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Avatar f tn Ive been finding as i get older once my 5 day period has ended i get brown spotting that kinda stinks .
Avatar f tn Okay so I'm about 4 days on my period cycle. and its only been brown? i understand that its normal to be getting brown in the beginning when its starting or at the end when its ending, but its been brown the entire time???? I am sexually active. No birthcontrol. Only condoms. Idk if its old blood from my last period. but Im a very heavy bleeder my first 3 days in my period.
Avatar f tn When I went to the toilet just now, after I urine and clean, the tissue shows brown blood. And my pad also has brown blood. Is there any chance that I might be pregnant?
1376636 tn?1313263372 It has been extremely light all day and it went red for a bit but it's brown again. I have really bad period pains/cramps and it hurts to stand up/sit down. I'm thirteen. What does this mean?
Avatar n tn I had a very strange period this past month... it wasn't red blood... only brown blood. I have never in my 31 years experienced this before. Anyone ever had this, is it normal? what could it be from?
Avatar n tn Hi guys, I am 22 years old and I just consulted 2 doctors for the same symptoms (Dark brown menstrual period). I wanted a second opinion because the first doctor told me not to worry. So I consulted a male and a female. I have been having the same problem as you guys. My last 2 periods have been very dark brown, some even black. They have no smell, is like a thick liquid, with no pain nor cramping. I got a sonogram/ultrasound done to check for any cysts or abnormalities, and everything is fine.
Avatar f tn Few days ago, on saturday (now monday) I got period like pains and the following day I started getting brown discharge. what could this mean?
Avatar f tn ive had brown blood with red spots of blood for 7days is this my period?
Avatar n tn I was cramping for about a week menstrual like cramping, i was 3 days late for my period, but when i got it, it was very short, on first day was light then acted like a reg period for about 12 hours then it was over. had brown discharge just when i would wipe sometimes very light pink, but not alot to wear a liner. had that going on for about a couple days. my periods are usually longer about 5 days with heavy bleeding. could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn What my really worry is that now (for the past year or so) every month on day 28 or 29 I get brown spotting then a couple of days later i get my normal period which lasts 6 days. I am now trying to conceive (its my 2nd month of trying) and im not pregnant. Could there be something wrong and the brown spotting is the cause? I am really paranoid and scared.. please help?
Avatar f tn How can I know if I am experiencing implantation bleeding or just my menstrual period?. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn i've been having unprotected sex and my period is usually rather heavy and during this period i've only needed to use one tampon a day. What does it mean? Am i pregnant? please get back to me asap because i can't get this off my mind!
Avatar f tn So my question is my period usually have the brown tented blood when I'm first getting my period or at the very end. This period has been most if not all brown and a bit of a weird texture along with a small amount of normal red blood. I'm also on day three and it's already much lighter of a period then normal, day three is usually my heaviest when I have to either go threw a million tampons or five pads all day.
Avatar n tn My period came again in January however i have not gone off yet. I get this brown discharge before my period and when i am getting ready to go off. usually it only last a few days before my cycle starts, but now it seems to last longer and so does my cycle. I have been experiencing this for about a month now should i be concerned.
Avatar f tn I had cramps before on the right side of my pelvic like i was ovulating. i have menstrual like discomfort not cramps but my period still not here and is now about 3 or 4 days late i know is not that late.. could anywhere help me. could i be pregnant ?or is it just my period?
Avatar n tn I recently had a light period which lasted 5 days ending on (7/16) and now I started again (7/23.) Last months period seemed normal. I went to the Doctor on (7/14) because I felt my period seemed irregular and she gave me some BC pills without a pap test to regulate me. She told me to start on Sunday (7/17) the day after I had gotten off. When I started again 2 days ago it was just brown spotting until I went to the bathroom a minute ago (7/25) and I was bleeding quite a bit of red blood.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm 40 year old female, I'm very stressed about my health. From past two years my period color has changed...when it comes out blood looks normal ( saw in toilet bowl many times),but my pad looks greenish black or brownish black always(this is happening from last 2 years only). From last 4 periods I noticed greyish brown /black discharge continued for a week after periods.I don't have any pain ,but discharge has little strong smell. I always had white discharge with no smell.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am really concerned. My last period was around June 20th and it is now August 13. I seemed to have thought I started my period around August 5th but it was very light. I have had spotting throughout the week and still am spotting brown discharge and its been 8 days. Could I be pregnant or just have an abnormal period? Please help me.
Avatar f tn Hi there, It may happen that your menstrual blood becomes dark brown or almost black as you near the end of your period. This is a normal color change and usually happens when the blood is older and not being expelled from the body quickly. Other possibilities are that either you have a cyst or any infection. In case it happens again or persists it is best to consult a gynecologist. Hope it helps. Best of luck and regards!
Avatar f tn hi. ok i had my last period from 1/29 - 2/2 which i was about 10 days late first of all. then i had some terrible abdominal pains right after my period ended, but it was only on my left side, nothing would help, i just slept through it and it went away in the morning.. then i went a week after my period with no problems, but then on 2/12 i was feeling heavy discharge, and when i went to check myself it was a lot of blood. it went thru my underwear and onto my jeans.
Avatar f tn on june 11 was the last time i saw my period, i take a pregnacy test it was negative, i am not having any cramps. but just some back pain off and on can u help me please.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I'm not sure if anyone can really give me any input on this but here goes. I had my last period on June 13th and it lasted for 5 days (as usual). Now, a couple days ago I started feeling a cramping feeling very similar to menstrual cramps, but was a little confused since my period had just ended on the 17th.
Avatar f tn and for these 3 months i had a very brown discharge that look like dry blood.. And i have been losing weight standing at 1.63m tall and now i am only 40kg. While i have been pregnant before and my son is 2 years old now. and i have been feeling nuease after my pregnany.. so i need to know what is wrong with me.. i have not see any doc about menstration problems... pls help thanks..