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Avatar f tn Idk when I will have my next ultrasound so idk the exact weight and what not.im 28 weeks and have o my had 2 ultrasounds.
865073 tn?1287890681 Prominence of the ascending thoracic aorta (4.0 cm). I workout 4 times a week swimming or eliptical and/or use weight machines. My plus is always on the low side 40 to 50 bpm andblood pressure is average 120-130 80-88. I take Lipator and do have a factor V Liden blood condition but have never had a clot. My question is: Should I push for surgery to fix the dilation? It has been a year since this scan and the thoracic aorta is at 4.0 per recent echo.
Avatar f tn They are estimating him to currently way 5lbs 6oz. How many of you ladies have had the baby's weight estimated and it was pretty accurate? I am a little nervous he is going to be big. My other children were 6lb babies. I am good with that.
10843549 tn?1425100223 I had 1 to confirm, 1 at 13 weeks to check for birth defects, 1 at 20 weeks to check gender, 1 at 36 weeks to check bones and measurements, and another one scheduled for 41 weeks in case he's not here yet..
1257808 tn?1322765815 Thyroid does have a huge affect on your metabolism rate and thus your weight. Too high and you can loose weight, too low and you'll gain weight. Thyroid is also associated with mood including depression and anxiety. Some people can get off of or have no need to take anti-depressants or anti anxiety medicine simply by getting their Thyroid levels balanced correctly. However there are other hormones in your body as well. They all have to be in proper balance and that can be tricky.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if ANYONE has any advice for me. I have been trying to lose about 5-10lbs over the last year. I am 31 years old , 4'8" and weigh 101 lbs. I used to weight between 89 and 94lbs at the most! I am pretty atheltic. I ran a marathon a few years ago and shortly after that is when I gained the weight. I have been training for half marathons (I ran one in April 2006) so I have been keeping the cardio up with running 3-4 days during the week and then 5-10 miles on the weekends.
325477 tn?1250554909 Also baby is moving a lot and sometimes that hurts. Don't worry about you not putting on weight. Baby is fine and that is important. Joyce- I can see the excitement when I read your posts..you are almost there. wow!! Dreamgirl- How are you and your little ones?? You must be at home full time. keep us posted. Zuz- when are you getting back from FL. How is your FIL doing? It must be an emotional moment. I hope everything works out fine.
Avatar f tn Yes that will be a huge baby! And I thought my baby was big. I'm 39 weeks aandhe weights almost 9lbs, and when i was 34 weeks he weighed 4.
891909 tn?1246670715 After my wedding I was gaining weight despite working out 6 days a week with cardio and weights, and following a diet given to me by a dietitian. 3. My hair was falling out more then usual 4. I was tired all of the time and when I did get up for the day it was only at 5 pm and then I was tired by 9 5. I had a very difficult time concentrating, 6. I had longer and heavier periods then normal 7. Very irritable - almost like I had my period for weeks at a time 8.
570399 tn?1224299728 I am not to worried about the measurements. I know that the measurements can be off and I do think that she has dropped into my pelvic area. My doctor was not really concerned about it, he just wanted to get an estimated weight on her because my boys were both born at 36 weeks and my first weighed 5lbs 8oz and my second one was 6lbs 12oz. So he was thinking that she might be a bigger baby. The lady who did my ultrasound said that the weight estimate could be off by a pound or so.
3106038 tn?1346816769 Remember that the average weight of a newborn is 6-9lbs. That's a massive difference in the two weights! Chances are he will be a good weight. If she isn't concerned then I wouldn't be either as they have a lot of experience.
649848 tn?1534637300 I dance, I do yoga, I run, I walk, and I lift weights as part of my routine. But if my hormones (thyroid, and reproductive) are a mess, then it is harder to lose the weight. I think that we forget sometimes that for us women it is more challenging since we have to deal with progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, among others (to balance them) besides our thyroid condition. Thanks for the post, A.
Avatar m tn Changes in the menstrual cycle -very heavy and long (but had ablation done before I knew it could be thyroid), Constipation (some) Depression (on meds) hair loss (endo said try biotin and if that continues to see a dermatologist that it wasn't endocrine related) Dry and itchy skin Fatigue (even with 8 hours sleep I wake up tired and low motivation to get things done) Greater sensitivity to cold (will get cold in air conditioning and need to wear long sleeves and well as in the car with famil
Avatar n tn My symptoms now are shortness of breath with very little exertion, dizzy at times swelling of hands and feet alot more now, chest pains like pulling and throbbing heavy beats at times and also I can't lie down anymore without feeling like someone is sitting on my chest. Please answer as much as possible, it is the not knowing that is killing me. Thank you, Christine PS I am only 37 by the wayand my echo said size of right atrium was enlarged at 24.00-mm and left was 43.00-mm....
233488 tn?1310696703 Running marathons for decades is an excessive amount of exercise, predisposing to an increased coronary artery plaque buildup despite favorably altering many risk factors such as weight, blood pressure and risk of diabetes. A more moderate dose of exercise is a better strategy for promoting long-term cardiovascular health and durability. An example of a sensible and time efficient ‘exercise prescription’ is shown in figure 1.
Avatar n tn I have been going through tests to rule out Marfan Syndrome for three years now and still do not have a definitive answer. I have had 2 CT scans, 6 echocardiograms(at rest and stress), a 24 hour holter, nucleur stress test and just last week an aortogram(angiogram). The MRA and then the aortogram were ordered by my doctor because he noticed what appeared to be a "bulge" on my aortic arch. The MRA did not confirm the bulge and neither did the aortogram.
Avatar n tn I am also in my mid 40's and weight just doesn't come off as easy as it use to. I have been on hcg since May 27th and I weighed 150 pounds, as of today I weigh 122 pounds. I follow the 500 calorie diet religiously, I work out 3 times a week with weights and do 6 cardio sessions a week, just like I did before the hcg - the difference is that now I have been able to increase the intensity. I feel great and have lots of energy for work outs, my career, and 3 little boys! So good luck!
Avatar f tn Okay I had to comment - I am considering doing the hcg diet because since my hypothryoidism diagnosis have put on 15 pounds and I workout and eat right - though the fatigue has been unbearable so lifting weights and cardio is a lot harder..but I'm not sure the diet will work for me...because my metabolism is messed up from my thyroid.. .anyway - I work in an emergency room - and my mom and about 10 other nurses did this hcg diet as well as my sister. They all lost weight.
Avatar n tn He helps the gym teachers as an assistant in the younger grades. He does weight training but low weight(i hope) and high reps. Every 6 months he has some kind of an image resolution scan...like an echo or a ct scan. I am very proud of him for making changes and being positive, but I know it still hurts. I think that you will be able to find some other things to do and continue to enjoy sports. Goodluck. Talk to your parents and your doctor.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar n tn Metabolism. Anyone can lose weight. You can pay any weight loss franchise and lose weight. Apply a basic weight loss protocol to the masses and you have yourself a money maker, a weight loss business. Then BOOM, there the weight comes back again, and sometimes more. Very few of these programs address metabolism specifically to the individual. Some pretend to get a few labs and "review" them then apply the general franchise protocol to the client anyway.
Avatar n tn I have nicely defined arms and legs. It is really exciting to weigh yourself every morning and see weight loss success. It is so motivating. I highly recommend working out while on this protocol. Good luck to you all and I will keep you posted with my friends results. It helps to keep a journal of your weight and measurements - more motivation!
251922 tn?1193786078 I also never know from day to day. I had hoped I could lose and little weight and as my body adjusts (especially since the original protocol didn't call for excercise) I could incorporate the physical little by little. I can't take any pain meds with this diet and I can't take the pain that will come after daily exercise yet. (I normally took IB daily at least twice and Vicodin at least once month for bad times) Just being off my meds has made a difference!
612551 tn?1450025775 In other words, I don't think you can freely exchange drugs and use the same weight. So if you were formerly on 25mg of Metoprolol 2X/day (which I know from experience is a fairly low dose), 25mg of Atenolol 2X/day may be huge in comparison. I had been on Metoprolol dosages as high as 200mg/day (not fun), and my cardiologist said he has prescribed dosages as high as 400mg./day.
Avatar n tn Talking to people who have done shots and drops, all found the drops to be easier and better and definately less hunger and they lost more weight on the drops. www.yourhcg.com is the best place to get it. ask for ***@****. I live in Az. and the company is in Utah and everyone I know got them quick and has had amazing results. good luck to everyone. I am encountering a rash right now but I know it's not the HCG it is toxins leaving the body.
192055 tn?1263559137 Are you taking Liothyronine? Does it help your lethargy and weight control?? Sorry I realise this is off the topic but i just wanted to know. On the topic I am in a position to try some different ideas so if I come up with anything I will deffinately post it.
325477 tn?1250554909 Belly still growing a lot, yetserdday the doc say wow, good you are really popping. Measure baby and belly and everything measures great and right on target.
1027575 tn?1390964018 My new doctor reviewed my previous records and more checks and test and we (Doc. and I) determined the best option due to the type of work i do and the very active life style i have is to have a TOTAL WRIST FUSION. I plan keep everyone updated as often as possible, i want others to know what i'm going through and hopefully inform them what they will be going through.
Avatar n tn She did have weight to lose before getting pregnant but she is big. I am 7 weeks now and normal weight and except for a beer gut I don't think I even look pregnant. I guess this is normal? Everyone is different?