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Avatar f tn I have been taking Xanax and I took my last one yesterday at 6pm and I'm suppose to be taking zyprexa and I scared to because I have Xanax in my system and have never tried zyprexa.
Avatar n tn I have been on a half tablet of 2.5mg of Zyprexa for several years. Before that I took the full 2.5mg tablet, and before that 2mg of Haldol after a psychotic break. First, is it all right to be breaking these unscored tablets in half? I was told it was ok to do. Second, I am also wondering about side effects related to long-term dosing with these meds. Third, I have been told I could try to go off the Zyprexa, and I have no idea how this will work for me.
Avatar f tn but they should be used VERY cautiously. I'm not a fan of them for anxiety disorders at all. Even severe anxiety. Like Ryan said...you have a severe anxiety disorder exacerbated by years of benzo use and dependence. A psych med manager would be able to help. Just remember, even the best professional in the world isn't going to be able to "fix" you overnight with a new prescription....you ARE going to have some rough moments and this IS going to take work and patience on your part.
781963 tn?1236480313 1st day on zyprexa that i feel ok
Avatar n tn Hello, so I've been having severe withdrawal from zyprexa (olanzapine) for the last 4 months. It all started 3 days after I stopped taking it cold turkey after being on 10mg for 4 months. I was taking it for sleep/ depression and anxiety when nothing else was working. I had to go off it due to gaining 60lbs in 4 months. I've been completely miserable without it. Insomnia, anxiety, crying spells, headaches, cold/hot sweats, unable to get out of bed much. Had to quit my job.
Avatar n tn Yes I always felt anxiety mostly around day 3 - 4 bad. Then lower anxiety for up to 3 weeks, then fine. I came off it in the end. I think most peeople need a much lower dose than prescribed. But you were on it for a very short time.
Avatar n tn My doctor has been using it for chronic panic/anxiety containment, together with kalma (Xanax) and Rivotril. Do you have any suggestions I could raise with him?
Avatar f tn (this is what my bf calls my anxiety attacks) He took me to the ER cuz the ativan wasnt working, nothing was. There they gave me 2 pills of something called zyprexa and an hour later, i was still pacing. So they hooked me up to an IV, two bags of fluids and 1 ml of ativan. Half hour later, nothing. So 1 more dose ativan and sometime within the next half hour I was a zombie. Normally ativan thru an IV wont jack me up that way.
Avatar m tn I say this because it is hard to diagnose a teen with BiPolar when they are on cocaine,so anyway I am off EVERYTHING now. I have been on a variety of antidepressants,but always stuck with Zyprexa for almost 7 YEARS! I was going up and down on 15-10 mg. I am on my 3rd week of withdrawal,the Zyprexa withdrawal is HORRIBLE. For a few days I felt alright,but today it came back. I cant sleep,I constantly vomit,feel so much anxiety. I refuse to go back on meds...
Avatar f tn My Dr Just started me on low dose Zyprexa and Valium I guess for anxiety and the Zyprexa has me concerned.Has she been tried on Seroquel? most tolerate it well.
Avatar n tn a Priest, Nami, and family friends. Since I have been off the Zyprexa for 2 months, I feel like I'm out of a coma. I am embracing the compliments from people and engaging in conversations with new people, (for the first time in 14 years). I feel hopeful. My lesson from my experience is to never let one Male doctor dominate my life, nor close myself off to others who were always concerned. A doctor should always be open and flexible, with no unethical attachment.
Avatar n tn I expect the anxiety from this may be overwhelming so I would try not to panic and would try to manage my anxiety as best as possible. I would strongly encourage you to contact a health provider for advice. I don't like making presumptions but it would be nice if Dr Gould could respond to your question as well. Good luck for accessing support and advice.
Avatar n tn I took Zyprexa for about 6 months to help treat mild anxiety with doses ranging from 5 to 15 mg. (this was in conjunction with 1,500 mg of Depakote that my doctor prescribed for bipolar.). When I decided that Zyprexa did not seem to improve the anxiety, I gradually reduced the dose over several months, until I finally quit entirely just 2 weeks ago. Since I stopped taking Zyprexa, I have experienced fairly severe anxiety on a daily basis. There are no other significant withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn This thread to harm zyprexa users. This discussion is not useful.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed 5mg zyprexa for insomnia and anxiety associated with depression. I took 5mg only once. It was far too sedating to me. If you took 5mg for a year, and suddenly stopped, it only seems logical that you would experience "rebound" insomnia and anxiety.
Avatar m tn After another 3 months like this the doctor switched me to zyprexa 10mg.This I found to be a great relief and was sleeping 7 hours a day on zyprexa alone.After about 6 months like this the zyprexa dosage was reduced to 5mg.This worked fine and I was still sleeping about 6-7 hours daily.This continued for a year but now I am able to sleep only 5 hours on 5mg of zyprexa.I may have to up the dosage to sleep well.
1082697 tn?1260068216 i am taking citalopram and zyprexa for depression. i am on vicodin for shoulder pain. since i have been on the pills i have not needed my pain pillls. i am wondering if anyone has experienced this. did the depression cause my pain? i have not had any bad side affects on the zyprexa. in fact i have so much energy now. i tend to get into deep depression so bad i can hardly get out of bed. i have been taking the zyprexa for about 4 weeks now. the doctor put me on since my citalopram needed a boost.
5790942 tn?1374337921 There is no magic pill or cure for w/ds unfortunately and sometimes, people make choices to take medications that can cause other problems (like Oxy mentioned) or they take high doses of a medication to stave off w.ds that also cause risks. There are some meds that can help symptomatically treat w/ds that are pretty low risk and non addictive. To look for something to take it away completely though just isn't realistic.
Avatar f tn We are not qualified to give medical advice, but some of us may have experience with lithium or zyprexa. I have a friend who has taken zyprexa with an antidepressant for years. That is the extent of my knowledge :). Doctors frequently prescribe combinations of drugs depending on a patient's symptoms. Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? Glad you posted....try to restrain yourself from consulting Dr. Google... Best...
Avatar n tn I've been taking 2.5 mg of zyprexa for about 12 years for anxiety, along with Nardil for depression& some things for sleep, etc. Every time I try to get off the zyprexa I get the same wierd physical symptoms, in addition to regular anxiety symptoms that I can recognize. This time I took 3/4 of the 2.5mg for 1 week, and went down to 1/2 for a week, and then dropped it.
2216810 tn?1420860476 I was prescribed Zyprexa a while back. Sometimes a med can be used more than one way. In our cases it's not that far a stretch. Anxiety and all. Personally I really didn't like it. It practically made me feel psychotic. Maybe your doctor knows best? You should try it and see.
Avatar f tn it is not a narcotic type drug.....I hear they also use it for anxiety disorders also....hope this helps out some....take care...
Avatar f tn Is it okay to take zyprexa 5mg intermittently for cloudy thinking? I take one tablet for two or three nights every month when I feel my thinking is becoming distorted. If I take it every night I gain too much weight and I am afraid of the long-term side effects associated with the drug. I have also been taking 45mg temazepam every two or three nights for a insomnia and anxiety I don't want to take it every night either.
Avatar f tn im just wondering if any of you out there is also on zyprexa and ativan/my dr is treating me for anxiety and depression that regular antiddepressants dont help..I had a bad breakdown yesterday and dr had to try something i guess Im trying to do this at home without hospitlazation,,,,,kinda scared of both ativan and zyprexa to gether i have only taking one 5 mg zyprexa and man it knocked me out..will that wear off and today i have the shakes bad...
Avatar f tn My 24 year old daughter has been on Zoloft for the last two years for generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks but has battled this since she was a teenager (she actually started Zoloft when she was 18 and took herself off of it when she was 20) - and has taken up to 150 mg/day of the Zoloft - but because of intolerance to this level due to side effects - she was lowered back to 50 mg/day -the level she is able to tolerate - after the first year and managed on this level for almost a year
Avatar n tn I've been told that Prozac is quite energizing, so it can be challenging for those folks who have anxiety coupled with their depression. Personally, I would never take Zyprexa. It's in the antipsychotic family, I believe. Have you read the side effects? Is tardive dyskonesia listed?
Avatar m tn Everyone says zyprexa and cymbalta is long out of my system but there is obviously something still very wrong with me. I actually tried going on zyprexa for several days but that didn't help. Is tha the way to go? Go back on those same meds and discontinue them slowly or do I need other help/meds?
Avatar f tn 25mg nightly and have been for 2 years. every time I try to go off it, I have anxiety attacks????
1655289 tn?1326046489 I've been on 5 mg Zyprexa for a couple years now for suspected bipolar. I am tempted to go off Zyprexa to get my highs back, I also take 20 mg prozac for depression, I seemed to have lost my personality. I can't cry anymore my feelings are flat and I'm not interested in anything anymore. I've gianed weight and I'm having a hard time just leaving my house. I hate to get dressed because I feel so fat. I use to love to go shopping but have no desire lately.