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Avatar n tn For the 2 years, he has been on the same meds, concerta 54mg bid, welbutrin SR 150 bid, depakote 500mg in am and 1000mg in pm and zyprexa zyda 10mg, within the last 3 months methylphenidate 10mg was added to his regimen for problems his mother feels like he is having at home.
Avatar n tn , got sick, ended up in the hospital and then saw the doctor next day. He put me back up to 3 mg. xanax every day and 10 mg. zyprexa zydis. So, I've been taking that then since last summer. I finally got off all the medication, the zyprexa I got off in January completely and the xanax I finished my last dose on April 13th. I reduced sometimes every week a half mg. and then someone told me to reduce by 1/4 mg. I never even had panic disorder to begin with...my doctor misdiagnosed me.