What does a heavy menstrual period mean

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Avatar f tn So I usually have heavy periods that last 5-7 days, but this month when I got my period it was only 3 days long and extremely light, like not even filling up the tampons after several hours. But I know it was a period because I had cramping for a couple hours on the second day....what can cause this to happen??
Avatar f tn however this month it was very light for the normal 3 days then when i thought it was over i began bleeding very heavily and i have been bleeding for a total of 12 days now but i only bleed heavy in the evenings..what does this mean?
1994793 tn?1327328381 Hello, What you had was your normal menstrual period and the flutters can be due to peristaltic movements of the stomach or due to muscle cramps of abdomen. Frequent abdominal muscle cramps are seen in prolonged exercise, stress and anxiety, anemia, dehydration and deficiency of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium and in serious disorders like myotonia, vascular disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.
Avatar n tn Sometimes our cycles are off, it doesn't mean anything, just that your period came early. If it's normal in length and heaviness then it's most likely just a normal period, if you think it's not as long as usual, or heavy as usual, take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy symptoms are pretty much identical to period symptoms. Good luck!
Avatar n tn From what I have read from the posts, it sounds rather normal to have a heavy period. I had a miscarriage on April 23, 2009, naturally. I had a period in June but it was rather light. I just got my period again and like you said it has been as if I am miscarrying all over again. A tampon was only lasting every 2 hours if that. I probably soaked through my clothes two days in a row because it was just so heavy. You are definitely right, it is disturbing.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that nausea is very commonly associated with emergency contraception and nothing to be concerned about if it goes away. If you don't have a normal menstrual period you should check a pregnancy test. If you have pain in your pelvic area, or discharge, it could be evidence of an infection and you may need to visit a doctor for testing. Dont forget about condoms! Good luck!
Avatar n tn gee, it just depends on sooo much. first, are you sexually active and if yes, was it unprotected? lets take it from there. you really didnt provide a whole lot of information. birth control? on any new medication? change in diet? lots of stress? vigourus exercise?
Avatar f tn alright,well i got it right and it was pretty heavey for a few days. the flow ended yesterday. it was heavy enough to go through a few tampons. does that mean i am not pregnet. how do you know that you are not pregnet without taken a test? i have none of the simpons..
Avatar f tn I am the same age and had the same problem,went to doctor about it and he suggested to have a pap to see what it could be,found out I had a poylp so I was given a D and C to clean out the uterus, and every since than the heavy bleeding and pain was reduced quite alot,now periods are not so bad any more hope this will help Regards Sandy.
Avatar n tn I have a prolonged menstrual cycle that lasts up to 2 weeks. Heavy bleeding the first few days and then just light period about 2 weeks after. Some days it looks like it is almost gone with brownish older looking blood and then suddenly it is bright fresh blood again. I went to a physician who specializes in alternative medicine and he gave me natural anti fungal herbs, Vitamin D, fish oil for inflammation, a multi vitamin and medical grade probiotics (450 billion live organisms).
Avatar f tn Hello! This is my first time posting here. I saw another post by googling and thought someone might be able to offer some advice/help. The back story: I've had zero thyroid function since I was at least 12 when I was diagnosed. I'm not sure if they ever told my parents if it was Hashimoto's or not (they don't remember). I've been on Levothyroxine since then. I'm currently 27. It has taken me a little while to be concerned/interested enough to try to understand it more than I had before.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing a really bad smelling period. HOwever, i am on antiobics for an abscess in my mouth and have realised that the smell has gone? I am sure this is not a coinscidence. However, if i had an infection, should my husband get checked?
Avatar n tn I am getting the same problem (glad I am not the only one) But I seem to get it 2 weeks after an heavy period every month! So I am actually having a period every 2 weeks one normal colour but heavy and then another with the black and there is an odor. I have been with the same partner for nearly 5 years and not strayed I guess my answer is to see a doctor?
Avatar n tn So almost a week later actually 4 days he asks me to come in again for more blood tests and the results were shady. Still high Progesterone but my HCG levels only went up to 57. What does this mean? What could it mean? The doctor has asked me to come in next monday which is in 5 days and do more bloodwork and to be very honest I am losing my mind and dont know what to think or feel. Please!!!!!! Give me some answers and an idea of what to expect!!!!!!I am desperate!!!! Thank you.
Avatar n tn me and my bf had unprotected sex for a month straight well a day before i got my period we had sex and now i have a very heavy period and i was getting cramps 5 days before i got my period could i be pregnat please help me
901991 tn?1281613225 AAhh. That may be what I had when I had what I thought was a period when i got pregnant with the baby I'm now carrying. I don't know though cuz it happened at the time i was supposed to start anyway. It lasted like a week and a half but was a brown color. Would you happen to know about this thing about two sacs of water with one baby? Someone asked that question and a few people mentioned a vanished twin. What exactly is a vanished twin?
929504 tn?1332589534 Sorry, HRT is hormone replacement therapy, I am too old to be on the pill to help regulate my periods, so my gynae put me on a low dose HRT pill which did the same thing, just for 6mths, it worked for about a year I guess, but this month I have had a 'normal' period on the 6th, a show & feelings of coming on 13 days later, then a full blown period about 4 days after the show. Thankfully it is stopping now, but who knows when I will have another one.
Avatar n tn I began having what I believe to be implantation about five days after, just a bit of pink blood on the toilet paper and no more. then about a week or so later I started having what seemed like a period with only a slight amount of blood clots, not nearly anything like a normal period and not enough blood to cover a very thin pad. The blood was usually a brown color on the thin pad and never covered it. It lasted for four days. Could I be pregnant?
12446964 tn?1425527425 You can purchase the capsules from the large stores that sell vitamins and also from a herbal shop. Keep a written record of your menstrual cycles and the symptoms that you get and how your periods are (which I have no doubt that you do). Use a hot water bottle or a heat pack to place on your tummy or your back for pain relief as well as taking pain relief medications as prescribed on the packet.
Avatar n tn Sounds hopeful! With my third pregnancy, I felt pregnant, took a test and it came back negative around my period time. Right after, I started my "period". It was heavy for a day...then turned brown. Cramps were less severe. A week later, I took a test...and it came back positive. But don't get too excited, I had really weird periods ever since we started TTC. It's a mind thing, you'll think your pregnant every month, and have symptoms...except the month it really happens.
Avatar n tn 11 and my period has not stopped. It goes from light, to heavy to where I leak within 15 min of changing a super tampon. I have been clotting so bad, it comes in clumps that look like jelly. I have extreme pain, shooting in my uterus, to what feels like from my cervix. He is recommending I have a hystrectomy now finally after everything. He is stumped, by what is causing the bleeding, saying my fibroids are to small to cause this.. what scares me was the Depo shot did something.
Avatar n tn ( I know what you mean when you dont know when you should take pregnancy test. I have bought so many of those things. When I got pregnant I didn't even know the only sign I had were my breast felt so heavy when I took off my bra it felt like they where gonna slame to the floor lol... but i have never been to the doctor for my irregular periods my sister and mom had them and they have had plenty of kids lol my mom had 6 my sister has five! I am just hoping I have some myself!
Avatar n tn However, mid morning yesterday I started bleeding more heavily and red in color. The bleeding was not heavy enough to soak through a pad --- but heavy enough to see on a pad after an hour or so. I went to the dr and they did an ultrasound and a blood test. The ultrasound showed a small sac (too small to see the baby or anything) and the dr said that if this is a miscarriage she will not know until after a second blood test and probably a second ultrasound.
Avatar f tn After this I had my tubes tied. My menstrual cycle is heavy for a day maybe two and then quickly fades over the next three days. I have passed clots in the past but do not find this to be part of my normal cycle and have not found any clots in a few years. My lifestyle has not changed much as of lately. About a week after my last menstrual cycle, sex was brought to a abrupt halt when we noticed that I was bleeding heavily. This bleeding only lasted a few hours and did not return.
Avatar n tn took the BC for eight months and during that time I gained 10lb after stoppin the BC i went 4 months without a period and then I bleed brown blood very light for 2 weeks then it skipped a month and then I had a regular heavy period but no pain then it skipped a mounth and in july i bleed light to spotting for seven mouths straight.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what you're calling "TH". Do you mean TSH? or do you mean Thyroid Hormone level? TSH is a pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid to produce Thyroid Hormone. Yes,the early stages Hashimoto's can be characterized by periods of hyper, alternating with hypo and even normal. The episodes can last for days, weeks or months. I believe I had those swings for at least 25 yrs before I finally became permanently hypo.
Avatar n tn I feel my body changing and lately i get so high over my hormones and so incredibly turned on, sometimes i get so turned on i feel like someone has pumped me with viagra and no matter what i do it does not seem to make it better. I've been on my period for a couple of days now like 2 days and it usually lasts about 5 days and then it takes a couple of days for the effects to wear off my body after till i am back to normal.
Avatar n tn However, the severity and duration of the pain is so much better and even how heavy the cycles has been greatly reduced. They're still heavy, just not nearly as heavy. So gluten definitely does play a role in this. I also don't get the giant blood clots that I was getting before I discovered how bad gluten was for me in more ways than one. I was very happy when I finally noticed the giant blood clots were gone.
Avatar n tn I had the Novasure procedure done 5/9/12 after having 2 months of a very heavy non-stop period. I am 47 years old. The doctor gave me 1 valium, 1 vicodin and a shot of tordal in the butt. I was still pretty anxious and nervous. She also gave me 4 shots of lydocane in the cervix, which were very painful. Then the actual novasure procedure was 90 seconds. Recovery was uncomfortable moreso on the day after - when I felt like I was having back labor and nothing I took relieved it.
950954 tn?1271214487 Maybe someone can answer this silly question question for a 25 year old women who has had her period since she was 13 but has never really understood her menstrual cycles... I started spotting on July 2nd...then saw brown discharge the next day on July 3rd...and on July 4th, I started having a heavy flow of bleeding.... Would July 2nd or July 4th be considered the first day of my menstrual cycle?