When does ovulation period start

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642191 tn?1226784192 DH and I were BD on Saturday and Sunday. So, when do I start the 2ww? Did it start on Friday when I first detected O or does it start today, now that I'm not? I'm a little confused. Plus, I had a m/c a few weeks back (my levels have been confirmed below 5), so I'm not really sure when to expect my AF. However, the fact that I detected O, makes me "think", my body is back on track??? Thanks! Susan.
Avatar f tn If you do not track ovulation via basal temp and cervical mucous it usually happens about 14 days after the start of last period. So, technically our due date is about 38 weeks from conception, but doctors go by last period, which is 40 weeks.
Avatar f tn -) Implantation bleeding occurs approximately six to twelve days after ovulation. (when the ovary releases the egg) The range of time is so broad because it all depends on how quickly the egg moves down the fallopian tube and attaches to the uterus. Sometimes, it then takes time for the small amount of blood to make its way out of your body. Your calculations sound about right. I would wait until you miss your period. then take a test with your first morning urine. Good luck!
Avatar f tn When roughly in your 28 day cycle does implantation happen? I have 6 days until my next period?
Avatar n tn It depends on how long your cycle is but usually right in the middle. You can buy ovulation tests at the store which will tell you when to start testing and it will tell you exactly when you are o'ing... Good luck!
1430240 tn?1290434023 i know its too early to test so i cant be quite sure. my lower stomach feels tight like almost bloated when im on my period. any comments would help! i dont know what to think!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the information! My cycle is very regular, I start my period on the same day of the week every month. I start the sugar pill on Sunday and my period starts every Wednesday without a hitch. I know that I was ovluating on the 26th because I've been tracking my cycle and symptoms.
Avatar f tn When you get closer to ovulation your discharge should become more thick and clear - a lot like egg whites (that's why they call it egg white cervical mucas or ewcm). If you are trying to start out with some natural planning, my dr had said to have sex every other day starting on 10 days past the start of your period until around day 20 or so. The first day you START your period is day 1 and it doesn't matter how long your period actually is (in most cases).
327405 tn?1223239755 -) It will induce ovulation but it may not induce it when you expect it. I would chat with ladies in the Fertility forum, too, because they would know way more than I would! I have PCOS and I did take Clomid for two cycles before stopping. That was back in 2008 though and I just don't remember.
Avatar f tn The week of your period and the week you ovulate are added to be considered the start of your pregnancy. So the last period you had was the "start" of your pregnancy. We end up actually pregnant after ovulation occurs, but they just fit in the cycle.
Avatar f tn To my knowledge late ovulation does cause late period. Typically women start AF 14 days after ovulation. (i.e. ovulate on day 14 AF comes after day 28).
Avatar f tn Is my Doctor wrong and made a mistake or is it going to work even if I started on day 8 of cycle? And if it does work on what day will I have my Ovulation? My cycles has always been diffrent example 25 days up to 60 days.
1014822 tn?1338648073 AF has not showed up and my cycle is usually anywhere from 27-31 days so when should I start testing? Will Clomid make my cycles more consistant? I am new to all of this....what does BETA stand for? I didnt get an u/s this month because dr said we would start that next month if I didnt get pregnant. Thanks and good luck to all TTC, SSBD your way!! And CONGRATS to all the BFP's!!
Avatar f tn I agree with kizzo that the fact that your period came at all suggests very strongly that you had not just ovulated. Ovulation leads the period, by a couple of weeks. (The period does not lead the ovulation.) If you want to check this by taking a pregnancy test, wait two and a half or three weeks from the last time you had unprotected sex.
Avatar f tn I have downloaded two different apps to track my period and ovulation, but the both give my different dates if when Im ovulating. Does anyone have suggestions/recommendations of ways to know when your ovulating? I know they make the ovulationa kits but is there any other way to know? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have been using ovulation strips. I've read that some women have had ovulation during af. I just use them because I'm older now andmy periods have been four days long. When I was younger, it was 14-16 days counting from your first start date of af. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn You can also download a period app and it will show you your ovulation days make sure to have sex the day before you start ovulating put your legs up also do it 3 days after on your ovulation day and after that good luck
Avatar f tn to know when you ovulate count 10 to 14 days after the start of your period is when you would begin to ovulate. so if you are a 28 day cycle like me my last cycle was 0ctober 4 i ovulated around the 18 of october. hope this helps.
389578 tn?1295354327 If you take the progesterone before ovulation, it will stop ovulation, it just won't happen. Like leighanne143 said, you wait 3 days after the LH surge, you have to use some type of ovulation monitor or the little pea strips so you know when it happens. this last time that I got pregnant and was tired of doing all of that, I didn't really know when I ovulated, I had an idea, but not the exact day of the peak of it, you know?