What does menstrual period mean

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Avatar f tn Hello, Pregnancy is the most common cause of absence of menstruation (amenorrhea). It is most likely if intercourse occurs anywhere from 3 days before ovulation (release of egg from the ovary) until 2-3 days after ovulation. If you did not have intercourse during that time of your menstrual cycle (12 to 16 days prior to your 1st day of expected period, its unlikely that you are pregnant.
4578340 tn?1356739640 Tell today I have not gotten my period and also I notice today a egg white mucus come out of my virgina what does that mean ??
1994793 tn?1327328381 Hello, What you had was your normal menstrual period and the flutters can be due to peristaltic movements of the stomach or due to muscle cramps of abdomen. Frequent abdominal muscle cramps are seen in prolonged exercise, stress and anxiety, anemia, dehydration and deficiency of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium and in serious disorders like myotonia, vascular disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.
Avatar f tn Hi! The first thing I ALWAYS do is a pregnancy test. If that is negative, I would probably prescribe progesterone for you to stop the bleeding. The next step might be an ultrasound to check on the uterine lining and rule out any thickening. It is possible that you are just having this type of bleeding because you didn't ovulate this month, and it is quite possible that you will be back to normal next month. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn I am 18 years old and I have not had a menstrual period in 3 years. I don't know what is causing it. I've been too nervous to go to the doctor about it. I was wondering if you could give me some examples of what may be causing this. One of my friends said it may be ovarian cancer while another said it may be ovarian cysts. What do you think?
1500096 tn?1292949193 Since the past few days, i've had very tender breasts and painful nipples. Pls what does it mean and what should i expect? Should i still add d clomid to the glucophage? I've also notice gradual weight loss though not much. Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn hey there i want 2 say first that i have been in your soes as far as thinking and 'feeling" like u really are pregnant, but when i was over a week late i got my period and i was devistated! i got some really really good advice from a few other women that had the same thing happen to them, and they told me this...
228641 tn?1190908220 off one of my finders!! (Sorry its kinda gross ) But i keep getting things that are making me question it.... WHAT does this mean? Anybody?
Avatar n tn Sometimes our cycles are off, it doesn't mean anything, just that your period came early. If it's normal in length and heaviness then it's most likely just a normal period, if you think it's not as long as usual, or heavy as usual, take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy symptoms are pretty much identical to period symptoms. Good luck!
1344131 tn?1276296785 no it does not it can mean ur period is getting off to a slow start i would wait 2 weeks if still no real flow take a hpt or go to doc for a blood pregnancy test
Avatar n tn I have gotten my last period june 4 and I haven't seen it yet what do that mean.
Avatar n tn What to when you have a period for one month and 3 to 4 month later it come on.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the STD forum. Your diagnosis of NGU seems accurate. Probably you acquired it by vaginal sex with your partner, although some cases are acquired by oral sex. In most cases, the exact cause of the NGU isn't known; there are no tests for most of the bacteria that cause it. Yeast rarely causes NGU; I doubt that's the problem. And certainly you are not "allergic to her menstrual cycle". But that does not mean your girlfriend is not infected.
Avatar f tn What does it mean when ur on ur last day of your priod and it is a real dark brown reddish
Avatar n tn This has been going on for 3 months now. First it started a week before my period, then it was the week during my period and this past month it occurred in the week following my period. It now seems to be progressing into gastric reflux. In addition to the nausea, I get a lump feeling in throat and fullness in chest, cough, sore throat. I saw a GI doctor who suspects Crohn's and wants to do tests. I thought Crohn's is classifed by diarrhea and not constipation, but I could be wrong.
Avatar n tn Just so I can fully understand the issue, you say: "If I seek counseling, I lose my job." What, exactly, does this mean? Specifically, do you have a security clearance and are afraid to have to bring this up on a reexamination? If so, I urge you to speak to someone, such as your security officer, who might be able to help disabuse you of this notion. If not, I am curious what kind of job you have that would prevent you from seeking the help you need.