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Avatar n tn have type 2 diabetes latey bkood sugars beteen 250 -380 seen doctor recently was put o lantus 10u did nothing called doc she said to go up to 15u been a few days should i see a specialst she says she can control has not changed does lantus take awhile to take effect an also o metformin 1000 glipizide and juniva
1538715 tn?1294146016 Researchers know from studying family histories that you can inherit a risk for Type 2 diabetes. And, yes, a type 2 gene can bypass your siblings and you get stuck with it - It happens. What also happens is you subconsciously picked up your parents bad habits that led to their diabetes. Bottom line, go get tested - an A1c, OGTT, and/or a fasting glucose test.
8369322 tn?1397830269 Diet control worked for me, although I suspect others will get varied results. I fully recognize that I will always be a type 2 diabetic, and it's a slippery slope if you get caught on it enjoying stuff you know isn't on the list. But I've managed 3 years on the low carb wagon with only an occasional treat here and there.
Avatar f tn I have a 17 yr old daughter and we just got the results back from her blood work and found out she has diabetes. We haven't found out what type she is yet just notice after she gave birth to her son a year ago that she was always thristy and having real bad stomach pains and always staying tired. If someone has any idea and can help me please do.
Avatar m tn I am a type 2 diabetic. I exercise every day with a two mile walk every morning. I wake up and my blood sugars are usually around 150-160. After exercise my sugars are as high as 288. The rest of the day they continually drop and about dinner time they will be around 100. Why Please help. What should i do differently.I have tried eating before exercise as well as after. The results are the same. I tried this without coffee in the am. Or with my usual cup of coffee. The results are the same.
Business man1 you are classified as either normal, prediabetic, or diabetic [type 1, type 2, or type 1.5]. Telling us which one helps us help you so we can provide appropriate responses.
Avatar m tn I exercise every morning by walking 2 miles. I am a type 2 diabetic. I do not eat before exercise at five thirty every day. I am taking metformin glimperide januvia and atenolol for my high blood pressure. Before i exercise blood sugars are 156. After exercise they go to 226. Why? I take my meds about fifteen minutes before my exercise routine. Blood sugars continusously drop as the day goes on. before dinner time they can be 100. after eating they drop to 60 sometimes.
Avatar n tn My father was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My uncle has type 2 diabetes as well. Recently I have just been looking into the common symptoms and have become rather concerned. I would like some clarity on whether these are actual symptoms of diabetes or not. 1. Most of the time during the days it seems like I'm always very hungry. 2. If I'm not weight lifting and eating A LOT of food I tend to lose weight. 3. Occasionally I feel very weak. 4.
Avatar m tn I'm sure your parents would want you to talk with them about it and be seen be a doctor. If in fact you do have (Type 1) diabetes, exercise and eating healthy are very important and it's great that you do that, but they will not get rid of diabetes. If you have diabetes you need to see a doctor and get treatment. Please don't be scared of this or try to avoid it because the results of untreated diabetes can be very severe.
Avatar m tn If you get the news that you have diabetes -whichever Type, it will change your life but it is a manageable condition and you can continue to do the things you love. If this happens let me know and I'll refer you to some websites that have thousands of diabetics of both types who are successfully managing their conditions.
873325 tn?1295465496 Those numbers are definitely in the range of diabetes. When you say the doctors have "checked a few different times for diabetes", how did they check? Random blood sugars? Those are virtually meaningless. They need to do an A1C. Results under 5.7 are normal, from 5.7 to 6.4 are pre-diabetes and 6.5 and over are diabetes. I don't really know what " ketotic" hypoglycemia is, but those numbers after meals are indicative of diabetes.
1554354 tn?1297175664 Diabetes often goes undiagnosed because many of its symptoms seem so harmless. Often people with type 2 diabetes have no symptoms so they appear normal to others. I don't know Florida laws but in Calif at 19 yo you can see a doctor on your own. If you cannot afford one Google search Free Health Clinics near your town/city. In the meantime you must take care of your body by maintaining normal weight, avoiding sugary and high carbohydrate foods, and do some sort of physical exercise daily.
Avatar f tn Some people with Diabetes Type 2 need oral medications and others need insulin. (Type 2 diabetes means they don't produce enough insulin. Type 1 means they don't produce ANY insulin.
Avatar n tn Markie is also correct that we still do not know enough about how type 1 happens. Probably type 2 as well. We do know that obesity can diffently cause type 2, while you will find type 1's, upon diagnoses usually experience weight loss and is not associated with obesity in any way that I have ever heard of. There have been recent studies that have created a gray area between the two regarding age and developing diabetes.
Avatar n tn I'll attempt to clarify some things for you to get an understanding what I'm saying. The "normal 90-110 mg/dl" is no longer considered normal in this day and age, that is, in western medicine here in the USA. Normal glucose range is 60-99 mg/dl. But when you fall below 70 doctors get worried about hypoglycemia. From 100 to 125 mg/dl it's considered prediabetes. At 126 mg/dl and above preprandial (fasting glucose) you would be considered Diabetic Type II.
Avatar n tn Given your weight, diet and history you may be adult onset type 1 (research LADA) rather than type 2. Treatment for this is insulin rather than oral meds, usually. Your fasting no. are reasonable now, but your after eating is still too high. Yes, exercise and low carb eating are very helpful in controlling blood sugars and minimising med requirements. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Hi Luisa24, Looking back I did have side effects of diabetes when I had PCOS but I just thought with my weight loss my body was changing to my new size , but when I was having my blood tests done before I was due to start IVF they found out I was diabetic but only diet controlled which soon moved up to type 2 and still I have off days when am over tired or do not eat enough like today as my son kept me up all last night as he wouldn’t settle, I might not have PCOS now but am stuck with
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 40 and have type 2 diabetes. I had been able to get hard with just thinking about women but a few months ago it stopped. I can still masterbate but its soft - never a hard erection. I've tried all of the meds for it from my regulr doctor and none of them had any results. I'm overweight and my blood numbers I'm sure are not right. My questions is if I loose alot of weight (I'm 265 now) and lower my numbers, can it come back? Or is this permanent?
Avatar m tn Hi, the tendency towards diabetes (type 2) is not curable, but the expression of that diabetes can be managed / cured by lifestyle (weigh loss, low carb eating, exercise), as long as you consider that you will be 'cured' only as long as you follow that lifestyle. Further diabetes is not a simple disease and some people will develop it regardless of how good their diet and lifestyle is (not that one shouldn't continue with that lifestyle), and may need medications as well.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am afraid that people with diabetes are more prone to pneumonia and infections in general, especially if your glucoses are not tightly controlled. A good internist can manage diabetes quite well but if you have a complicated history(as you do) I think an Endocrinologist will serve you best. The American Diabetes Association has some very helpful information on their site(www.diabetes.
Avatar m tn The best thing you can do control your blood sugars (BG). You want to keep your BG below 140. Diabetes is something you have to control, the MDs can guide you but you have the control.
Avatar n tn Hi, based on presentation with very high blood sugars, but relatively low Hba1c, this would indicate a rapid onset of high blood sugars, suggestive of type 1. Type 1 diabetes is certainly known to be triggered by viral illness. Testing for type of diabetes becomes relevant when it comes to insurance coverage (type 1 tend to get broader coverage than type 2 - unfair as this may seem). When you see an endocrinologist you should be tested for type 1.
Avatar n tn frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger, dramatic weight loss, irritability, weakness and fatigue, and nausea and vomiting. Some other symptoms of type 2 diabetes may include: recurring or hard-to-heal skin, gum, or bladder infections, blurred vision, tingling or numbness in hands or feet, and itchy skin.
1303999 tn?1279585526 I'm not sure why your blood sugar went through the roof - I know others who have both type II diabetes and thyroid issues and don't have a problem with it. I wonder if there could be an absorption issue if you take the meds a the same time - like one could be preventing the other from being absorbed properly. Since we are all different, it could be the way the med affects you. Are you making sure to keep your diet on track and get enough exercise?
Avatar f tn well i think they are low positive please consult a doctor
Avatar m tn High cholesterol, unfortunately, as well as high blood pressure, comes with the territory with type 2 diabetes.
Avatar f tn Hey, Im 16 yo boy , full asian with diabetes type 2 history from all of the 4 grandparents. My mum is in a prediabetes stage so she recieved a blood sugar measure device so I decided to try it and got a bit worried when I saw the results which were 100-107 ( tested in 4 different days around a month ago ) I have fast metabolism, I weight 70 Kilos for 186 cm but I eat A LOT of candy which I have tried to reduce the amount I eat.