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Avatar f tn Is it not possible to do Weight Watchers even though you have had the gastric band fitted? It seems like if you go there and say your gastric band surgery is no panacea and you really need support, you should find a lot of support. Or you don't even have to mention the band if you think they would resent you for seeming to have an edge. Weight loss via diet is best done with other people's support no matter if you have had an intervention from a doctor or not.
Avatar f tn It can cause erosions, severe acid reflux, can even wear its way into the stomach and require major surgery to repair. I would suggest the Gastric Sleeve operation over the Gastric Band. Plus, your son would have to go frequently to get 'fills' on the band...a huge pain in the rear. Too tight, and he will not be able to swallow anything down. Too loose, and he won't have good restriction and will lose little to no weight. I would suggest the Gastric Sleeve.
Avatar n tn However, due to the less invasive nature of the procedure, the risks involved with Lap-Band surgery is less severe as compared to other weight loss surgeries like the open gastric bypass surgery. Unlike other weight loss surgeries which are completely permanent, Lap-Band is a reversible procedure meaning the Lap-Band device can be removed any time. So what are the possible complications and risks associated with the Lap-Band system?
Avatar n tn when would you do a gastic bypass revision? poor weight loss, regaining weight?
2015036 tn?1332997788 I have tried to diet, but my success is always temporary. My doctors want me to have weight loss surgery. Gastric bypass is there preferred method for me. I don't think I have any emotional issues connected with food, but due to prolonged dieting over the past 25 years or so has seriously messed up my metabolism. Add to that the fact that I am limited in my mobility- and my weight keeps going up. I just want to gather opinions from as many as I can. What surgery did you have?
Avatar f tn , did you mean Lap Band, MGB or both?? Which weight loss surgery would you recommend?
Avatar f tn Supervixen - Thank you for your lovely post and congratulations on your weight loss. The manner you are approaching your weight loss is the same as I did and, slowly but surely, the weight comes off. Kind of in the same manner it went on. The good thing is, it is teaching us a way of life, not a diet, and it is something we can maintain. Your offer to barmynan is gracious and I would like to invite you both to join as regular members of the WL&D community.
Avatar n tn Has anyone tried hypnosis for weight loss? So many diet drugs interact with Synthroid so I though maybe it was worth a shot. Just curious! (Ive gained 50 lbs since TT and quitting smoking a year ago) Yikes!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Gastric Bypass is more permanent than Lap Band. You can have the Lap Band reversed but not the Gastric Bypass. I had Gastric Bypass done in1981 and went from 317 to 170. My freing had it done in August. She has already lost 112lbs. Also Gastric Bypass is not done like it use to. They do laprogospy now. Though some individuals do have it open.
230972 tn?1224470126 Hi just wondering if anyone here has been pregnant/ or is pregnant and have a laparascopic gastric band in place? I have had my band for 2 years next month and it has been relatively unsuccesful. I am 12 weeks pregnant and would like to chat to anyone who is in a similar situation.
Avatar f tn Spoke with dietician and surgeon about it and i am right to start trying in 9 months, however this is only because i had a lap band previously. They said its best to wait 18 months after weight loss surgery before falling pregnant. If you are concerned that you are pregnant take a test to see.
524020 tn?1223161005 when I woke up with pain in my lower back. It was believed the weight loss shifted how I carried my weight putting stress on my upper lumbar region of my back where was found an old sports injury. The pain never stopped. I do not regret the band at all. I frankly believed it saved my life. I had no control over eating and could eat endlessly. I look at my children who are now adults, see their eating habits and weight and know I must have passed it on to them.
Avatar f tn Have you talked to your doctor about the risks and benefits of each? My mom & aunt had gastric bypass and a lady at work had the lap band. The band is a lot easier to recover from, but the weight doesn't melt off as quick as with gastric bypass. With any kind of surgery you will be able to find horror stories but you will also be able to find people that swear by the procedure. The best way to choose which procedure is right for you is by consulting with your doctor. Good luck!
1346046 tn?1297156080 Have you decided on the bypass or have you considered Lap Band? I had the Band performed June 29, 2009, was only off work for 3 days, had no complications and very little pain, and have lost over 130 pounds in less than a year. It is a lot less invasive, a lot less dangerous, and it's adjustable. The main reason I chose it was that with bypass, the pouch they create will stretch over time and a lot of people end up gaining the weigh back.
299748 tn?1235156791 Is having the gastric bypas or the lapband surgery for weight los really worth it? I mean yes you do lose weight but what about the excess skin you get left with? and what if you are a diabetic and have a low bloos sugar, can you eat enough to get your sugar up to where it is not uncomfortable. Can you ever have a slice of birthday cake? Or will you have the dumping syndrome forever? Is it really worth it in the end??? I have had so many surgeries I am kindda scared.
Avatar n tn I went in for a consultation for this exact things and was told that due to the gastric bypass i was not a canditate for the lap band, I am having the gastri sleeve preformed.
760893 tn?1278181728 I really think that this is not for me. As for those of you thinking about doing a lap band, you will loss weight but the way you eat will change forever and I feel weight loss can be achieved in a better way! Also you can eat around the band over time meaning you will find ways to eat the foods that go down easy!
Avatar n tn I am two weeks away from having a gastric band fitted by a specialist bariatric surgeon at a private medical facility. In the meantime through my usual doctor I have been referred to an ENT specialist as I have had difficulty breathing for some time and upon mild exertion become very breathless although I recover quickly. It feels as though I have someting spongy in my throat however chest x rays, thyroid tests and heart indicate all is normal.
Avatar f tn He has had people come through his clinic that have had a weight loss surgery and still feel nothing works for them - then try the hcg diet and start to see results. Why not try this first and save being opened up? If you google "Pounds and Inches" by Dr ATW Simeons (the book is currently out of print but is available all over the internet for free) you can find out from the source what the diet is all about.
Avatar f tn I had lap band in 2012 I weight 329 lbs in one year I lost 84 pounds I was happy working hard to keep it off but in August of 2013 I was diagnosed with ms I thought I was having.
958781 tn?1263220360 t cover any type of weight loss surgery...BUT the woman said we DO offer discounts at Jenny Craig! OMG...anyway...I need to fight this harder and see where it takes me. I know it won't make the bipolar go away, but it is one aspect of my life that with improve. My self image casues quite bit of depresession aside from the bipolar deoresion. You are inspiration...thankns so much for sharing your story! I aprreciate that!
Avatar f tn Hi im just wondering if theres anybody on here who has had gastric bypass or any weight loss surgery? Just want to know what kinda pain meds you take cause i have migraines and it feels terrible to not be able to take even tylenol. Gastric bypass pts cant take any other pain meds except tramadol& im tempted to take one. Plus i have a 2 ina half year old daughter so i feel bad that i she has to see me feeling crappy. Anybody?
1292058 tn?1294655370 Firstly I just want to say I have had mine removed and in the last 2 weeks had gastric sleeving instead. My lap band in the beginning was great, i lost 50kg! Then it broke, and I had to have it replaced with a new one, which held alot more fluid then the first, but that also meant they had to put more in for me to notice and weight loss. This didnt work for me because my stomach was too sensitive to put larger fills in. I put on all the weight I had lost back on plus a bit more.
1140934 tn?1285129785 just wanted to say I have read a few posts on here and just wanted to say that gastric Lap-band is a completely and safe surgery to go!! If u are obese like I was it is just fantastic the results u can get!! First off, U have to have the mind set and be driven if this is the way u want to go!!! read about it , research everything u can,some u will find bad but others are great! It is the safest thing out there!!!
Avatar n tn I too get mucous coughed up after eating. I have had a lap band for 8 years now.(waste of time for me-lost only a bit of weight and struggle to keep it off even eating less)I am interested that others think this could be associated with the lap band. Maybe a study needs to be done.