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Avatar m tn i have high blood pressure too, but take TRITACE 5 MG 2 times make my blood pressure normal. i dont have any diabetes history . my father just had high bp.
Avatar f tn u dint tell about blood fasting value and post prandial value of blood sugar. Ask ur doctor for lab test like fasting blood glucose pp blood sugar urine sugar. Lipid profile. Eye examination. Thorough foot exam. Ask ur mother for proper foot wear. to clean and check foot daily. Proper Diet & exercise.never write drug brand name u should write generic name of drug.write with recent reports.
Avatar n tn It is because that there is normal increase in the normal stress hormones especially cortisol and glucagon which increase blood glucose in the morning. But, it looks like you sugar is not controlled.
Avatar n tn Certain hormonal inefficiencies/ associated syndromes can cause insulin resistance resulting in elevated blood sugar. While the diabetes is usually Type-2, other types may occasionally be associated as well. I would suggest discussing the situation and the appropriate management in detail with your treating doctor. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn This would involve evaluation of c-peptide, antibodies, and insulin levels correlated with blood sugar levels. Type 1 is lack of insulin (and needs injected insulin), Type 2 is plenty of insulin, but there is insulin resistance and the insulin is not effective. For Type 2, oral meds may be appropriate. If it is adult onset type 1, it may develop quickly. Therefore, I suggest your read up on syptoms of both type 1 and type 2 and if you develop symptoms then you must go to your Dr.
Avatar m tn Hello, his blood sugar levels are very high and he will get complications if this is maintained. This may contribute to how he is feeling, or there may be some other problem going on. We cannot give medical advice here, and your father's situation means he should see his Dr. for further evaluation and assistance. Please go back to his doctor and report how he is feeling, and request proper assessment of his healthy and adjustment of his medications.
Avatar n tn Hello! I have type 2 diabetes, my question is that my doctor prescribed Glypicide 2.5 mg once daily, she said before breakfast. My question is would it be a problem if I took it before lunch instead, since my blood sugar is still hig in the morning (during the day is pretty much under control) but in the mornings is over 140 or 150, I've checked it before going to bed and it can be at 112 but in the morning it is high again at 150 or 160. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I don't know how you are currently treating your diabetes, but when blood sugars are extremely elevated for long periods of time in Type 2 diabetics, insulin injections may be recommended to help lower the blood sugars.
Avatar f tn Usually, when extra weight is a factor, the reason for type 2 diabetes is high levels of free fatty acids and triglycerides in the blood (they interfere with glucose absorption in muscle cells). The only sure way to lower the levels of fatty acids and triglycerides in the blood is to get rid of excess body fat. Then muscle cells will be able to feed on glucose unimpeded and this will lead to its lower level in the blood.
7791326 tn?1396491662 I have type 2. Im 17 weeks and my blood sugars suddenly drop or shoot up really quick for no reason. Its weird. Ive been sticking to the 60 carbs per meal 15 per snack and doing pretty good.
283921 tn?1218529106 In my opinion to control diabetes is to gather as much information as possible particularly regular blood testing so that you can identify specific food types that cause your blood sugar to rise and stay high. Potatoes, bread and bran flakes were ditched an remain so after more than two years of no injections. Has ALA had a measurable benefit on your liver?
Avatar n tn have type 2 diabetes latey bkood sugars beteen 250 -380 seen doctor recently was put o lantus 10u did nothing called doc she said to go up to 15u been a few days should i see a specialst she says she can control has not changed does lantus take awhile to take effect an also o metformin 1000 glipizide and juniva
Avatar f tn i am type 2 diabetic and have been for 11 yrs. i have kept blood sugar readings within range until recently. i continue to watch my carb intake, but my blood sugar readings are higher than normal. my A1c was 7.9 so i have been paying a lot more attention to intake.
268033 tn?1270171467 Is my blood sugar high? Do I need to go back to the doctor and have him up my metformin? I don't want to be like this and I am worried sick about it. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
193177 tn?1218694001 Your medications should not be obviously cuasing your high blood sugar. But your diabetes is not under control. You are only on Lantus for blood sugar control. This is a long acting insulin. You may need to also add a short acting insulin which will allow you to adjust insulin doses based on what you eat and also to make corrections. Your entire insulin dosing may need to be reviewed and revised. Please discuss this with your doctors.
Avatar f tn All these things greatly influence blood sugar. If you have been unable to get your blood sugar stable at all, these are things you need to work on. I hope your husband gets better soon.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER not long ago and I was told I had very high blood sugar, I had not eaten anything for more than 8 hours other than toast. Now I have to go back to another doctor, in the meantime I got a glucometer from a family member and I've been checking my blood sugar, it was at 122 on fasting, then went up to 206 2hrs after a meal of mash potatoes, pork chop, bread and a soda [something a normal person would eat and be ok], that same day, a couple of hours later it was still high, at 144.
Avatar n tn i hae experienced weight loss due to high blood sugar because the acid from being high eats away the body fat. its sounds weird but thats what my doctor told me. also if your high alot then when you do run normal, you will feel low or not right because your so used to being high. i hope i helped alittle bit. good luck to you.
Avatar m tn I have always stayed away from processed food, raw sugar, sugar-laden drinks etc. So the obvious question arises ''How did I get type 2 Diabetes? The short answer is "through Prednisone--a steroid based medication with a boatload of SUGAR" I also have this condition called IDIOPATHIC ANGIOEDEMA. I experience spontaneous swellings mostly around my face, oral cavity, tongue, and nasal tissues.
Avatar f tn I too have Type 2 diabetes. And it is a constant battle against sugar and gaining weight. Diabetes86 is right, there is really no silver bullet. Just got to keep on working at finding what works for you.