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Avatar n tn what is Zyprexa commonly used for?and it side effects. How much should be taken?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed w/ BiPolar ten years ago and have since been taking a small dosage of zyprexa. I'm trying to wean myself off it, but am having sleep withdrawals. Is it wise to completely go off the medication or better to lower the dosage? Currently, I'm taking 5 mg at bedtime. I don't suffer manically or have depressive states anymore. I have tried this for two weeks and have had a few sleepless nights. What should I do?
Avatar n tn 1. Is 30mg of Zyprexa a common & safe dose? Most of the literature states that 10mg is the common/target dose. 2. Should the dosage of Zyprexa be adjusted due to heavy smoking? 3. Since research seems to indicate that smoking does not interfere with the absorption & clearance of Abilify, should we try that? Is Abilify recommended for people with chronic schizophrenia? 4. Are you aware of any research comparing Abilify to Zyprexa? 5.
Avatar f tn He has now moved and is looking for a new psychiatrist which will take some time before the first appointment. What dosage of Zeldox would be equivalent to 10 mg daily of Zyprexa? What side effects can be expected during the switch from Zyprexa to Zeldox?
222267 tn?1253305810 I will copy and paste what I found so you can read for yourself but let me say that for me it was being on too high a dosage of Zyprexa that gave me anxiety. Once I was off that drug, I was just fine. Zyprexa is an anit psycotic... I no longer use Zyprexa, but use Seroquel when I get ill but as soon as I am better I discontinue. I encourage you to look up your meds and be proactive with your healthcare. There is no proof that staying on that anti psycotic long term is of any benefit to you.
Avatar n tn I was put on Zyprexa for insomnia I was suffering after surgury. The doctor felt it was anthesia induced mania and usually lasts about a year. Its been 2 years now and I have been on Zyprexa for 18 months. Ive been trying to get off this stuff, however before I even get completely off I cant sleep, feel dizzy and have eradicate pulse and blood pressure. I currently have had the medication compounded at 31mg per Ml and I am reducing by one Ml every 2 weeks. Iam currently only taking .62mg.
Avatar n tn But I don't remember it being this strong before. So yeah, I just wondered if Zyprexa was making me more bipolar rather then helping.
Avatar n tn Also, is there any other reason why Risperdal can be better than Zyprexa? (he may have bipolar disorder or may have schizo-affective disorder of bipolar type). Is it possible that some people simply don't respond to a particular medication in the long run, but respond to it in the beginning? Any light on what may be happening, or what we should do will help! Thanks!
Avatar n tn It takes a while to get the dosage right with lamictal b/c you have to work up to your dosage slowly in order to avoid a potentially fatal rash (although extremely rare, especially in adults). It's working really well for me and I finally feel 'normal'. I still experience all emotions but on a very manageable and reasonable level. I've only had one manic episode which was a year and a half ago and have mild bouts of depression a few times a year. Good luck!
1257808 tn?1322765815 Now, I'm on zyprexa 5mg then increase to 10 mg. Zyprexa instead of Syroquil. Also, monitoring my WBCs to avoid it's down again. The goal is to prevent high mood first then manage and control low mood. My mood include high, low, and mixed moods. Thank you for your time, answer, and help.
Avatar f tn Hi HazyW, I looked up your first medication you mentioned, & here's what they say (this is just a very general info, though, from the Zyprexa site,NOT from a Doctor)... *********** ..."ZYPREXA=Olanzapine ..."USES: This medication is used to treat certain mental/mood conditions (schizophrenia, bipolar mania). It works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters).
Avatar n tn I'm interested to hear of successful weaning stories--of people getting off zyprexa and for how long you have been off the medicine. This is my goal and I could use some encouragement. All the doctors and therapists I have spoken to say that it is extremely risky to go off medication and think that all symptoms of mental illness will return. Do those of us who want to be medication free have any hope? Are there any natural remedies that help with bipolar disorder?
Avatar n tn My youngest has trouble with weight on it, but when his doctor tried to decrease the dosage, his bipolar symptoms were horrible. He also has trouble with hallucinations and they come back if he doesn't take Zyprexa for 2 days when he is at his dad's house. His dad refuses to give it to him. I am on LA Weight Loss, now Pure Weight Loss, and I know that they take all medications into consideration when you go on their program.
Avatar n tn Is this a normal physiological reaction to not taking zyprexa for over a year, I mean why can't I sleep? Or this just proof that I am Bipolar and should be put back on the Zyprexa? Perhaps I just need to give my body some time to readjust, but I can't stand the thought of having to take Ambien every night to sleep, I'm might as well be on the zyprexa. By the way I've been up all night and I don't feel the least tired, it's around 5:30 AM and I took an Ambien just a few minutes ago.
Avatar n tn in my own wide experience, ive had not much luck with dosage doubling....but we r all diff.....maybe give er a day r so n see if it helps? all i can say on that 4 now stay hard...
Avatar n tn When I noticed this I also became very anxious and was put on zyprexa. When I tried to come off zyprexa I was told I had bipolar disorder(manic depression).I have expierenced extremely disturbing anxious thoughts, sleep disturbances, ringing in my ears and a dry mouth while trying to come off zyprexa and am worried that this drug most definitely has withdrawal effects.
Avatar f tn you need to find a dr that you trust and go to them. i was on zyprexa for a while for bipolar. i didnt like it due to the side effects. my family dr handles all my bipolar meds but you might try a psych just so you can get off the medication. alot of drs will not take you off without you going to a psych to get their professional opinion. in any case good luck.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old son is Bipolar and ADHD. He is on Adderall XR, Abilify, Zyprexa, and Clonidine. I have read that the Adderall can make the bipolar symptoms worsen. At this time, he is completely out of control, stealing, lying, fighting, and failing school. He is getting into fights at school and at home. He is deffiant and disrespectful to everyone he is in contact with. What med combination is best for a child with both disorders?
Avatar n tn My doctor told me that it sounded like I was having bipolar tendencies. He said that certain anti-depressants can trigger or bring bipolar to the surface. He took me off Celexa and prescribed Wellbutrin 100 mg once a day, Seroquel 25mg at night, and Ativan 1mg three times a day. Over the next months, we kept increasing the doses until I felt more normal. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2.
539549 tn?1315985262 Does bipolar cause you to make poor eating chocies sometimes I know it does with me.... I guess an example is I will skip breakfast eat a small luch and then eat some high calorie dinner It could be my meds because I know certain kinds of medications on bipolar can cause you to eat more than normally but I am unsure......
Avatar n tn I was put on zyprexa 5mg and effexor 225 mg, which is a similar regime. I was able to give up the zyprexa after the year but remain on an anti depressant. It is just that my depression got so bad i went down very low + she classified this as psychotic as i never had any high or elevated mood. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn You definitely have a reason to be concerned. POT affects the very same brain chemistry that the other medications are trying to modulate and control. By self medicating, your wife is interfering with the best efforts of her doctors to find the right combination and dosage for her illness. I would encourage her not only to stop, but to inform her doctor about what she is doing, and how much. You might use this response as a method to talk to her about this...
Avatar m tn zyprexa-i have bipolar disorder.i have been on zyprexa olanzapine for 8 years.i am now weaning myself off.i was on 15mg a day,then my doctor reduced it to 10 mg over 6 months.after three months on 10mg i reduced it to 7.5mg,after another 3 months i reduced it to 5mg,after three months i reduced it to 2.5mg and i realised at 2.5mg the withdrawl effects were ok.which i was happy with.after two months i reduced it to 2.5mg every other day.i still felt good.after two months i reduced it to 2.
980052 tn?1262970679 I am currently back on depakote (was taken off during pregnancy) but am reaching out and asking if any 1 who has bipolar ll and anxiety disorder has had any luck w/ another mood stabilizer?? I am thinking of trying lamicatal b/c I have read alot about it and heard of many ppl who really feel good on it w/o the weight gain..I feel I am basically on my own in finding a med that works for me b/c my psy.
458139 tn?1334627036 High functioning female with bipolar, 45, seeks same who enjoys going to the gym, long walks, bike rides, listening to music,book stores, shopping, walking my dog, Starbucks, etc. Also, I would like to know, are there any woman who have bipolar, take medications and are successful employed, either part-time or full-time? Please respond if you live in my area, Woodland Hills, California (Los Angeles County).
Avatar n tn This child is 7 yrs old and has a diagnosis of ADHD/BIPOLAR disorders. i have a concern with the medication his Dr. has prescribed. He has prescribed (10mg.) ADDERALL 3x daily for the ADHD which I can understand, but has also prescribed a drug of SEROQUEL (100mg) 3x daily for his BIPOLAR disorder. I am concerned with the safety of this drug for this child. All of the information I find regarding SEROQUEL states studies relating to this drug have only been in people 18 yrs of age and over.
Avatar f tn *** The reality is that it has not been proven conclusively yet but it does look interesting. Bipolar is a progressive illness - the symptoms and episodes grow with age and this is one of the major reasons why early diagnosis and treatment is important - Untreated bipolar's have a hugely increased risk of early onset dementia for one. Treatment and management are vital.
497950 tn?1255867527 There are so many different combos out there. Most of the Antipsychotics will make you gain weight and then there is Depakote (or Depabloat! LOL) It will too. Sometimes, its a matter of the cocktail - one anti with one kind of mood stabilizer will make you gain more. It's a tricky thing...
Avatar f tn I am living in a developing country, so being away from fatty american foods is part of it, but I didn't loose weight here until after I went off of the zyprexa. I notice that if I do take zyprexa (my doc said I could take a pill every once in a while if I started to feel manic) I start to get huge cravings (even after just one pill) and I am really lethargic, so to me this shows how much this med can affect you.
709415 tn?1229284553 My son's diagnosis of being bipolar was made by a psychiatrist that we saw only 1 time and it turned out this gentleman has a bad reputation in the mental health industry for his method of prescribing medications. He told us that if a person has just one episode of mania, they can be diagnosed as bipolar. This just didn't seem to float right with me. Has anyone else ever been told that? Of course there is a history on my son's mother's side of the family of individuals being bipolar.