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Avatar f tn That pain I have felt before. It might just be constipation, and eating more fiber will help, may I say that hot dogs are one of the worst things for you? They're fine once in awhile but more than one a week is too many. Well seeing that your droping weight fast can cause periods to be lost. It's might not be that and missing a period ussaly dosent mean anything. Although if you don't get it again then you have lost it. Don't feel bad about that.
Avatar n tn There is some evidence to suggest that long term chronic high use of opiate use can cause some people to have hearing loss. Do a search on vicodin and heaing loss to see the articles. Anyway, I did have some measurable hearing loss from my many years of abuse. I don't know if it was the opiates, but I have hearing loss. Thank Goddess I didn't go deaf, like some people say they have.
Avatar m tn The authors used this clever surgical model to demonstrate downstream resistance arteries to demonstrate that higher blood flow in collaterals results in more extensive remodeling such that maximal limb conductance reaches normal values or is even surpassed.
Avatar n tn Never used hair loss products before. I don't have a family history of early hair loss in men either. Here are my blood results before starting androgel, looks like the urologist ignored the FSH. Let me know if you need anymore information... FSH 1.4 mIU/mL (OUT OF RANGE: range = 1.5-8.0 mIU/mL) LH 2.7 miU/mL (in range) Prolactin 7.
Avatar n tn The loss of my career, the loss of my family, and ashamedly the loss of my life because I certainly didn't want to live after all of that. I later met with a Narcotics Lt. and he read me my rights. He then showed me a printout of every doctor, dentist and pharmacy that I had been to in the last 14 months. What could I say. The secret was out.
Avatar n tn Almost three years have passed and I don't know how people deal with such a loss. My heart goes out to all of you! Know that when we loose somone they no longer are in pain, no more needles, blood tests, pain, and suffering. They are at a better place. We will miss them every day!
20391860 tn?1497234141 At 10pm last night I stretched out with my body giving every indication that sleep would be arriving shortly. Then for the next 7 hours I stayed in some sort of virtual holding pattern, so close to sleep but never being green lit to actually land. The Perpetual circling of my ultimate destination begin to drain me immensely.
Avatar n tn I have been on depo for three years now and have not experienced any side effects, not even weight gain, except this bleeding with orgasm. However, it comes and goes. Sometimes I bleed when I orgasm. Sometimes I don't. At first I figured, well my lining must be shedding and the contractions make the blood come out, but with all this talk of hysterectomies and endometriosis, I am kind of scared.
Avatar f tn I actually was up to working out 6 days a week, and doing heavy cardio on top of weight training. At the moment, I dont think I'll be able to work a year from now, at least a full 50-60 hour work week, if I continue to decline as rapidly as I have been.
Avatar n tn But I have no clue where to begin, where to buy DHEA supplements and what kind to use? Also, I have read that DHEA can have lasting side effects like irreverisble hair loss, which of course has not been confirmed, but I was hoping you guys would know. Are there any side effects? Which brand of DHEA to use?
Avatar n tn , you have to pay a price to get this pleasure and the price is getting dumb, bald, weak eye sight, loss in weight or sudden increase, losing the glow on the face , etc etc. now , for people who are already doing it, it is really advisable to stop in early age, else its no use. and i must also tell you one thing, 30 days you need to control and then on 31 day you will be normal,faster , stronger and sharper.
1294995 tn?1330666336 One thing that I hadn't thought about, is that I took this weight loss artichoke extract for about 2 weeks and then stopped, that was at the beginning of my cycle, I had totally forgot about it until now, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?
318181 tn?1336447096 cause no matter how you look at it...it's a loss. Hopeful and I both went thru the same at about the same time...weird. Anyway.....time to look into the future and keep positive....So happy that you're back...can't stress it enough!!!! xoxo SSBD!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I cut most all sugars and a lot of fat from my diet to keep from gaining weight as I age, and I think that has actually hurt me some to, even though it is a healthier diet. I think my body is reluctant to steal energy from fat cells or something when it coems to sex. In any case, holding back on porn/masturbation seems to help.