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Avatar f tn It is normal for weight loss to slow down after a while, and some do feel discouraged because of this. But if you continue with the diet you described and exercise regimen, you will continue to lose weight. If you want to kick up the speed of it, try a different cardio routine, like an elliptical or stairmaster. Working new muscles will force the body to work as hard as it was in the beginning.
Avatar m tn My nutritionalist tells me to do as much cardio as possible, its the best in shedding weight, but as a man i think adding weights once or twice a week will help tramedously as well as it will help tone as u loose the weight and aid in the weight loss. her tips..
Avatar f tn My suggestion is to changing your diet to kick start the weight loss. It worked for me.
Avatar m tn Exercises not only help in weight loss, but also tone the muscles and provide strength. Some of the weight loss exercises for girls are: Jogging Jogging is the simplest way of losing weight. It steadily burns the fats thereby reducing the weight. Jogging in the morning is regarded the best for weight loss as at at that time, the stomach is empty since long. The body has to burn the calories already stored to release energy. This results in faster weight loss.
Avatar f tn I am a 15 yo female and I weigh 175 pounds. How do I kick start weight loss even though it is the holidays. I have tried every thing but its like im addicted to food and I can't stick to a diet for the life of me.
376148 tn?1309899577 How old is he? I wouldn't do it until you are ready, you don't want to regret it. You can always pump when you go to school. With the weight loss thing, I lost 35 pounds while breastfeeding doing the weight watchers points system. I didn't go to the meeting or anything, I just bought the books to let me know the point value of foods. If you are exclusively breast feeding you get like 10 extra points, it is pretty easy and actually works.
Avatar n tn Tell us your weight and height if you want. Anyway start a healthy diet and a healthy life style. Avoid sugar. Start walking or running. Or dance! Understand that you have to get rid of some pounds for your health.
641492 tn?1247955514 A couple of questions for you girls - Those of you feeling kicks at what week did you start feeling them??? I am almost 14 weeks and have not felt anything yet - (just heard my babies heartbeat on thursday so I know everything is ok) Also if you dont mind my asking how much weight have you gained so far??? I have gained 6lbs - is that too much??
Avatar f tn When I got preggers I was 108 and when I had my baby I was 150 now im 120 lost all the weight breast feeding im fine with my new weight but I want my abs back lol and I def have to start lifting some weights since my 4 month old is particularly 18 lbs lol hard to carry that around in a car seat
1252074 tn?1271541709 I'm curious, this weight loss I'm experiencing I know is not normal, between Feb and March this year alone -6 lbs overall weight loss to date -28 lbs. I'm not trying to lose weight either I'm A: not getting enough caloric intake or B: Something else is absorbing the nurtrients that my body should be getting.
Avatar f tn How soon after pregnancy is it okay to start working out and trying to lose weight? and is it okay to try losing weight while breastfeeding?
Avatar f tn I was told that i am 11lbs under weight. I know sometimes you lose before you start to gain but i would assume i should have been gaining by now. Any other mommys been through this ?
1837090 tn?1328040121 It depends on your pre-pregnancy weight I think. With my first 3 I never lost weight but I was at a "normal" weight to start. This time I started out with extra weight & lost 15 lbs to start. I'm 27+4 & have only gained 3 lbs back.
Avatar f tn Exercise contributes only 30% to weight loss. You need to cut down on your calorie intake dtasticlly. Your app will tell you exactly how much... Id guess eating no more thann 1000 calories per day.
Avatar f tn Congrats on your baby. I'm also due on Christmas with a girl. My baby been head down for about 4weeks now but she can stil turn at any time. And yes I been feeling the same move ment kicking n so on. I been really enjoying it. I don't no how much she weight right now but I have a doctors appt on this Monday coming and I also have a appt for my 3d ultrasound on the 9th of next month so ill no then and ill keep you posed.
Avatar f tn Losing 40 pounds by Sep 14 is a pretty tough goal; that's only 12 weeks away. Safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week; you'd have to plan on losing a little over 3 pounds/week and wouldn't be able to backslide a bit. I think your goal is a bit optimistic. You should first check to make sure you don't have an medical issues that might prevent you from losing weight, such as hypothyroidism or insulin resistance. Your doctor can order some simple blood tests.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks along too and I've lost 4 lbs. I asked my doctor and he said it's normal because of the nausea. He said you'll start to gain weight again around the 2nd trimester.