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Avatar n tn did n e body ever use zyprexa to relieve anxiety because im using it and its not helping to be i feel like im living off of valume because none of these other meds i take r working what should i do
Avatar f tn I have been taking Xanax and I took my last one yesterday at 6pm and I'm suppose to be taking zyprexa and I scared to because I have Xanax in my system and have never tried zyprexa.
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Avatar n tn I have been on a half tablet of 2.5mg of Zyprexa for several years. Before that I took the full 2.5mg tablet, and before that 2mg of Haldol after a psychotic break. First, is it all right to be breaking these unscored tablets in half? I was told it was ok to do. Second, I am also wondering about side effects related to long-term dosing with these meds. Third, I have been told I could try to go off the Zyprexa, and I have no idea how this will work for me.
781963 tn?1236480313 1st day on zyprexa that i feel ok
Avatar n tn Yes I always felt anxiety mostly around day 3 - 4 bad. Then lower anxiety for up to 3 weeks, then fine. I came off it in the end. I think most peeople need a much lower dose than prescribed. But you were on it for a very short time.
Avatar n tn My doctor has been using it for chronic panic/anxiety containment, together with kalma (Xanax) and Rivotril. Do you have any suggestions I could raise with him?
Avatar f tn (this is what my bf calls my anxiety attacks) He took me to the ER cuz the ativan wasnt working, nothing was. There they gave me 2 pills of something called zyprexa and an hour later, i was still pacing. So they hooked me up to an IV, two bags of fluids and 1 ml of ativan. Half hour later, nothing. So 1 more dose ativan and sometime within the next half hour I was a zombie. Normally ativan thru an IV wont jack me up that way.
Avatar m tn I had a drug problem and did not admit to it at time and was put on Anti-Depressants,the SSRIs made me manic and was put on Zyprexa. After years of jail and hospitals and finally getting clean(now almost 6 motnhs) I realized my problem is drugs...not bipolar. I say this because it is hard to diagnose a teen with BiPolar when they are on cocaine,so anyway I am off EVERYTHING now. I have been on a variety of antidepressants,but always stuck with Zyprexa for almost 7 YEARS!
Avatar f tn This thread to harm zyprexa users. This discussion is not useful.
Avatar f tn My Dr Just started me on low dose Zyprexa and Valium I guess for anxiety and the Zyprexa has me concerned.Has she been tried on Seroquel? most tolerate it well.
Avatar n tn a Priest, Nami, and family friends. Since I have been off the Zyprexa for 2 months, I feel like I'm out of a coma. I am embracing the compliments from people and engaging in conversations with new people, (for the first time in 14 years). I feel hopeful. My lesson from my experience is to never let one Male doctor dominate my life, nor close myself off to others who were always concerned. A doctor should always be open and flexible, with no unethical attachment.
Avatar n tn I took Zyprexa for about 6 months to help treat mild anxiety with doses ranging from 5 to 15 mg. (this was in conjunction with 1,500 mg of Depakote that my doctor prescribed for bipolar.). When I decided that Zyprexa did not seem to improve the anxiety, I gradually reduced the dose over several months, until I finally quit entirely just 2 weeks ago. Since I stopped taking Zyprexa, I have experienced fairly severe anxiety on a daily basis. There are no other significant withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar n tn I expect the anxiety from this may be overwhelming so I would try not to panic and would try to manage my anxiety as best as possible. I would strongly encourage you to contact a health provider for advice. I don't like making presumptions but it would be nice if Dr Gould could respond to your question as well. Good luck for accessing support and advice.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed 5mg zyprexa for insomnia and anxiety associated with depression. I took 5mg only once. It was far too sedating to me. If you took 5mg for a year, and suddenly stopped, it only seems logical that you would experience "rebound" insomnia and anxiety.
Avatar m tn After another 3 months like this the doctor switched me to zyprexa 10mg.This I found to be a great relief and was sleeping 7 hours a day on zyprexa alone.After about 6 months like this the zyprexa dosage was reduced to 5mg.This worked fine and I was still sleeping about 6-7 hours daily.This continued for a year but now I am able to sleep only 5 hours on 5mg of zyprexa.I may have to up the dosage to sleep well.
Avatar f tn We are not qualified to give medical advice, but some of us may have experience with lithium or zyprexa. I have a friend who has taken zyprexa with an antidepressant for years. That is the extent of my knowledge :). Doctors frequently prescribe combinations of drugs depending on a patient's symptoms. Have you discussed your concerns with your doctor? Glad you posted....try to restrain yourself from consulting Dr. Google... Best...
Avatar n tn I've been taking 2.5 mg of zyprexa for about 12 years for anxiety, along with Nardil for depression& some things for sleep, etc. Every time I try to get off the zyprexa I get the same wierd physical symptoms, in addition to regular anxiety symptoms that I can recognize. This time I took 3/4 of the 2.5mg for 1 week, and went down to 1/2 for a week, and then dropped it.
Avatar n tn Hello, so I've been having severe withdrawal from zyprexa (olanzapine) for the last 4 months. It all started 3 days after I stopped taking it cold turkey after being on 10mg for 4 months. I was taking it for sleep/ depression and anxiety when nothing else was working. I had to go off it due to gaining 60lbs in 4 months. I've been completely miserable without it. Insomnia, anxiety, crying spells, headaches, cold/hot sweats, unable to get out of bed much. Had to quit my job.
2216810 tn?1420860476 I was prescribed Zyprexa a while back. Sometimes a med can be used more than one way. In our cases it's not that far a stretch. Anxiety and all. Personally I really didn't like it. It practically made me feel psychotic. Maybe your doctor knows best? You should try it and see.
Avatar f tn I had a bad breakdown yesterday and dr had to try something i guess Im trying to do this at home without hospitlazation,,,,,,kinda scared of both ativan and zyprexa to gether i have only taking one 5 mg zyprexa and man it knocked me out..will that wear off and today i have the shakes bad...last year i was on abilify cant say it helped me much...just curious about others on these 2 meds..
Avatar f tn What is the best way to withdraw from zyprexa. I am currently taking 1.25mg nightly and have been for 2 years. every time I try to go off it, I have anxiety attacks????
Avatar f tn Is it okay to take zyprexa 5mg intermittently for cloudy thinking? I take one tablet for two or three nights every month when I feel my thinking is becoming distorted. If I take it every night I gain too much weight and I am afraid of the long-term side effects associated with the drug. I have also been taking 45mg temazepam every two or three nights for a insomnia and anxiety I don't want to take it every night either.
Avatar n tn My psychiatrist has just added Zyprexa to take with Prozac as the Prozac is not working like it used to work.I'm worried about the weight gain with Zyprexa, is there something else that could be used with the Prozac instead? Also until now I've also been taking 1 mg. Ativan in the morning and 1 mg Ativan before bed. Is it safe to use Ativan with the Zyprexa?
Avatar n tn Had an anxiety attack this wk-end and had to go to er. my doc belives lexapro witch tends to stimulate you was probley the problem as i tend to be mentally-hyper. He perscribed zyprexa as it has a calming affect. Does any of you have experince with this drug? I'm going on wk 3 and were trying to find whats good for me. I had 4 anxiety attacks last week before going to hosp. Sun morn. It got so bad i was having serious breathing and hyperventilating.
Avatar f tn But my question is, first, is Zoloft the best SSRI to be used for GAD and Panic Disorder - or would it make more sense to try another one such as Celexa - before adding something as powerful as Zyprexa? And, is Zyprexa something you would use with Zoloft for her issues? And finally, how long should she expect to to need the Zyprexa - and what are the side effects, besides weight gain, that could really compromise the quality of her life?
Avatar m tn I took zyprexa 10 mg and cymbalta 60 mg (went up to 90 two weeks before discontinuing) for just over for months. I discontinued both cold turkey 4 and a half months ago. I hava since been suffering from insomnia/non-restorative sleep. I am desperate - the lack of sleep is driving me crazy, not to mention the agitation/irritability and how it is causing my anxiety/OCD to go out of control.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have recently started Zoloft for anxiety. I was also given xanax. Xanax would calm me down a bit, but not stop my aggrivation, or quick temper. When my Zoloft dosage was raised to 100mg from 50mg I started to experience unpleasant side effects. Mainly the inability to sleep, no sex drive, leg tremors, and yellow fingernails. I immediately went to the doctor when seeing my nails turn yellow. My therapist suggested i may have bioplar II, hyper mania.
3122467 tn?1342142436 I started taking Zyprexa about 2 weeks ago and since then I have askasthia, which is the worst possible effect I have ever had. I can't sit still, I pace a lot, I am so tired and my eyes want to shut but the rest of my body cannot sit still. I have confronted the pshychiatrist 2 and both times he left me with it and first he gave me a drug that is supposed to help with askasthia, cogentin. Still didn't work. Talked to him again and now he gave me ativan instead of just changing zyprexa.