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1439426 tn?1283974305 Has anyone ever taken zyprexa and felt like a zombie? Ive been just diagnosed and have been taking it. It makes me really slow and drowsy.
Avatar n tn But they said zyprexa can be an antidepressant as well. I never had this zombie feeling though, so it can't be the depression since it all started when they upped my dosage to 10 mg. Now with the withdrawal these symptoms didn't go away and my brain isn't functioning properly. The most irritating thing is that my psychiatrists keep denying that it has something to do with zyprexa.
Avatar f tn There they gave me 2 pills of something called zyprexa and an hour later, i was still pacing. So they hooked me up to an IV, two bags of fluids and 1 ml of ativan. Half hour later, nothing. So 1 more dose ativan and sometime within the next half hour I was a zombie. Normally ativan thru an IV wont jack me up that way. It took 3 of them to wake me, so I was wondering if anyone had heard of zyprexa and if maybe the two drugs interacted to induce that little coma....
Avatar n tn I was also put on zoloft. The zyprexa @5-10 mg calms me but I feel a bit zoned out, zombie-like. My ears are also chronically plugged. I've been on it for a week. I would prefer to just do the zoloft and the doc has said that would be okay. I'd like your opinion as well. Also, if I go off zyprexa after just this week of using it, will I experience any rebound effects?
Avatar m tn I had a drug problem and did not admit to it at time and was put on Anti-Depressants,the SSRIs made me manic and was put on Zyprexa. After years of jail and hospitals and finally getting clean(now almost 6 motnhs) I realized my problem is drugs...not bipolar. I say this because it is hard to diagnose a teen with BiPolar when they are on cocaine,so anyway I am off EVERYTHING now. I have been on a variety of antidepressants,but always stuck with Zyprexa for almost 7 YEARS!
Avatar n tn I took Ativan and Zyprexa together along with Lexapro with no problems other than being a zombie and fattening up my body to 116lbs--which is half of my two pregnancy weights. So--I got off the Zyprexa and now take Lexapro and Ativan (2mg) as needed. I really hated Zyprexa--it made me have a Turtle Brain....
Avatar n tn My girlfriend is two weeks into Zyprexa withdrawl and along with the constant nausea is experiencing bouts of pretty severe abdominal pain. She says it feels like a muscle cramp inside her stomach. Has anyone else experienced anything similar while detoxing from the Zypexa? She also belches almost constantly. If anyone could offer information on this I would really appreciate it.
Avatar f tn During my visit today I saw that a new medication was administered. It is Zyprexa. I came home and read about it on the internet and am very concerned that she is getting this med. What I read is that it isn't to be given to the elderly who have dementia, anyone with difficulty swallowing, which she has and parkinson's. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn i am 30 and have taken 20 mg. of zyprexa for 8 years, i have had incredible weight gain and my kids say that i am a zombie, tried to go off it 2 times and nearly crawled out of my skin. it is either be fat and happy or crazy and skinny..that is how i see it...am i right?
559058 tn?1215814434 Depakote made feel like a zombie. I hated it. I am soooo stable and normal with the zyprexa. I dont have any bad side effects and even my sex life is great. For me the zyprexa is so much better. I think depakote andlithium should be take off the market.But again thait is my opinion. There are much better meds out there than those two.
Avatar f tn He was just put on Zyprexa 5mg at night for 1 week then 2.5mg in the AM and 5mg in PM. Dr said he would be very tired and zombie like for the first few days. Quite the opposite is happening, he is very viotile not sleeping screaming and acting like he is on amphetamines. Is this a normal side effect? I just do not know what to do. I feel like no Dr knows what to do and he is getting really mixed up. He is almost at the point to have him Baker acted. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Avatar f tn The doctor has switched me to Zyprexa 5mg. My body takes weird to medicines. Very scared to be zombie-mess.
Avatar f tn It really depends on the person no one can answer for your son I know of people who have remained on these tablets their entire life as each time they stopped they had break downs but than some people can slowly stop. Zyprexa is known to put a lot of people into a zombie stage and it feels as though it is hard to wake up from. There is another medication commonly used as an anti psychotic named Seroquel it has worked for a lot of people.
1082697 tn?1260068216 thanks so much. i have never been on anythng like zyprexa, i took it last night. it di dnot knock me out at all. but it made me sleepy. i woke up with less anxiety. i guess it takes a while to get into your system. i went on a site aabout zyprexa. a lot of people had awful side affects. like gaining weight. well, i i only low cal food. lots of veggies and fruit. doctor told me i will not gain weight if i watch wht i eat. plus i go the gym every chance i get.
Avatar n tn I was also put on zoloft. The zyprexa @5-10 mg calms me but I feel a bit zoned out, zombie-like. My ears are also chronically plugged. I've been on it for a week. I would prefer to just do the zoloft and the doc has said that would be okay. I'd like your opinion as well. Also, if I go off zyprexa after just this week of using it, will I experience any rebound effects?
Avatar f tn I am schizophrenic and have been taking zyprexa for 13 years. I am sane but I feel slugged out and often like my nerves are underwater. I have numbness in my hands. I get even worse where I walk around like a zombie but these episodes usually pass. My nerves often feel raw. I have all sorts of sensations in my nerves. My doctor says I have "somatic schizophrenia". I was on haldol before and it didn't seem to be this bad. Can haldol be better?
Avatar n tn i have been diagnosed with bi polar for over 7 months now and the meds still arent right, the doctors are trying so hard but i have a hard time staying on them because zyprexa makes me a zombie and a crazy one at that now i am getting all these medical symptoms an di dont know if it's "in my head" or real anymore someone help me.....
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm in recovery from anorexia having recently come out of months of inpatient treatment. I'm on a combination of 20mg Fluoxetine and initially 2.5mg Zyprexa but found that it knocked me out for the first 2 days, to the point where I couldn't do anything but sleep! I was scared to take it too, because of the supposed changes in metabolism, drastic weight gain and the sedative effect that these drugs have, it's my first time taking them.
Avatar f tn Years ago I was on Zyprexa for one year and gained 60 lbs. I then took Seroquel for several years and my weight stayed stable, but still overweight 60 lbs. I then took Geodon (Zeldox) and within a year I had lost 30 lbs without changing anything in my diet or exercise. For the first 10 months I felt great. I had so much more energy, I felt like I was coming out of a long period of being a zombie. Unfortunately I had to stop Geodon because it started causing anxiety.
Avatar n tn I was put on ativan , lorazepam, lithium, kolonipan and zyprexa and paxill. I was a zombie, lost my emotions and was still in a panic state.I was then taken off the zyprexa which put 50 pounds on me. All i did was throw up and cry . I got so bad I had to go to the hospital because i was so dehydrated from throwing up everything from food to water. I was then put on 750 mg of seroquel along with the other drugs. I use to weigh in the 120's and now i am at 180 lbs and I am only 5 ft tall.
Avatar n tn My current medications are Effexor XR 225mg, Anafranil 100mg, Klonopin .05mg, Gabitilin 4mg, a beta-blocker Proponol 40mg, and Zyprexa 7.5mg. My question is this too much medicine to be on at one time or is it safe to take this all of this medication together. My symptons were racing anxious thoughts such as; ( I am going to die, I am going to have a heart attack, and OCD thoughts that are repulsive in nature).
Avatar f tn Lithium 300 mg 3 x daily Depacote 500 mg 2 x daily Lamictal 50 mg. 2 x daily Zyprexa 10 mg. 2 x daily. The Zprexa and extra dose of Lithium was added 30 days ago when she had a bipolar/schizo relapse. All it did was turn her into a catatonic/zombie who heard voices. She has had to drop out of school and quit her job because she is not getting better. She shakes terribly and sweats. I don't know what to do. Her psychiatrist is lost. Instead of changing her meds again....
Avatar m tn My son on lithium and zyprexa wich one can course short term memory problems and problems focusing on tasks such as scoolworkorreading any body ever took this two drugs toghether?????
337492 tn?1212462436 I only take 5 mg of zyprexa and 5 mg of celexa. she needs to talk to her doc about what is going on . that seems like way too much med.
Avatar n tn I am desparate to find help for my 41 year old brother who is suffering from PTSD and a BPD. His psychiatrist is currently prescribing Zyprexa (10 mg), Risperdal (2 mg/2X a day), Paxil (60 mg/1X a day), Gabapentin (250 mg in the am; 500 mg in the pm); Topamax (100 mg; 2X per day) and Xanax (50 mg am; 50 mg pm). He is constantly sedated and has terrible symptoms of tardive dyskinesia, swelling of the tongue, hallucinations, restless sleep etc.
Avatar f tn I thought I could manage without them, I hated the weight gain, I hated feeling like a zombie, I couldn't concentrate, I had no feelings.
Avatar n tn My mother (Now 79) was hospitalized for serious depression about 18 months ago that required ECT treatments to bring her out of the depression. Before the teatments she was basically zombie like and only mumbled. She now has an ECT about every six weeks. She is taking Effexor 75mg AND Zyprexa 7.5mg once a day. She has never been herself or close to it since this all began. She used to be very happy and up beat. She is a pretty bland person that shows almost no emotion at all.
Avatar f tn I have been on lithium, depakote,luvox and others I cant remember That was after episode1. It made me feel like a zombie and in my job I have to be alert and focused. I told the pdoc I had found in the yellow pages I need to be off all those meds so he put me on the depake. that was better but I still cycled on a regular basis I think it took about 2 years after episode 2 in the hospital. The pdoc put me on the zyprexa and celexa I am on now. It works great for me as long as I take it.
202665 tn?1248810333 I was on Geodon for about 3 years. About six months of overlap with Zyprexa at the beginning - it took forever to get off of Zyprexa - and almost a year of overlap with Seroquel at the end. It was a good drug in general. I remained relatively stable the entire time I was on it, but still experienced significant sleep problems. Eventually tried Seroquel because I had already been on all of the others (I had problems with Abilify, too) and it tends to have more of a sedative effect.