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Avatar f tn He has now moved and is looking for a new psychiatrist which will take some time before the first appointment. What dosage of Zeldox would be equivalent to 10 mg daily of Zyprexa? What side effects can be expected during the switch from Zyprexa to Zeldox?
Avatar n tn If you are already taking 30mg of zyprexa for your illness and you suddenly have a setback if dangerous for a doctor to increase the medication to 60mg for a short time until a crisis passes.
Avatar n tn It has been almost two weeks since I withdrawn from zyprexa and it looks like it is getting worse everyday. I have used this medication for 1.5 months and my highest dosage was 10 mg that I took for 7 days. Im feeling very weird, not alert or not conscious at all. It feels like Im some kinda zombie without emotions. I can´t even sleep well at night, Im a sleep but awake at the same time. I get panic attacks because Im scared I will be like this forever.
Avatar f tn If she at any time has attempted to self harm then her psychiatrist should be working with you to prevent this. When I took Zyprexa a while back the dosage range I had did go up to 10 mg. To my knowledge that is within the normal dosage range but her psychiatrist would understand the clinical specifics. You can also go to the medication website. Weight gain can be a problem with all antipsychotics and Zyprexa has a high potential of this but everyone responds differently to each medication.
Avatar f tn How to Stop Taking Zyprexa (olanzapine) Your doctor should be recommending that you reduce your dosage of Zyprexa by 5mg a day every six days if you need to discontinue Zyprexa. Making it a week is just easier to remember. You can stop immediately if it’s an emergency, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that without a doctor’s supervision. The major problem with stopping antipsychotics is a sudden return of your symptoms.
Avatar n tn Oh, by the way, do you know where your doctor found that information? I can't find anything on Zyprexa withdrawal, but your doctor sound like he knows what he's talking about.
Avatar n tn This was her first time in such a facility. The staff psychiatrist has her on Zylexa at 5 mg per day. On Saturday she was given 7.5, dosage reduced Sunday because she was lethargic to 2.5, came home Monday and took 7.5 that night, last night gave her 5.0 before bedtime. This morning she can barely keep her eyes open, eyes rolling back in her head when she tries to wake up, and she has had the jitters all day yesterday and again this morning. I am taking her off of it!
Avatar n tn There's not much information on Zyprexa withdrawal but I can assure you, that insomnia is one of them if you do not taper slowly. I did it cold turkey on 5 mg and did not sleep for 2 weeks (absolutely 0 sleep believe it or not) so I had to go back on the 5 mg and taper very slowly. Even when you are successful at getting off the drug, your sleep with not be normal. You can expect at most 5 hours.
Avatar n tn When I noticed this I also became very anxious and was put on zyprexa. When I tried to come off zyprexa I was told I had bipolar disorder(manic depression).I have expierenced extremely disturbing anxious thoughts, sleep disturbances, ringing in my ears and a dry mouth while trying to come off zyprexa and am worried that this drug most definitely has withdrawal effects.
Avatar f tn A few years back when I had chronic insomnia and got very anxious and depressed due to the sleep loss, a psychiatrist prescribed me Remeron and Zyprexa. Zyprexa to get the sleep going until Remeron kicks in. I fortunately saw my doctor who got very angry with the psychiatrist for giving me Zyprexa as I was not psychotic and secondly there are very bad side effects from it.
Avatar n tn He spent 10 days in our local hospital and had to be transferred to the state facility due to lack of insurance coverage. (they only would pay for 10 days) He is given 1500 depokote and 30 mil of zyprexa now for about 15 days.
Avatar n tn I don't know what else to do other than notify her psychiatrist. Does anyone have any information about the effects of pot smoking in combination with antipsycotic medication and with people who are Bipolar? Please help!!!!
Avatar m tn I was taking an anti depressant and an anti anxiety medication as well as the Zyprexa when I left the hospital We cut back slowly on he dosage of the Zyprexa after I was hallucination free for a year, then I took it every other day for a few months when I got to the lowest dosage.Finally my doctor told me to stop it altogether. I believe it IS used for bipolar disorder, for mania.
Avatar n tn ) ADDERALL 3x daily for the ADHD which I can understand, but has also prescribed a drug of SEROQUEL (100mg) 3x daily for his BIPOLAR disorder. I am concerned with the safety of this drug for this child. All of the information I find regarding SEROQUEL states studies relating to this drug have only been in people 18 yrs of age and over. Some of the information even have CHILDREN listed under precautions for this medicine.
Avatar m tn In this case a google search for haloperidol and zyprexa can give you information on both drugs and how they work and their side effects so when your brother sees his doctor he can ask the right questions.
Avatar m tn i have been very lethargic lately,i take zyprexa 5mg,ativan 0.5mg,paxil 10 mg and procyclidine 2.
Avatar m tn My son on lithium and zyprexa wich one can course short term memory problems and problems focusing on tasks such as scoolworkorreading any body ever took this two drugs toghether?????
Avatar n tn If he's transitioning you off Zyprexa to Geodon that makes sense as Zyprexa is the worst offender for diabetes which is a common risk for all atypical antipsychotics, the lowest rate being on Abilify. Abilify is considered safer than Geodon because of the risk of heart arrythmia in Geodon. I experienced some heart palpitations on Geodon and was taken off it.
Avatar n tn 2 months later, dyskinesia occurred in tongue/jaw, drooling returned. Sinemet dosage then was decreased to 2 per day 25/250 (9am, 2pm), Requip 0.125 (9pm). Dyskinesia improved. 1.5 month ago, teeth grinding started day and night. She is now taking 3 per day sinemet 25/175, 25/175, 25/100 (9 am, 1pm, 5:30pm), and Requip 0.125 every other day(9pm). Teeth grinding improved 50% at least (5:30pm sinemet uses low dosage because it looks like impact her falling into sleep even with Rozerem.
Avatar m tn I admitted to him that my preference all else being equal was to take fewer meds. We tried reducing the dosage of Celexa from 40 mg to 20 mg, but after a couple weeks I started feeling worse and worse, so we returned to 40mg. I was having a very stressful time involving money and my partner's chronic illness, so I thought it wasn't a good time to experiment any more. Now, things have improved to the point I'm thinking about returning to paring down on the meds.
544292 tn?1268886268 So glad you are choosing to join us. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol. Lots of love, information and empathy here!
Avatar n tn My very best to you on your upcoming nuptials and I hope my information helps you so as not to worry on your special day - this is the last thing you should worry about on that special day!!!!!!
574118 tn?1305138884 I know many people that take 100mg of Seraquel and it works for them. But really, your dr knows best as to what dosage you should try with the symptoms you are experiencing.
222267 tn?1253305810 People are being improperly diagnosed and it's sad to think people are on medications that could potentially harm them. In the 90's it was ADD or ADHD. Did you know that Zyprexa kills 1 in 125 people? Wow! That is astonishing to me. The fact that the FDA knew about this and approved it, is horrible to say the least. 2 million people a year get prescribed that drug, including children.
1255505 tn?1272822715 CrazyMeds has a LOT of info about psych meds, and has the full complete info sheets (the ones doctors use) that contain dosage information for different uses. It also has forums and info about really weird rare side effects of meds. Their forums might even already have something about this issue.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that I have found an SSRI that is a better fit personally and is causing this weight loss or is this likely just the calm before the storm, and the weight loss can more likely be attributed to an increase in medication (dosage), and will soon be followed with a weight gain?
Avatar m tn Then I was on some antipsychotic drugs - Olanzapine(Zyprexa) and Zuclopentixol (Clopixol). Then went to another doctor and said it was Delusional Disorder. I have a weird kind of crying. When someone talks about something, I start crying without reason. Risperidone (Risperdal). I was given SSRIs at times. After getting involed in a non-profit internet work, my delusions were gone. It must have been the involvement that done that. I discontinued my medications then.
574118 tn?1305138884 Generally with every medication there is a therapeutic dosage range which when the medication will generally prove effective. That dose was determined in controlled studies.
Avatar n tn hi, i currently take 60mg of prozac daily, 10mg of zyprexa daily, and have been given .25mg of xanax three times daily for a intense panic disorder. i feel ok on the prozac but really like the effect xanax is giving me, im a post grad student with presentations and exams feel i need the xanax, and also want to up my dosage in extreme circumstances e.g. college presentation, how much xanax is a safe amount to take, i want to take 4/6 tabs at one time of .25mg , safe or not?