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Avatar f tn Thanks guys for the comments I have one last sono on Jan 7th so see her final weight Dr still wants to induce me at 37-38 weeks because he says going full term with GD is dangerous I'm a little confused to how they get a weight by measurements but Dr is concerned which makes me worried I'm still hoping for a vaginal birth these stories give me hope even if she is 10lbs (hope she not)
732814 tn?1326168571 I will weigh 160 lbs by March 23 Waist 36, Neck 13.1 Wrist.6.5 Bust 42" Hips 42" Calf 16" Ankle: 10.5 inches, Upper thigh 25.5 inches Objectives: Exercise five days a week; No snacking after 8:00; Reduce sugar intake to 60 grams daily or less Will take picture in a bathing suit next week; will weight myself next Sun a.m. and measure self.
Avatar f tn / but everything else looks good i would love to have a beefy baby lol but like i said just try to eat plenty and baby should be healthy small or big :)
228463 tn?1216765121 or we could go by body weight % for the contest so it would be fair because the more you have to lose, the more you can lose, you know? (weight watchers goes in 10% weight loss incraments) I would like to lose 35 pounds, maybe 40... And then I would still not be skinny, but normal and within weight range. Can somone tell the trick-or-treaters to come early to get rid of all this candy in my house?
Avatar n tn So I have small babies as it is, yesterday I went for my routine 28 weeks growth scan to be told baby hasnt grown in 3 weeks and was on the 10th centile, weighing just 1150 grams, they brought my next scan forward so I'm back in 2 weeks in staid of 4, my question is does anyone know what will happen if baby shows no improvement of growing or little improvement?
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar n tn ) ultrasounds can be off a little when it comes to measurements. It can be plus or minus a few grams, ounces, pounds etc. They can only do their best to get as close as they can. There are fetal growth charts online you can use to compare but bc every pregnancy is different I would stick to what your Dr tells you.
1709431 tn?1308073112 You said no weight loss has your measurements gotten any smaller? you didn't mention what you consume. Diet isn't about eating less, it's about eating more—more nutrition-dense food, to crowd out the empty calories and keep you full all day. That's important, because restricting food will kill your metabolism. It makes your body think, "I'm starving here!" And your body responds by slowing your metabolic rate in order to hold on to existing energy stores.
2029649 tn?1331239735 The biggest thing is not really take it all that seriously, because weight can fluctuate immensely, from day to day or even within the same day, depending on when you last ate, went to the bathroom, exercised, etc. A one pound increase overnight is probably not fat, but fluid. My weight can fluctuate as much as 5-6 pounds in the same day. Just remember that it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound.
Avatar f tn You might want to talk to a dr to make sure this wouldn't be harmful. Also all that exercise will add some weight, so look more at your measurements then the scale.
Avatar f tn Hoping someone can give ideas on how I might proceed. Been treated with levothyroxine for hashimoto's over 15 years and levels prior to surgery were fine even if I was freezing, swollen face and steady weight gain. I asked pcp and endo to try me on natural thyroids and off synthetic and neither of them would because on 112mcg of synthroid my tsh level was 1, like perfect score. Pcp said at the time that the dosage varied too much and wouldn't try other options.
Avatar m tn Hey guys, I'm 5' 8'', 245 lbs, and for some reason, I absolutely cannot lose weight. I've been on a "plan" now for 3 months, and I literally haven't lost a single pound. I went from a completely sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits, and drinking 8-9 diet sodas per day to working out 2-3 times each week, good eating habits, and drinking almost exclusively water. Most of my fat is stored in my stomach.
Avatar m tn 77 gram of daily protein per pound of body weight. That's 139 grams for a 180-pound man. Men who work out 5 or more days a week for an hour or longer need 0.55 gram per pound. And men who work out 3 to 5 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour need 0.45 gram per pound. So a 180-pound guy who works out regularly needs about 80 grams of protein a day. Now, if you're trying to lose weight, protein is still crucial.
Avatar n tn I went today for my first week weight check and my second shot.....my weight loss for my first week is 9.5 pounds!!!! Anyone else using Phentermine and B12? I would love to hear how other people have done on these meds. Good Luck to everyone trying...I want to hear your story!
Avatar n tn I was wondering if ANYONE has any advice for me. I have been trying to lose about 5-10lbs over the last year. I am 31 years old , 4'8" and weigh 101 lbs. I used to weight between 89 and 94lbs at the most! I am pretty atheltic. I ran a marathon a few years ago and shortly after that is when I gained the weight. I have been training for half marathons (I ran one in April 2006) so I have been keeping the cardio up with running 3-4 days during the week and then 5-10 miles on the weekends.
Avatar f tn I have only found two different listed measurements online... Endocrinologist Dr Mark Lupo noted on one of his Medhelp answers: "I do 6-8 ultrasounds a day in the office and usually the measurements of normal thyroids are 4-4.8 x 1.0-1.8 x 0.8-1.6cm which is consistent with published dimensions." http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Thyroid-Cancer-Nodules--Hyperthyroidism/Normal-Thyroid-Size/show/263195 Manfred ****, M.D.
Avatar f tn Those are just the technical terms and measurements of baby. The only way to know if the baby is boy or girl is to look for their penis or vagina on the ultrasound. If they saw a penis, it is a boy. I guess maybe I just don't understand the question?
Avatar n tn For your suggestion on the menstrual tracker and body measurements on the weight tracker, we'll add these to our list of to-do's, but we'd like to hear from other members who would also be interested in these features. If they're very popular with other members, we'll bump up the priority.
Avatar n tn If her height was based on adult measurements she would need to gain that much weight, however, she is still a child and should be having her weight and height charted on the growth charts. She does needs to gain some weight. She is entering puberty and will be gaining weight as she becomes a 'woman'.
Avatar n tn Cut your daily intake of net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) by 10 grams. You may have exceeded your carbs while losing weight and stumbled upon your tolerance for maintaining your new weight. Once weight loss resumes, move up in five-grams at a time. Watch out for sources of sugar and starches. Read labels carefully, Sauces, beverages and packaged foods all could have more sugar or starches than your body can handle.
Avatar f tn age: 6 months Height: 64 cm Weight: 6.1 kg Systolic Pressure: 106 mmHg Diastolic Pressure: 56 mmHg BSA: 0.32m2 Small restrictive membranous VSD. VSD max PG: 87.6 mmHg, No LV or LA dilation. Limited study capabilities due to limited level of cooperation of child. Normal right and left atrial size. Intact atrial septum. Trivial tricuspid valve insufficiency. No mitral valve insufficiency. Normal right and left ventricuel.
Avatar n tn But to me sounds like you are really at 24wks since thats what this app says the approx weight of a baby is at 24wks and that your measurements match what mine were when I was 24wks. Relax there is NOTHING WRONG.
Avatar m tn because while it is common in Europe for kitchen/food measurements to be in grams, it's not here, and it's not a straight translation into teaspoons because one is a volume measure (tsp) and the other is a weight measure (grams). That complaint now registered, the numbers I have seen of how much salt people are taking in do not seem all that high when converted to tsp. I've read recommendations (on websites of various kinds, loony and otherwise) of 6 grams of salt per day.
1282925 tn?1286415639 I wish you both the best of luck! You already have the two best things going for you; you are trying & you not doing it alone. Another suggestion: measure key body areas as well as weight. I believe that teens build up lean muscle faster than adults & I know from experience that can make the scale say you aren't doing any better when you really are. So take weekly measurements of anywhere there is excess poundage.
8221281 tn?1397574572 We started lasix recently because the water weight was increasing and causing other problems. This has helped My avg blood pressure a few days ago was 195/112 - we upped lasix to 20 x 3 a day and its now averaging 126/100 average resting BPM stays between 90-110 I'm sure the increase in lasix is what has caused the numbers to get closer to gether so I increased fluid intake..... I want to be able to work out. How long does it usually take for diastolic disfunction to go away?
Avatar n tn avocado is a wonderful source of fat food for Incevik, one avocado has enough grams of fat for the single dose - I didn't want to gain weight but you do what you gotta do LOL Once I am off INC I will go back on my normal diet of fruits, sprouts and nuts LOL - Sunny
Avatar m tn wat it mean/ is it sign for hadicapped or any abnormality in baby. Now the baby was 30 weeks. the weight is 1098 grms. I am worrying a lot about that. any problem.
Avatar m tn Muscle weight is denser, so it takes up less space than fat weight; that's why we recommend that people take body measurements so they can tell whether or not they are losing weight/gaining muscle. Yeah, the US has SOOO many consumer laws, too, but like everywhere else there are ways to get around the laws........ I can research it for you, if you like.