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Avatar f tn Thanks guys for the comments I have one last sono on Jan 7th so see her final weight Dr still wants to induce me at 37-38 weeks because he says going full term with GD is dangerous I'm a little confused to how they get a weight by measurements but Dr is concerned which makes me worried I'm still hoping for a vaginal birth these stories give me hope even if she is 10lbs (hope she not)
Avatar f tn I exercise at least 30 minutes (on Elliptical) every day. For each of the above-mentioned drugs I would like to know which medical conditions have to be met before a patient can be weaned off of the drug? There must be certain criteria and I would like to know what those criteria are or where to find literature that will describe such criteria. Pre-conditions: - diagnosed with fatty liver in 2000 based on slightly elevated AST and ALT.
Avatar f tn If you're not careful, you could gain quite a bit of weight by the end of the pregnancy, regardless of how fast you normally lose it in others. You only need around 500 extra calories a day, so you can just add in a snack or two to the 3 meals you eat a day or 6 smaller meals you should have. In regards to if it will hurt the baby, I don't think it would unless you ate nothing but junk foods.
Avatar n tn I quit the pill and dropped my routine back to 4 times a week and allowing myself happy hours of Fridays. Sure enough after months of this the weight is coming of and still coming off. You body takes times to adjust to any chemical or hormonal changes. Just as it probably took time to adjust to taking meds, it will take time for your body to flush them out. Eventually you'll get back to where you were, it just takes patience.
Avatar n tn As of this morning, my total weight loss is 24.5lbs (current weight 208lbs). I'm officially on day 29 of the program - only 16 more days to go (13 of those with injections)! I think I might actually reach my goal of 195lbs! Body Fat % is 21.3% down 5.7% in 29days - thats pretty cool! I've lost another inch from my belly and my clothing is really getting loose.
Avatar n tn He did say it 'should' help with weight loss, i am stuck stuck stuck as of now... Please keep me posted on your progress! Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I eat a healthy diet - several small meals that balance complex carbs, fat and protein. I don't eat a lot of junk, I don't snack, graze or nibble. I don't smoke, don't do drugs, my health is fine (tested thyroid etc, all is well and normal) My body composition says I am 44% body fat, which seems high as I have a lot of visible muscle and am very toned except for a thick patch of fat in the dead center of my abdomen. The areas around it look fat free and are very toned by comparison.
Avatar f tn Several laboratory tests can help to confirm diagnosis. Tests for systemic diseases include blood counts, urinalysis, lipid profile, and measurements of creatinine, liver enzymes, and free testosterone in the blood. It can be treated by drugs taken orally, injected, or as penile suppositories after consulting a doctor. Exercise, particularly aerobic exercise is very effective. When pharmacological methods fail; a purpose-designed external vacuum pump can be used to attain erection.
Avatar n tn he is a most wonderfull man and i have no complaints. i saw a magazine with lots of his patients who have lost lots of weight. i shall continue with him. i drove over 7 hours one way to see him...and then returned home the same day. next time will stay overnight. ill go back in a month.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on the HCG diet for 16 days now & have lost 15 pds so far. I lost everyday until the last 4 days. . .And now nothing! I was given a 40 day supply that was pre-mixed. I haven't done anything different in my eating habits . . .I' m a little afraid. When one trys everything on the face of the earth to lose weight & all of a sudden you see a scale number that. . .well. . lets just say. . . I bought a new scale to make sure it was working correctly. . .
Avatar f tn Hy , diagnose diabetes , m on 30 + week but my growth scan shows my baby measurements is around 32 + week, n baby weight 1.91 kg, doctors said we will deliver ur baby around 38 week n I am on strict diet , cant take any carbohydrated food like rice, potato, bread etc. Dic said if ur pregnancy diabetes increase it can harm my baby.
Avatar m tn I am on week 25 now btw. silly wabbit - I am sure your weight will come back as soon as these drugs drain out of your system.
Avatar n tn 22 pounds is a lot of weight to loose in such a short period of time! Good for you!!! I hope that I am able to loose 22 pounds in the next couple of months. Are you following a diet plan and working out? I have not started working out yet....maybe one day...I don't have a diet plan either I am just trying to make good choices and watch my portions. This way I know that when I stop the shots and medicine I won't gain it all back. Lets hope!!! Best of Luck to you...do you have any tips for me?
Avatar n tn I am on 50mg of atenolol and 230mg of verapamil daily for my HCM. Someone just told me that use of atenolol can cause memory loss. Is this true? Also, is there anything that you can tell me about how much exercise I can or should do? I am about 20 pounds overweight and would like to use exercise in addition to diet to reduce my weight. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Still, antibody presence or absence does not change the diagnosis of hypothyroidism (which is based on serum TSH measurements) or the expected efficacy of treatment.
1370830 tn?1280180103 Hello. Sorry it has taken so long for someone to reply to your post. I think the jury is out as to the dangers heroin poses to the unborn baby and how it may manifest throughout the childrens lives. Heroin, by itself has been linked with low birth weight and/or premature birth but their is little or no evidence to suggest congentital defects, mental / social dysfuntion, etc,etc,etc.
1010685 tn?1295036236 Rockerforlife - I know it is irrational, but losing my job/new career/health insurance actually scares me worse than the risk of long-term side effects. As for the weight loss, I took that one study that said that large meals (50 g fat) helped with riba absorption, and since I thought I was underdosed with riba, I make sure to eat lots of fat when I take it twice a day. It hasn't been very conducive to dieting :( Trinity4 - I have tried numerous ADs, and am currently on Wellbutrin.
Avatar f tn Proper dosing of the diuretics (spironolactone and furosemide) is very important. Usually the dosage of these drugs are adjusted (increased) over time to get the most effective dose without creating side effects. The usual diuretic regimen consists of single morning doses of oral spironolactone and furosemide, beginning with 100 mg of the former and 40 mg of the latter.
649848 tn?1534637300 Of course when we gain/lose weight very quickly, we can usually figure that a good share of it is water weight and one of the first hypo symptoms that went away was the bags under my eyes and I did drop a few pounds, only to regain them, down the road.... it's been that way every since. I think I lost and gained the same 10 pounds every week for a couple of years until my weight finally started creeping up and I haven't been able to get it back down.
Avatar m tn 5 stone in the 3yrs after i have pilled on 5 and a half stone and 10'' round my waist im worried that my past weight loss may be preventing me from losing weight now i really need some advice on what kind of excercises i should be doing and for how long and intensitiy as my weight has got out of control and i need to do somthing about it before it puts strains on my health any advice would be most welcomed.. My routine as it stands now..
Avatar f tn ------------------------------------ No, in general, you are not off base, however there are a number of things to factor in such as your genotype, prior tx history if any, the amount of liver damage you have, your race, weight, height, age, doses of riba and peg, pre-tx hemoglobin and hemoglobin response during tx, etc. You might want to include some of all of this in your profile.
1697480 tn?1306787644 Had some eye pain, but no double vision really, no color loss or change of contrast...which are some of the things that they look for in MS. I just went to a neurologist this past week, and he did a thorough physical exam. He said in about 95% of the patients, he can tell immediately, even without brain imaging, if there is something wrong. And he said my physical exam was perfect.
Avatar m tn The standard replace- ment dose in Europe and America was 200-400 [mcg a day until 1973, when it was halved to 100-200 [mcg a day on the basis of biochemical measurements of thyroid hormone concentrations. We are not aware of any study that has shown that this reduction in the standard dose has had any clinically beneficial effects.
Avatar m tn com/article/187171 I think more importantly table 5 correlates liver stiffness with complications of cirrhosis; it’s these complications that prevent us from further management of our disease: http://www.em-consulte.com/module/displayarticle/article/187171/iconosup/fig5 Good luck; I sincerely hope you’re husband catches a break soon, and that the protease/polymerase inhibitors are approved soon, or are permitted through compassionate release.
Avatar m tn all guys desire ejaculation and I would venture to guess that those who condem the doctor most strongly, are hiding the fact that they would enjoy this experience but feel the weight of social pressure telling them to hide this desire and pretend that it is wrong. Please share the doctors contact info and location. I will make a report here after my appointment and share the experience in detail.
446896 tn?1237806342 In a way, it's not really a fair analogy because folks who are in the hospital are generally in pain, on heavy duty drugs and are afraid. Their blood pressures reflect all of those. Which is why we repeat it through out the day. I had one patient, a young woman in her late 30's who was petrified of having her BP taken because it was always high. DUH! Fear=HBP. One day, as an experiment, I walked in to take her BP and could see her tense up immediatley.
Avatar n tn Until then they'll just keep prescribing us drugs. Remember they are doctors of medicine nothing more. So unless you want more drugs search elsewhere for answers ...
280700 tn?1210287416 I am desperate to get pregnant and need to hear some encouraging stories from people using Clomid. I am putting on a fair bit of weight, but don't mind if the end result is a beautiful little baby!! I was put on Clomid for low progesterone levels.