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Avatar f tn This past weekend went pretty well. Chloe ate and drank fairly well. I added cooked chicken breast to her diet and she really seemed to like it. It is getting more and more difficult for her to walk and her poor little hind legs tremble so when she tries to support herself when going to potty. Her eyesight is getting worse too. She used to follow me into other rooms but now she just mostly stays put in her bed.
Avatar n tn Why are you restricted from crackers and bread? Are you diabetic? If your nutritionist is a chiropractor and is telling you that you have to steer clear of yeast, good luck, because yeast is everywhere. Most normal people have a few yeasts in their feces. I know because I'm a microbiologist and have see it grow in cultures and have seen it under the microscope. It usually only causes a problem if the patient is immunocompromised, i.e. is HIV positive, is a cancer or renal (kidney) patient.
Avatar f tn I have been using RX science diet for diabetic dogs, and fresh ground turkey and fresh ground chicken and boiling fresh string beans. I keep searching for information but seem to get VERY conflicting information. I would make her dog food for her.......I just want to get control of the diabetes and help her renal function.
172023 tn?1334675884 I would keep him on a strict diet of just his food. Make treats out of food and keep him on this diet. That is just my personal thing though. The best places to search is where they have done actual research but they debate a lot on this from one study to the next. That is why I said I would probably not try it. The food sounds like it's doing the trick for now. Let me know how his appointment goes.
Avatar m tn It has to do with weight and with too much fat in the diet and oil. He has a good book called the Starch Solution. Let me know how things go. I hope for the best outcome for you.
Avatar f tn You can access it at my website at You might also want to read my 2 articles on diet and changes to diet for kidney failure dogs, which I am sure will prove helpful.
Avatar n tn My advice to you is to study and educate yourselves on renal diet and don't rely only on those commercial profiteer companies who are getting rich on dialysis clinics and products for kidney patients, namely DaVita and Fresenius, for your renal dietary info. Also, most renal dieticians focus on dialysis and transplant patients and not on renal patients in earlier stages.
Avatar n tn Oh yeah and my husband continued doing the diet and lost 50 lbs and had man boobs before he started and ended up with regular pecks. Also, HCG has to be fresh. It has to be stored in a moisture free environment in its powder form, and after its mixed it needs to stay refridgerated and is only good for 30 days. Hope this helps and good luck.
Avatar n tn She has had crystals in urine in the past and is on Science Diet CD. She is 12 and only has 5 teeth, I chop her food in a small blender, and add a little water and place in microwave about 7 seconds, she dances around till I put her dish on the floor, she eats so fast, and it's gone in min. I Believe God has given me alot of wisdom with her, 3 years doing good. I hope you know Jesus as your Saviour.
280891 tn?1261016650 My parents changed my diet we went to the chiropractor, and we tried EVERY alternative. But at age 13 I needed surgery anyways. I've lived my life extremely healthfully, I only eat whole foods and never touch processed food and still ended up getting more then one autoimmune disease in my mid 20's. (by the way i do not use hormonal birth control). The harsh truth is that it is NOT known what causes these diseases.
Avatar m tn We feed a high quality carb-free diet (Flint River Ranch Fish and Chips kibble mixed with Back To Basics organ meat kibble). I don't know if it helps dogs with seizures at all, but carb-free diets are recommended for children with epilepsy. I figure it can't hurt! We don't give him any rice, wheat, corn, etc., not even in his treats.