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Avatar n tn Believe me - as a Type 1 I had the same questions about a Diabetic Diet and for the most part - Food Exchanges just confused me because they overly complicated something simple. Type 1 or Type 2 or Type 1.5 - we all have the same meal planning problem. Unfortunately - there is no "list" of safe foods. You have to make your own. BUT - it's not so hard. The trick is to look at Nutritional Labels on food products. 99% of everything has it.
Avatar n tn Hi I am new here and i hope i am not breaking any rules but my question ia about what effects smoking pot (marijuana) will have on my son (20yrs old) who is diabetic. I am not 100% sure that he is doing this but am sure he has tried it at least once and i want to be able to give him all the correct information about the dangers he is putting himself in before i speak with him about this.
410475 tn?1262945967 The basics of Diabetes is the same for every other non-diabetic. Try to maintain a healthy weight, watch what you eat, drink plenty of water and have a regular exercise program. If you want to indulge with a piece of chocolate cake, eat a very small amount. Enough to satisfy that chocolate craving without overindulging. Learn about carb counting so that you understand exchanges. If you eat more carbs at one time, eat less the next so it balances out in the end.
Avatar f tn And a must-have is the Official Pocket Guide to Diabetic Exchanges. Good luck and we're all here for support!
Avatar f tn I don't know about it raising actual blood sugar levels.Anyway, I am not diabetic, but my NP has me on a diet to control inflammatory disease and I cannot have refined sugar or artificial sweeteners! Sounds terrible, but I have lost about 25 pounds and my cholesterol levels are in the normal range for the first time ever! I was at that point of needing to do something since I had all the symptoms of metabolic syndrome - a precursor of diabetes!
Avatar n tn CARBCHECK is a no frills application but does exactly what it says - it has a database of ADA Exchanges, Fast Food, and you can even customize the database if you have Micrsoft Excel. You select what you want and it displays the items and their carbs on the screen in a menu format. It's a work in progress and at the moment can't tally up the items you choose (Trode is working on that)- but for a quick index for meal (that you can add your own items to)it works in a pinch.
Avatar m tn jsp The American Diabetes Association also offers good dietary guidelines, but don’t get too carried away with carb exchanges, unless of course you’re diabetic. If you have decompensated cirrhosis, you’ll want to consult with your doctor regarding salt and protein intake.
390388 tn?1279639813 Sorry I'm new to all of this and have to understand.. Would my levels prove me to be diabetic since they continue to raise on the 2nd hour or would I wait a month and retest and see what I test then to prove it? How many times does it have to be positive to prove diabeties in other words? Thank you again for your help. Amy.
Avatar n tn Substitute sugar for Splenda, go for 2% milk, DIET RITE soft drinks (Diet Dr. Pepper tastes good) ..... Important thing to remember - just because it's sugar free doesn't mean it's fat free, low sodium, or vice versa. When they take out one thing, they usually use another bad thing for us to fill it with. If the product is over 15 carbs - it has to be counted in your meals - that's life. Be sure to sit down with a Dietician to talk about meals and Exchanges.
Avatar n tn But if I could just stop the highs, the lows would stop happening! Going on a low-carb diet has been only partially successful. And I am the most sensitive to carbs in the morning, probably because of the combined effect of glycogen being released into the bloodstream and the Dawn Phenomenon. Before breakfast, I inject 8 units of Novorapid to take care of only 15 grams of carbs. Sometimes it is too little, and sometimes it is too much.
Avatar n tn Phentermine is usually used as a short- term drug along with diet and behavior modification to treat obesity. Recently, it has been combined with diet and fenfluramine (Pondimin) and used over longer terms in selected obesity patients (P & P diets) with some favorable long-term modest weight loss. DOSING: Phentermine should be taken after breakfast; evening doses should be avoided because of secondary insomnia.
Avatar n tn Since October 2004, I have had obvious neuropathy in my lower legs and feet as clearly seen by the naked eye. It looks like I am a diabetic, but I do not have diabetes. My lower legs soon lost hair. My blood pressure is 100/60, with a pulse of 80. I am 6'3", weight has been the same, no change at 230 lbs. I was a law enforcement officer and instructor in perfect health, nothing wrong with me. I was very physically active at work, home, and recreation. I don't smoke or drink alcohol.
Avatar n tn Also, are you on the pill, by any chance? Or diabetic? Either of those can cause frequent yeast infections. But most of all, did your doctor actually diagnose you in person with a yeast infection, or just call something in for you over the phone? If the latter, I'd make an appt to be seen. You may either have a different strain of yeast, or another type of infection.
Avatar f tn I did however try a diet a few months ago called the Sacred Heart Medical Diet. It is a week long diet. Anyone can do a diet for only a week if you want it bad enough. It says you will lose 10 lbs. I actually lost 8 and so did my sister and mom. It wasnt hard because you eat a ton of food but it doesnt work if you cheat. The second time I did it I lost 6 lbs but I didnt make it through the week. Anyway it was the best diet I have tried so google it for the directions if you are interested.
Avatar f tn I must caution against steroids, as being treated with them caused my other cat to become diabetic. That is not a good thing. Any other ideas are welcome. I was going to try to put some bitter apple spray on the bald spots and see if he would just STOP licking,... good idea or not?
Avatar n tn I Do not correlate the initiation of these tremors with any particular event/diet/state of mind? I have not been able to determine what precipitates them. I have changed my diet, my exercise routine to no avail. I do have a bit of anxiety, but I truly believe it is as a result of the lack of sleep.
17568 tn?1424977159 Unfortunately, I was not able to read much of the original thread. The exchanges that I did read struck me as constructive and interesting. I hope that MedHelp will soon restore it. Meanwhile, I invite all self-appointed guardians of the consumer interest to take a deep breath and relax. Happy Thanksgiving.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if they always do the HCG trigger shot before an IUI. I am taking clomid and metformin (not diabetic though). Its so surreal knowing that there is the possibility that sometime this week, we could be making a baby! lol Good luck to you all and baby dust to everyone!!!!!