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443968 tn?1288612689 O.K girls, I need advice about my menstrual period. I gave birth on July like all of you, I do breastfeed and formula supplement as well. So far I ahve only got my period once, beginig of last month and it was kin dof weird, heavy bleeding for about 2 days then it stopped, and so far this month nothing. How is everyone else doing on this matter, Have you all got your periods? is it every month now.
Avatar f tn Hi I had a period on dec 19 to dec 24 and didnt have one till jan 15th and I always have a period at the being of month and at the end of the month why this time did it not do this??
Avatar m tn Her periods always come on time and always lasts 5 days, first 2 days heavy bleeding, 3 days light bleeding. She never has PMS and almost never suffer from menstrual cramps. So her current period of 7 days is out of the norm .
Avatar m tn Well I haven't got my period yet and I'm 14, nearly 15 I am quite sporty and for a couple of months I have been experiencing really bad cramps in my stomach..lately I have noticed a brown discharge on my under wear and when I go to the bathroom and wipe its on the tissue...I didn't take much notice at first but then got a bit worried I don't really want to say anything to anyone but can someone please tell me what is happening?
Avatar n tn I'm a 13 year old girl that is concerned about her period. At the end of last month I was sick with a stomach flu type thing (Nausea, loss of appetite, and just a really bad stomach feeling in general.) My period was due on the 2nd of this month and it didn't come. It still hasn't come and it's three weeks into this month already. I'm a COMPLETE virgin. I've never even kissed a boy.
Avatar n tn You conceive after. A period is the shedding of the uterine lining, and if you're pregnant, the uterus can't shed. You may have some bleeding after pregnancy is achieved, but it's most likely light spotting caused by implantation or something else. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Hello, I had awful periods with horrible pains, vomiting and dizziness. When I went on gyno it turned out that I have cysts on my ovaries. I also had some other problems and complications and it was preety serious in my case... I am not telling you this to scare you. There are a lot of girls/woman who have painful periods, but don't have any other serious problems that caused them. I am sure it's nothing serious in your case.
Avatar f tn i am doing the same as u... this is my 5th cycle. but feeling menstrual cramps already.. my period is supposed to come on Monday.. and I've tried the ovulation kits and they don't work for me at all.... always comes u negative...
Avatar f tn Im 13 and I just started my period a little over a month ago. I was just wondering what the usual distance between the first and second periods is. Can you help?
Avatar n tn To a point it's normal for irregular periods : although you will find there are many teenage girls on birth control not for sex but to regulate their mensutral cycle. You need to get checked and tested There are many different things that can be going on... You don't want to mess with you fertility since ONE DAY WHEN YOUR OLDER you might want children.
Avatar f tn Serious 37wks & ive been having like menstrual period cramps the whole night & followed by a horrible back pain.. Ive also had dome type of discharge but it looks more like water just clear & thin... Could this mean im ready for labor or is it just something normal?? What do i do?
Avatar f tn My last menstrual period was September 8. I'm sure about that. Which made my due date June 15. After an ultrasound around 20 weeks, according to the measurements the Dr. Changed my due date to July 2. Which would make me 36 weeks now. Can the due date be wrong and im actually far ahead according to my original due date.
Avatar f tn I had my period about four days ago but still i have this lower abdominal pain that ruins my days sometimes left sometimes right sometimes both and its real painfull through my lower back and its like my ovary and everything inside are goin to burst out with my period :'( .. Before if im goin to have my period i have breast tendernes but no abdominal pain now i dont have breast tendernes but severe abdominal pain... I dont know whats going on...
Avatar f tn If you have missed period by six days there is nothing to worry about because many girls go through this a lot I myself am one of them I a haven't had my period since 55 days today is the 56th day and still haven't had my period.
Avatar f tn Agree that if you have been sexually active, you want to rule out pregnancy but otherwise, I would not be overly concerned about a late period. Doctors like girls to have a period every 3 months so if it goes beyond that, talk to your doctor.
Avatar m tn I fingered a prostitute during her menstrual period(we did not have any other sex). During the case, I used the finger with her menstrual period blood to touch my small open wound, then what is the risk for me to be infected with syphilis or other stds? Because I know from this forum that syphilis can be infected through blood to blood. thank you!
Avatar f tn That is very common for girls of your age. Many are irregular and get more stable as time goes on. Nothing to worry about but know it's a pain. If it doesn't get regular in the next couple of years, talk to your doctor about it.
Avatar m tn Im 21 years old and I have never had a menstrual period. I've taken birth control to force myself to have a period. I've seen many doctors and they say that they don't have an answer but just suggest I take birth control. Will I still have an opportunity to have children; despite the fact that I have not had a natural period?
Avatar f tn Hi there, I've just started my period yesterday and I'm embarrassed to say this but it smells so bad. My previous periods also kind of smelled but very subtle. This time though, the smell is so bad and intense that I feel like it can seep through my clothes. I don't know how to describe it but it's not a rotten flesh smell or something. It smells knid of metallic and sour. I've searched the questions and read something about old tampon left inside.
Avatar f tn t remember any instance at my husband didnt have withdrawal when we have sex.. I am a bit worried because I have a very regular 28day cycle menstrual period..Is it possible that I am pregnant?
Avatar f tn I am sixteen years old and my period first came when i was 11. My periods have always varied. There are times when i go 3-4 months without at period and then whenever it does come it is heavy and contains blood clots. But there are also times when i have skipped 3 months and have had an extremely light cycle. I rarely get periods once a month (I actually don't think i ever have had that happen before).
Avatar f tn You bleed for 2wks after baby. Then your period starts. A month after you stop comes another period. At least that's what every doc told me after my 3 Lil girls. I got pregnant after 2 months with my second baby girl.
1392400 tn?1280080295 The hymen is not like a piece of Saran wrap stretched over a drinking glass, it is a flexible and thin membrane that already has a hole in it for the flow of the menstrual period to get out. That can be a lot of shapes, and can tear or stretch or be pushed aside by a lot of things. When I was younger, the writers on the topic would always say sagely "from horseback riding or other active sports." It's more likely to be pushed aside by tampon use.
Avatar f tn bloating, mood swings, headaches, and cramping. Now my question is; is this normal? I've never missed my period before and this is starting to scare me.
Avatar n tn This morning after forgetting my dose of progesterone last night, I woke up this morning feeling as if my period were about to start - mild cramping, bloating, stomach upset. I took my progerstrone right away. I have had no spotting or bleeding but that could be because of the progersterone. Does this mean this is a BFN? Is it normal to get these symptoms if there is a chance of pregancy? Any words would mean a lot.