anyone can help me with this, i would appreciate it. i am not feeling so depressed .
Avatar n tn The only safe way to come off a medication is to cut down the dosage a little bit at a time. You're taking 120mg a day, so you should cut it down to 100mg for a start. If your doctor said that you are to quit this medication, why didn't they tell you exactly the way to do it??
Avatar n tn My suggestion is to get a pill cutter and cut your dosage slowly... for example if you're on 2.5 mg (the lowest dose), cut it into quarters and take 3/4 for one month, reduce to 1/2 for another month, and 1/4 for yet another month. Then probably start skipping days on the 1/4 for a month and then try stopping. I can tell you in advance that you will have days of 0 sleep while you're reducing... but don't let it bother you, because unfortunately, it's the healing process.
Avatar n tn i am on a mood stabilizer and benzodiazapines, to which they have (perhaps just temporarily) added another mood stabilizer for anxiety. bi-polar brains, even if you spend most of your time depressed, are not the same as uni-polar (depressed) brains. and the former comment is correct - lithium is not the best to treat bi-polar depression. lamictal (lamotrogene) is rated as #1 by the APA for such treatment.
Avatar n tn He is on his second antidepresent called Elavil and now they are wanting to add Zyprexa to be taken with the Elavil. Lots of other sides but these seem to be the worse at the moment. Going into his 5th month of treatment. Pretty much a struggle the entire time. Today first day back to work in weeks. Viral counts almost undetectable, however the ALT and AST remain above the 150's. Much more to say but for now just needing feedback on this new drug they want to try.
Avatar f tn I was placed in a mental institution for a week and the only treatment that i have recibved in the last 18mths has been to get a presciption form a doctor for my medication for zyprexa i was put on 10mg daily dose. I want to now get off this medication as i do not have any symptoms of schizophrenia or paraniod thoughts, i also am not longer depressed or anxious and have been like this for quite some months now, what can i do to now come off my medication and be told that i am fine?
Avatar n tn The trend apparently for anxiety apparently is to treat it with a SSRI and if no success there, then Zyprexa and Seroquel is given . The older anti-depressants are no longer given as they have cardiac consequences, but I guess the mental doctors think it is okay to stuff up your brain completely. I told my doctor about this and he thought my psychologist and the profession has gone a bit crazy.
Avatar m tn Antipsychotics and anticonvulsants are sometimes prescribed for anxiety. I was also given zyprexa (used off label) for anxiety and depression. Please make sure to ask your doctor about side effects of this medication. I gained 50lbs while on zyprexa and developed glucose tolerance problems. We really do not know how these medications work, or the long term effects. At the end, it is a chemical you are adding to your brain. However I do not think they cause schizophrenia in non schizophrenics.
Avatar n tn By self medicating, your wife is interfering with the best efforts of her doctors to find the right combination and dosage for her illness. I would encourage her not only to stop, but to inform her doctor about what she is doing, and how much. You might use this response as a method to talk to her about this...or you may have to tell her that you will talk to her psychiatrist on her behalf, in order to help.
Avatar m tn I was taking an anti depressant and an anti anxiety medication as well as the Zyprexa when I left the hospital We cut back slowly on he dosage of the Zyprexa after I was hallucination free for a year, then I took it every other day for a few months when I got to the lowest dosage.Finally my doctor told me to stop it altogether. I believe it IS used for bipolar disorder, for mania.
Avatar n tn I am writing out of concern for my 62 year old mother. She has had panic anxiety issues on and off for about 15 years. Within the last year she has become mostly bed-ridden.She sleeps about 2/3 of the day. The doctor keeps readjusting her medications , which never seems to help. She has gone to a few doctors, including a psych.The doctor changes a dosage at every visit and every time she hangs onto a thread of hope. She has been on various medications.
739988 tn?1386676569 I mean like I take a med for depression, a med for mania, is there one for anxiety? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn Now that I have been off of them since Feb 2006, I have them, but I only take them when absolutely necessary. I took one zoloft pill (my doctor recommended it for anxiety) and I prayed that if this pill got out of my system, I would never take it again. I didn't sleep a wink that night and lost 2 pound from the constant bathroom visits. I was cold and nervous. You have taken Zoloft for awhile, it just goes to show you medicine has different effects on different people.
874521 tn?1424120397 seroquel will not worsen his depression for sure, he may only feel lethargic if he is given high dosage. But as IL said valporate is good for mania and weak for depression. There is an alternativce to give him (ask your pdoc) an AD good for anxiety too like lexapro but for a short while only because all AD's run the risk of bringing mania, and stop. Already he takes zyprexa which is strong enough to cover the AD if given.
Avatar n tn So now that I have been offically diagnosed with Anxiety related chest pains,palps, hot flashes etc... I have tried SSR's,Buspar which I thought worked the best but kind of stopped working and the SSR's made me sick. What else is there for me to try? I take ativan now and that works but I can't take that long term can I?
Avatar n tn The use of opiates / opioids for anxiety and depression has been suggested by many doctors and psychiatrists for decades. As a matter of fact, my mother's psychiatrist offered her Lortab(hydrocodone/APAP) for her anxiety, but she didn't want them because they upset her stomach. Ask your doctor and / or psychiatrist if they can subscribe some kind of opiate. It can't hurt to ask because SOME psychiatrists have already begun subscribing narcotic pain meds for anxiety.
640716 tn?1223155806 My mother has had a history of depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. I don't think she's ever truly been "treated" for this things, except for being prescribed meds. In the past few months, she's been out of work and I've been around more often and witness her in a stupor state some days, a really bad state. I started monitoring her consumption of these pills and she'll take twice or three times the recommended dosage.
Avatar f tn I myself have been on many head meds till I got on the combo of celexa (for the depression side) and zyprexa (mood stabilizer for the manic side) In bi polar if you take one without the other,antidepressant or mood stabilizer it will tip you in the opposite direction. In your case the anitdepressants you are on, you are obviously un happy with them And it will probably take some tweaking of you thyroid med to get the dosage just right.
547014 tn?1214865217 the ssri's are not really the best for anxiety and panic. Ask your doctor about medications like klonopin or xanax. You should also try psychotherapy.