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3224409 tn?1356210427 I m nearly 28wks n i have no idea how much baby weighs n how long he is... My last u/s was at 20wks as all uk ladies know thy dont tell weight n size... I m really worried as i feel my tummy is not growing although i m measuring exactly every week... My question is will my midwife tell me if i ask abt weight n size of baby?? I just want piece of mind that hes gaining some weight aswell?!. I m ftm n i dont know whether thy answer these questions??
Avatar f tn i dont think its the stretch marks so much that are bothering me but more as the weight.
1654035 tn?1332428778 They dont tell us in the UK. Unless they think baby is particularly big or small, I dont think they worry about weight too much. We dont even have scans beyond 20 wks unless we are 'high risk' (I will be lucky enough to have another late on as I want a home delivery so they will check position and size near my due date) I think they are too worried about being sued...they wouldnt even write down our baby's gender in case they were wrong!
Avatar f tn Should I start taking a multi vit? If so can anyone reccommend a good all round 1? I live in the uk so needs to be something available here. Any help is much appreciated!!
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar n tn But although I can feel change in my body, there is absolutely no weight loss, in fact I've gained a pound! I will add that I have NOT exercised at all - so muscle gain can not be the answer. Any ideas? I'm feeling good but it's starting to get me discouraged.
Avatar n tn Wow, sounds like the dr. we all dream of...too bad i am in NY. i have never taken armour, only thyroxine (in UK) and synthroid here for the last 8 months. I have weaned myself off over the last few months and now take no meds. i stopped prozac as well. i believe the drugs make me fatter and truly unhealthy. i started to take lexapro then cymabalta then prozac and the last 8 months have gained almost 40 lbs. it's awful.
1388972 tn?1280136169 I have put on weight over the past year, change of contraception & not really bothering about what I eat. I was a size 10 (UK Size!) & now I’m a 14 & my boobs are 36G (which I’m not to bothered about !) Anyway, the past month I have been cycling to & from work which is just over 7 miles & have been eating healthier, I have also ordered Pure Hoodia pills & Acia Berry’s...
Avatar n tn I doubt very much that I will be induced unless I go over my due date by two weeks, I am in the UK and they dont really induce unless they have to. where do you live hun? Have you decided on pain relief for labour yet?
Avatar n tn i was on phen and weekly shots, started mid december. in 8 weeks, i lost 18 pounds. i have been off of it for a month. lost 4 more pounds..(22 total!!) not as good as when i was on it, but i haven't gained any back. trying to find $$ to get on it again. never had a problem with it... i love it!! i already lost 4 inches from my waist and 3 from my hips!! good luck to everyone!
Avatar f tn I am 5'8, a size 12/14 (UK), although I want to lose weight and... 34E or 34F bra size (UK measurements). My mother is a 34DD, my sister a 32H. We're very chesty in this family. I was wondering if this is normal? I mean, a 34E doesn't hurt me, my mother is very pro-screening and very aware of breast cancer, so it's nothing like that, but... I can't get nice bras in my size. Most store brands only go up to DD and lots of the plus sizes are padded, which ***** for the ample-bodied woman.
Avatar f tn I kinda confused I've had my first antinatal appointment and my first scan so what apoointments will I have now?
Avatar f tn In the UK they don't give you ultrasounds after 20 weeks, unless there is something wrong or they want to monitor you closely.
1907244 tn?1329234851 if your due date hasnt changed i wouldnt worry about it too much, im due just after you on the 7th and weight was never mentioned at my scans so far (although i dont think they bother about that in the uk unless they think the baby is particulary large at the end of a pregnancy) you'll notice some recent posts about weights being wildly inaccurate, and my first baby was deemed "huge" and i was sent to a different hospital 2 hours away to give birth...
Avatar f tn My clothes are now definitely too big, but I am not going to invest in any new ones until I am nearer my target weight as I think I will then probably been down to a size 10 or 12 (UK). I have gone down from size 16/18 to size 14 so I am really pleased. Currently, the only way to keep my jeans from dropping down round my ankles is to use my husband’s belts!!!!!
Avatar f tn I am fifty years old and my estrogen ( estradiol) levels are less than 50. ( I live in the UK by the way. I am not sure if we use the same units of measurements as the US. I cannot choose between them. If this paper is true then there is a true advantage of Femara. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/261425'>Arimidex and weight gain</a>.
Avatar n tn Here in the uk they measure stomach to estimate too mine have always been spot on
Avatar m tn I would be consulting the best expert in aortic medicine that I could find to look at the two previous images and advise me. I see from your profile that you are in the UK, and your system works differently than ours. But if my aorta grew that fast, I would be getting nervous. Fast growth is one of the indications for surgery. Absolute size is another.
1009079 tn?1250634405 I understand that my recommendation has no "weight" with the UK government health system... but if sounds to me like you need at the very least a EKG and maybe a 24 hours heart monitor - and likely an echocardiogram would be a good test too as it will give precise measurements of your heart and valves. I find you comment "interesting" as here in the USA as we are undergoing a major political battle over how much more government to inject into our medical system.
169867 tn?1327602254 How much bigger could he could get in 3 weeks? Does weight gain slow at this stage or will he be piling it on? Do you think I am at high risk of shoulder dystocia again? I'm getting a bit concerned but the hospital don't seem to be...
Avatar f tn I go every 2 weeks because I'm high risk its become rountine for me usually they check my blood pressure and weight and then take measurements of all the babies organs and placenta and then i get cute pictures of their faces(: and dr comes in after ultra sound tech is done checks them for himself/herself and then talks a little and leave i don't drink anything or worry about a full bladder really i don't have to do anything
Avatar f tn TSH neither causes, nor alleviates symptoms, and once on medication, it often becomes totally irrelevant. We do understand that in UK, doctors are closely bound by the guidelines of NHS, which centers around TSH, so members are less likely to get adequate treatment. It's important to note that fibromyalgia is a set of unexplained symptoms that often go away with thyroid hormone treatment.
1752977 tn?1418225396 I'm really over weight. UK size 24 but apart from them having to push hard they never had a problem. At one point they asked me to roll onto my side but that was it. Look on the bright side at least u get to see your baby again in a few weeks!
Avatar n tn However, given my family history, both my sister and mother developed thyroid problems in their late thirties/early forties, I am 39 (One is hyper the other hypo) and I have several female cousins, on my mother's side, who have thyroid problems. Is there any additional testing that can be done? I am tired of feeling not myselft. Recently, I have developed an intolerance to heat, not hot flashes and I feel very tired.
Avatar m tn Before this time does not provide a good insight as your blood sugar is still on the rise. Are you in the UK? If yes, the 7.4 mmol/l indicates 133.20 mg/dl, an acceptable postprandial levels IF you are diabetic. If not, it is high. Normal is between 3.33 - 5.55 mmol/l [60-99 mg/dl. Since you didn't tell us the category type of meter used [standard glucose or A1c], the 7.4 could imply an A1c of 7.4%, which is equivalent to a daily glucose average of 9.22 mmol/l [166 mg/dl].
Avatar n tn She recommended that I get tested for Thyroid Disease due to my symptoms (cold hand, sluggish, thinning hair and eyebrows, inability to lose weight, lump in throat, etc.) The TSH and T4 tests were above the normal range of 0.5 - 5.0 and my DHEAS (adrenal hormone) was very high. I was recommended to an endocrinologist who retested me...TSH, T4, T3 and free and total was lower (around 4.5 - 5.0), but the DHEAS was even higher.
Avatar n tn A good article is from Life Extention Magazine: "Startling Low Testosterone Blood Levels in Male Life Extension Members" by William Faloon. The key point is your levels are too low in the "normal" range regardless of lab measurements. You have testosterone deficiency and your symptoms are stating that loud and clear. "The number of men who suffer testosterone deficiency is so high that laboratory reference ranges accept ridiculously low levels as “normal.