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7668571 tn?1404573152 Found out today that my little girl is 5 pounds 8 ounces at 34 weeks! How far along are you ladies? & do you know the estimated weight yet??
Avatar f tn Muscle is your friend... however, make sure your strength training (weight lifting) is utilizing low weight and high repetitions... you most likely do not want to bulk up.
Avatar f tn My baby only weighs 4 pounds and I'm 35 weeks and my doctor is inducing me at 38 wks because she's "small". Should I be concerned? Will she gain more weight on the next 3 weeks? What if she doesn't?
Avatar f tn At 31 weeks my daughter was weighing 4 lbs 1/3 oz. But that was using belly measurements. I've read that any ultrasound measurements or belly measurements are never accurate and I'd always off by some change!
Avatar f tn I went to the doc yesterday I'm 35+3 and my baby is around 5 pounds my doc says Imma have a normal size baby but last night I started having contractions but haven't had any since then
3203877 tn?1358032521 Um 32 weeks and my baby is measuring 30 weeks is that bad?
7909558 tn?1398394709 Ultrasound can give them an idea - my midwife gave me a guess based on measurement and palpation of my abdomen plus years of experience - it's just a guess though. They can be off by even a couple pounds even with ultrasound measurements which is huge... my midwife said "about eight pounds" at 39 weeks and when he arrived a week later he weighed nine pounds even...so she was close!
Avatar f tn It depends on your pre pregnancy weight and if you were already over or under weight to begin with. For example, I'm 30 weeks and have gained 14 1/2 pounds and my pre pregnancy weight was 129. My measurements and babies weight is right on the money :) hoped this helped!
554628 tn?1362777919 t do exact measurements but he estimated madison at 7++ pounds, i asked my doctor what he meant by that he said looks like madison is at least 7 pounds if not more, so wed i will find out the exact measurements of her, and we will be taking the stitch out on wed as well and my doctor wants to induce on friday or sometime the following week, i will know more come friday when i actually see him again...
Avatar n tn I am 26 wks pregnant With a baby boy && have lost 15 pounds since I got pregnant. I haven't gained a single pound to this day. Is this normal? Has anyone had this problem?
Avatar f tn had my 35 week growth ultrasound today and my baby girl is already 6 pounds! I'm 35+2 and she was measuring 36+3 and her head measured at 37 weeks. Just wondering if anyone else had measurements somewhat like that and delivered before your due date?
Avatar f tn I am 19 years old, 5' 1, and my starting weight was 105 pounds. I know this is a healthy weight but I would still like to lose a few pounds of excess body fat and just tone up. I started dieting 3 weeks ago. For the 1st two weeks I ate around 900 calories per day and exercised for an hour per day. Over the course of 10 days my weight went down to 101 pounds. 4 days later though, at the 2 week mark, my weight shot up to 103 pounds without me changing my calorie consumption or workout regime.
Avatar f tn At 32 weeks ur baby should weight around 3.75 pounds. So your babies not really that far behind. You might just deliver a 6-6&1/2 pound baby (which is fine) but you can try drinking milk that'll deff fatten u up.
Avatar f tn I have done nothing but stress and cry off and on about the weight gain. The last measurements that my doctor did on Thursday showed that one of my boys was just over 6lbs and my other boy was just under 6lbs. Since then I've done nothing except stress and cry about that.
Avatar n tn A good thing to do is to measure yourself, in addition to weighing. By taking your measurements you can keep track of inches lost, as well as pounds. I agree that losing 5 pounds is a good start on your journey, so don't get discouraged and give up. Congratulations.
9397704 tn?1403544160 The dr said ive gained too much weight but my stomach measurements are good, im 6 months and 3 days and ive gained 22 pounds already, is that too much??
144571 tn?1213931874 In one three week period, I had gained 7 pounds, then the next time, 5 pounds! It could be that I had water weight gain earlier and got rid of the extra water. I do think that my metabolism had something to do with not gaining much during those times. Everything I eat now seems to go right through me, but I do not have any diarrhea and I 've been eating very well. No nausea or any other problems. I will ask the doctor next time if the baby is growing as expected.
Avatar f tn m 29 weeks and had an ultrasound today saying my baby was weighing 2 pounds 13 ounces I read that the avg weight at 29 weeks is 2.5 pounds but the doctor told me most babies at this age are bigger.... how big is was your baby at this time?
Avatar f tn At 34 weeks more babies around close to 5 pounds. If you were close to 35 weeks the average is about 5.6 pounds.
1597722 tn?1297379694 You will see the results soon. Believe me. I have lost 30 kg of weight thats about 66 pounds in about 8 months. So I am saying this all by my personal experience. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn Yah that's a good weight, they should have told you what percentile your baby was in. At my 34 week ultrasound my son's weight was 6 pounds 10 oz and they said he was above the 90th percentile. But they have concerns for him being so big I might need a c section.
Avatar f tn How much did your baby weight when you were around 32+4 days?
969988 tn?1247678347 babies tend to put on about 1/2 a pound a week after 30 weeks. I would say about 6-7 pounds too. But U/s can be off. My little girl was measuring 5 lbs 15 ozs at 32 weeks. As scared as I am to have a huge baby, im not really putting much stock into their guess.
Avatar f tn In pounds about 50-70 pounds, but I don't care what weight I am as long as I lose inches. I want to loss weight and gain muscle.
Avatar f tn I dont feel ive gained weight but my belly shows already anyone else going through this
Avatar f tn Hello everyone :) Im a ftm so not too sure about what weight baby's should be but I had my 31 week ultrasound during the week and I discovered my little girl is already weighing 4.4 pounds / 2 kg. my mid wife told me it's nothing to be worried she is well above the average size but it isn't a concerning size. Just wondering if anyone else knows there baby's weight at 31weeks?