What does menstrual period mean

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4578340 tn?1356736040 Tell today I have not gotten my period and also I notice today a egg white mucus come out of my virgina what does that mean ??
1344131 tn?1276293185 no it does not it can mean ur period is getting off to a slow start i would wait 2 weeks if still no real flow take a hpt or go to doc for a blood pregnancy test
Avatar f tn When you say that now your period is "always a few days late," does that mean your first month was 28 days long, then your next month was 32 days long, and then your next month was 36 days long? Or do you mean you used to have a regular length of menstrual month (such as, 28 days from period to period) and now you've shifted to a longer menstrual month (such as, 32 days from period to period)?
Avatar m tn I fingered a prostitute during her menstrual period(we did not have any other sex). During the case, I used the finger with her menstrual period blood to touch my small open wound, then what is the risk for me to be infected with syphilis or other stds? Because I know from this forum that syphilis can be infected through blood to blood. thank you!
1732429 tn?1310225131 hhmm okayy so if my boyfriend nuyt in meh right n this happene on july 3rd n my period came on 3 days after he nut in meh what does that mean is my period false or its still accurate that im not pregnant
Avatar f tn what does it mean when you spot on your tissue then come on your period the same hour
Avatar f tn Last month I had what I thought was my period, it didn't act like it normally does. It wasn't as heavy and I started spotting a brownish discharge that wasn't even enough to fill up a tampon after that it stopped so I was thinking maybe I was almost off my period which was unusual because of the amount of days but then it started again only it was a light pink color. My periods only last for 4 days but the spotting went on for 5 1/2 days.
Avatar n tn I have gotten my last period june 4 and I haven't seen it yet what do that mean.
Avatar f tn Were you sexually active and had unprotected intercourse? When was the last time if so? The nipple discharge is hormonal and unrelated to pregnancy (not a pregnancy symptom but more a symptom of hormones out of whack). Being late or having an irregular period could also be a symptom of having out of sort hormones. Not too uncommon even if it has never happened to you. So, when was the last time you had sex? We'll start there.
Avatar n tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you to do a pregnancy test right away. The bleeding you are describing could be your period, and if it is time for your period, it probably IS your period.