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Avatar n tn But sometimes, unintentional weight loss can occur with hyperthyroidism, diabetes, certain medications, depression, eating disorders, and infections and due to loss of appetite. So, if it persists consult your doctor for an evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn She is a very active child, always outdoors, playing with three to four other children. Rides bikes, walks, plays ball, etc.. but we are at a loss as to help her loose weight. We do not keep any candy in the house, stopped using any sugar at all over two years ago. Limit her intake, and yet she still gains weight. What can I do?
1577711 tn?1296196843 HOW MANY PEOPLE RELASBE BRFOR GETTING OFF THE VIDODINE?? WHAN DO YOU START TO LOSS THR WEIGHT IN NOTICABLE, i GAIMGED LKIE 30 POUNDS FROM VICODIN OR SHOULD i SAY FAT! FACEABD TUMMY GOT TO GO, my husd=ban says a I can get a tummy tuck when I am ready, I am excitrd abut a new day, or reakky model twin, but just a normal kid/ oxoxoxo Pam Veenhoven rinal tired night.
Avatar m tn Each is within the amount said to help me lose weight. I am preparing for a marathon. I ride 10 miles on my bike every other day. I ride horses. I swim. Why won't the weight go away?
Avatar f tn ve done a LOT of research on anti-depressants/anti-anxiety drugs and weight gain/weight loss. To answer your question, it can be both. Weight gain only happens in about 25% of people taking antidepressant meds. This can be due to feeling better/enjoying food more and/or from changes in metabolism/appetite as a side effect of the meds.
1285110 tn?1420147378 I have alot of weight to lose and have such a hard time with it.
748902 tn?1286034758 //www.medhelp.
1285110 tn?1420147378 Doing ok here! Even after just a week, I've feel like I've hit a plateau. The first few days of my diet the weight just seemed to fall off (I've lost 8 pounds since last Saturday) yet I've been at the same weight or a little over for the past three days. Hopefully this weekend will be good. How are you all doing? Would you like to do something like a weekly weight check. I'd feel accountable for my weight loss that way. If you're interested, let's do it!
Avatar f tn Hi....some of the trackers on this site are helping me remain motivated. Seeing an exercise graph going up and my weight going down helps. I think there is a woman's gym in queensferry if near to you. I imagine its difficult with a young child. Maybe the thought of you being a great role model for a healthy diet to your little one will help. I hope you find support. Treat yourself to something when you lose weight... spending ages in a bubble bath...a new moisturiser..make up etc.
Avatar f tn I'm looking for someone to follow on IG, FB, or email, books, anything to keep a fit pregnancy. Things like exercises, strain levels, core work, heart rates, weight management.
Avatar n tn I had low normal numbers on tests in past years. I am very frustrated. I have tried weight watchers 2x with little to no weight loss. I recently took adipex and the doctor was shocked at how little weight I lost. I weigh around 200lbs and I am 5'6. I joined a gym three months ago. I work out regular and I eat 1200 calories or less and I still can't lose weight. I am so frustrated I don't know what else to do. My mother has taken synthroid her whole life.
Avatar f tn I am a 66 y/o newly diagnosed diabetic. Went to hospital with chest pains and found out I was diabetic. Miraculously no damage done to eyes, feet, kidneys but discovered a heart anomaly. I started out at 254 lbs and I dieted all last year and was unsuccessful with losing weight. On Dec 5 my doctor prescribed Metformin 1500 mg at night, but I have been taking in the morning.
1156914 tn?1300571629 i've been a member here for a couple of months now and i'm really grateful for all the virtual friends that i've made, amazing how the internet can bring together people from all corners of the earth. it's great that we get to share our experiences with people who are kinda going through the same thing and plus since i'm considered a 'youngster' by some, it's great to hear about life experiences of the 'older generation' (no offence meant to anyone.
457255 tn?1206141874 Hello to any doctor out there who does pro bono weight loss surgery. I really need your help. I have 3 kids and very very little money. I put on a lot of weight since having kids. I want to be thin again. I have treated everything and nothing works. I dont like the way I look and it's really getting to me. I can tell you the way I feel about my weight if you contact me at ***@****. Please Please I need your help.
7729616 tn?1393795492 ve been eating well and I have cut my activity level down so as not to burn any unnecessary weight off. My weight is currently 7 stone 6 pounds or 106 pounds. It was 8 stone or 112 pounds 3 weeks ago. My doctor is now keeping an eye on me as they are worried about the amount of weight I have recently lost, more so the fact that it is going up and down a lot. An ACTH stimulation test came back normal and coeliac profile was negative.
Avatar f tn It depends on the cause of your cirrhosis.
Avatar f tn Hey, I'm in my teens but I've wanted to become a model since I was younger. I am 5"9 almost 5"10, although I would be a bit of a fat model at 132lbs I want to become a plus size model in two years. The issue is that since puberty I've put on some extra chub, not much, but still AND I have broad shoulders as well as hips.
Avatar n tn However, diabetes wouldnt be considered a reason for them not to expect you to lose weight, in fact if we led the model life of a diabetic we wouldnt be overweight (so says a non model type 1 overweight diabetic lol).
Avatar n tn With my first baby I had pretty much gained back all the weight I had previously lost. I lost 20 lbs right after giving birth to my daughter- water weight. Although weight loss has always been a struggle for me due to pcos, positive thinking is key. Try not to stress over it too much, that will only make weight loss harder. Now I'm pregnant with baby #2. I still didn't loose the weight I gained but I'm not really stressing over it either.
1137779 tn?1281542505 m not sure whether we should throw a virtual party because we ARE surviving...
Avatar f tn Hmmmm......I think candles are neat to decorate with. I like inspirational sayings & for awhile was into wood pictures that were like puzzles. It is so neat to see how creative people can be. I have to fess up here and clear the air....."candle smoke"..... By virtual, I was meaning, the lazy person's way of having "fake" decorations. You know, like "virtual pets". In Sims you get to take care of people & keep them alive.
1327977 tn?1275005500 I drink alot of coffee about 2 pots a day to myself. Could this be true on it preventing any weight loss? I do drink some water and usually maybe one pop a week. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.