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Avatar f tn I am currently on the hcg injections from the Native Healing Ways clinic. Does anyone have any recipes for this 500 calorie diet? The information that the clinic has provided does list a few recipes but I would like to expand a bit as I am becoming board with current food choices. Also, I am mostly a vegetarian but eat some fish. Thanks!
1666434 tn?1325265950 I thought it might be helpful if we made a thread that shared some of your favorite diabetic safe recipes. This can just be something you make yourself all the time or a recipe you converted to be safe.
1461073 tn?1308681148 So it looks like my New Years Resolution yet again this coming year will be to LOSE WEIGHT)-more about that in year 2011. I thought YUMMY, although I am NOT willing to share the 2 pieces I'm eating right at this moment, I will however share my recipe. Anyone who has ever eaten at a Golden Corral Restaurant on Sunday night knows how good their Chocolate Chess Pie is, and I promise you their pie CAN NOT hold a candle to this one.
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Avatar f tn Just search the Internet for diabetic recipes as well they give you some really yummy ideas. My new favorite meal to cook myself is steak and chicken fajitas. Everything but the tortilla is on the free food list.
1123420 tn?1350564758 Hey seriously, if anyone wants to share recipes I totally need help in that area. There's like two things I can cook moderately good, everything else I try and fail. lol.
Avatar m tn I did it last year and lost almost 40 lbs. I was very unhealthy and almost diabetic so I had to do something, I haven't gained any weight back. I've been overweight my entire life, MOST of my weight is on my tummy. I am still overweight. I'm at 217 now and I want to lose 80 lbs this year. I am doing the HCG injections again and it's my 4th day and I'm having a really hard time! 500 calories a day is so hard.
203342 tn?1328740807 I got this recipe several years ago when I was searching for some recipes good for diabetics since my mom's diabetic. These cookies are actually quite good! I make them often for my family, whether my mom is visiting or not! They are more cake like and chewy than a regular cookie and very yummy! Very filling too! You might want to double the recipe since it doesn't make a lot.
547836 tn?1302836432 I have altered a whole lot of my recipes, to make cooking easy and fast, due to not having energy. I think Isobella has some easy delicious yummy recipes like taboulé etc.
Avatar n tn Anybody have any tips on how I can lose weight safely and maybe anybody have any agood recipes that they can share (low fat with no carbs please). Thank you, please use as open forum.
649848 tn?1534637300 Well, personally, I wouldn't put a foot in that area for obvious reasons, but my husband has to check it out every time we go to the store. As it turns out, he found these really yummy, moist sponge cake muffins filled with cream cheese filling...
335728 tn?1331418012 com/diabetes/treatment.html or just enter diabetic diet on google and follow any of the non-commercial links. There is tons of free information to help you get off the sugar and lower your carbs. For me the carbs spike my glucose faster than sugar does. A piece of thick crust pizze is worse than an ice cream sundae. I've been eating more sugar lately and feel the difference in my energy level and I don't mean in a good way. Unsweetened, please!
Avatar f tn =). kale is often yummy when used in place of or even with spinach: in lasagna, pasta/fettucine, creamy enchiladas, curry, omelets, even on sandwiches. I hear that it's good in soup, though I have yet to make any soup with it myself. kale's kind of a sharp and distinct green so a more mild yet also versatile green are beet greens. casseroles are ideal for slipping the greens in lol.
251922 tn?1193786078 loo was putting the strawberries in a blender with some stevia for a phoney ice cream (sounds yummy too). i read another person fried up the ground sirloin and rinsed/dried it off and put some taco type seasonings on it and put it over her lettuce for a taco salad type of meal. anybody else out there hav any good recipies??
Avatar f tn I start the HCG injections on 05/06/08. Prior to started the injections, I have had two colonics (colon cleansing), stopped eating red meat, modified my diet two weeks prior to starting, and I also had an IV chelation therapy. I'm going to do the shots every day for a 4 week period and go to the doctor every week for a weigh in.I have done my research prior to starting this diet. Yes, you do lose weight, (with the possibility of regaining) but I don't plan to do that.
Avatar n tn hello all, i have just completed my first round of p2 oh the hcg diet, tomorrow will be my third day on the vlcd after my last injection, i am looking forward to p3 and being able to eat some eggs with cheese and salad with mixed veggies and little dressing, yummy. i lost 24 pounds in 33 days.this protocol is great, im hoping ill keep it off like it says and i cant wait to start round 2 p2 in mid january, i would like to loose another 20 lbs.
Avatar n tn one of the diets i am on is really freat and the food is fantastic is the biggest looser cookbook its like 15 dollars at barnes and noble the recipes are great and affordable i am married and we live on a 100 dollar a month food buget and we seem to feat at every meal. If you are like me i always had cravings for doughnuts and icecream and energy drinks and soda i also have a portion control problem.
Avatar f tn Here are some easy recipes and a great book that show you how to make your own beauty products. http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/ultra-rezv-1000-for-men-review-does-ultra-rezv1000-really-work-1573429.
Avatar n tn I also love mexican food I grew up out west where it is abundant now in NJ it is very hard to find good authentic mexican. Lots of yummy itialian though. OH GUESS WHAT? I was rearended yesterday and right away felt that burning in my neck for some reason people love to rear end me its the second time this year. OK what a ramble have a great day!!!
Avatar f tn Well, as a result of being so big, I am now diabetic. I lost 45 lbs. prior to being diagnosed with diabetes - I was diagnosed & immediately put on insulin (a hormone) and gained 15 lbs in ONE week - so my net loss was only 30 lbs. So I'm now down to a manageable weight however, I want to lose another 20 lbs. or so but I have yet to lose weight by myself.
604197 tn?1292308636 You wake up on a beautiful spring morning and smell breakfast cooking and hot coffee brewing. Or maybe have a yummy donut with it. You go outside and smell the fresh clean air and the pretty flowers blooming right there in your front lawn. When you hug your signifacant other, the one you love. She or he, has a scent and that draws you near. These are just a few things that you get to enjoy, please admire and appreciate them always.
Avatar f tn ) It’s no comparison to wheat noodles but I’d rather of some kind of pasta then no pasta. These noodles are best if you follow Thai recipes (pad thai is yummy.) -Yogurt for the cultures (I’ve read this is good and bad, it seems to be okay for me.) -I allow myself Frozen yogurt because it has limited sugar and all those good cultures.
Avatar n tn Along with the injections I was eating very much like a diabetic. Low fat, low carb and minimal sugars. While I was taking the B12 I was losing 15 - 25 lbs a month. I decided to continue eating the same and stop getting B12 injections and my weight loss slowed considerably and my energy levels decreased. I have been told there is no medical reason why B12 helps weight loss but for me it really worked well and I am about to go back on it again.