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Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 29 year old female, diagnosed with Type I diabetes when I was 25. I was always a picture of health and never had any "health" problems until now. Not to make excuses or anything, but knowing that I have this to deal with this has made me extremely depressed, so depressed that at times I don't take my insulin and I also think that in my mind I'm afraid of being over weight. It didn't help that my mother passed away suddenly either.
919881 tn?1243660771 Tracy, Your situation is challenging. With cirrhosis, treatment must remain aggressive. Your NP is treating with standard protocols that are out dated. Procrit is available for low Hgb and it should be on standby for you right now. It takes several weeks for it to work. Most hepatologists do not become concerned until ANC is below 500. Yours is getting low and if ANC continues to drop, Neup is available and fast acting.
Avatar n tn Be sure to check your blood sugar, take your insulin, eat healthy and don't stress out. Complications are obviously possible but happen more with Type 2 diabetes. Your life will not be the same but you can still live a happy healthy rewarding full life as long as you do what the doctor tells you. Since you are a medical student you probably know about all the advances lately -- there are insulin pumps, glucose sensors, great meters, and new insulins.
Avatar f tn don t worry in terms of health he is perfectly ok like me reversing all the liver damage, the presence of hbv in the liver cells makes no damage itself, it is only dangerous if one stops therapy with all these liver cells infected with the cccdna because they will restart producing hbv and immune system kill them making a mess of the poor liver.
Avatar n tn I am a molecular biologist who works in the field of diabetes research and have spent many years investigating the miraculous benefits that regular exercise brings to type 2 diabetics. Could this be true of retina problems also? (by the way, I do freestyle so I am head down in the water for a good 1 - 1.5 h.
1793142 tn?1315382976 Does anyone else with autoimmune problems have severe tooth decay so bad teeth need to come out? My teeth have been having such severe decay that they need to come out. I take really good care of my teeth because I have had such problems but despite brushing, flossing, listerine daily, by the time of my next dental visit there is another tooth rotted.
1059090 tn?1254470401 Metformin?? That is what my dad takes for type 2 diabetes...weird, I guess it has more than one use. What I find is that even ENDO's do not seem very concerned about your thyroid function but there is evidence that it can affect you well being immensely...I don't get it but I am in the same boat as you...fighting to get the right tests done. It's tough doing what we have to do..
Avatar n tn my naturopath gave me vitamin c powder with amino acids that you mention but I've just been taking it for 2 days now so it probably needs time to work. I will ask her about the Malate Renew. Thanks. Shell0726: hi, sorry that you had to join us here, but glad you found us. What did the neurologist say about polyneuropathy? recovery time? any instructions for follow-up? did you get any meds?
233616 tn?1312790796 but the hormone called HGH (human growth hormone). this hormone tells the cells to divide and replace old worn out cells with new ones. 7. If you do not repair tissue...you will die. The general knowledge is that every tissue cell is replaced in a 7 year period. So you literally are not the same person you were seven years ago....except for bones...everything else has been replaced.
Avatar f tn Basically, there is no other treatment other than watchful waiting. As you have been informed the condition usually resolves with two to three months, but may return.
Avatar m tn Hi, i see it's been a while since you posted your question on Victoza and weight loss. The first 7 days of taking this medicine and watching my calorie and nutrient intake, i've lost 7 lbs. in 7 days. i was no happy about taking this, since i have hypo-thyroid & there were 3 months my regular thyroid medication was off the market.
Avatar n tn if you retrain your mind to get hard without watching porn, you'd be shocked at how much it will improve your erections while with women in person). 2. If you masturbate, use lighter touching and stimulation; after I watched porn for 7 years, I didn't realize how rough I was on myself until I started to take a break here and there. 3.
203342 tn?1328740807 I have a lot of cancer in my family too, an aunt with breast cancer in both breasts, grandmother with colon cancer, grandfather with lung cancer (although he smoked). I also have a lot of diabetes in my family. I'm really the only one who didn't get that. My friend with Celiac said there's a connection between diabetics having Celiac. My mom said that she's always had gastric or digestive problems and she'd get that checked out. I really didn't think this mass was cancerous.
Avatar f tn Over time they faded, but recently Ive been getting more frequent migrain type pain. Not as severe but it stays with me for a day or two...and yes the thought of chronic mirgraines coming back is enough to make me puke. I wish I had a solution for your head aches, but I dont. During that first year I tried multiple once-a-day medication, that did nothing at all for my head. One made me so dizzy, another put me to sleep, but all of them just didnt treat the migraine.
Avatar f tn But if she is correct, scientists will also have to reconsider many claims for embryonic stem cells as a cure for diabetes, and perhaps for other diseases. "I wish Denise well, and I flat out hope she's right," said Dr. Mark Atkinson, a diabetes expert who directs the Center for Immunology and Transplantation at the University of Florida College of Medicine. "But the environment she's trying to move this forward in is so much like kids in a sandbox, whipping sand around.
Avatar m tn That the negative EGG does not rule out very local forms of the disease. Thus treatment requires a good talk and a plan with helpful and good doctors. My daughter’s treatment was started based on my history and her symptoms by some excellent doctors and her life has been greatly improved as a result. An idea – start finding out if you have a family history of funny things that people have just shrugged off – visual problems, fits etc.
Avatar n tn As a general heuristic, if a person is young, of good weight or perhaps UNDERweight, and shows up with DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), they can be presumed to have Type 1. Diabetes has been known for hundreds of year. Many hundreds. Its name comes from Latin thru a Greek origin that meant "to walk with legs apart." Odd indeed, but it was documented then that some folks excreted excessive amounts of urine.
2644165 tn?1387247948 Autoimmunity can destroy cells in circulation or attack the hematopoietic stem cells in the marrow. There is such as thing as bone marrow biopsy, done with a local anesthetic bjt your counts aren't low enough to do that, I'd guess. But if cancer were found in the marrow then it would likely have originated in the neck nodes. What you say about biopsies is entirely correct. So if your main aim is to rule out lymphoma, then you should get the excisional biopsy.
Avatar f tn or not and because I have the PTSD, I have been rejected and dismissed quite often by doctors when I need real help. I also have type 2 diabetes. I have an A1C of 7. I do work out, albeit I am 60 pounds overweight. I do try to eat very healthily. So, here's the scoop: I have been having lots of sweating for a few months now. Hot and cold sweats. I get drenched. Now, for the last week or more, I have these severe chills. It feels like I have a high fever, but there is no fever at all.
1140722 tn?1266356279 INTRODUCING POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal) POSE is a type of restrictive surgery that reduces the stomach’s capacity through the use of a flexible tube that is inserted into the mouth to reach the stomach. Because POSE is an incision-free procedure, it offers several benefits including reduced risk of infection, shorter recovery periods, and no visible scarring.
Avatar n tn They identified some stem cells of male donor origin with four sex chromosomes typical of liver cells but not stem cells, indicating that the stem cells themselves physically had started to change and did not fuse with the liver cells. Finally, the team transplanted the stem cells into injured livers in female mice and studied the amount of conversion at two and seven days following the transplant.
Avatar f tn We did not do it with our DD and a friend of our did not do it with number 1 or 2. Their first born was diagnosed with leukemia at two years of age. The stems cells collected from their 3rd baby was used to treat it. We are definitely going to do it with our second.
1815007 tn?1318864162 At week 4 my viral load was undectable. In 2 days I will be done with my 12 week treatment. Hopefully I will remain undectable 12 weeks post treatment and will be hep c free so my liver will at least no longer be under the attack of the hep c virus.
233488 tn?1310696703 Retinal holes/tears are very common and depending on size, location, personal and family history and the presence or abscense of vitreous traction may not need treatment. If treatment is done additional tears or a retinal detachment could occur but it is much more likely to not occur. It is important for him to follow up regularly with his ophthalmologist for a dilated retina and peripheral retina exam.
Avatar n tn My husband was just diagnosed this past week with type 1 diabetes. He is active duty Army. We have already been made aware of the medical review board. My husband has an excellent record with no discipline problems. He is a mechanic with 13 years of service. He is 6 ft. and weights 160lbs. He always passes PT tests and has no problem with any physical activity at work. He is an E5. He wants to stay in the Army. Right now he takes a shot of insulin once a day.
1550149 tn?1340004330 it may also help explain why different autoimmune diseases tend to run in families. Other studies have the same SNP with type-1 diabetes and juvenile arthritis. Genetic variation increases risk of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus: Separate research found a SNP in a large segment of the STAT4 gene increases the risk of both rheumatoid arthritis and another autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus).
Avatar f tn If you have a prior heart attack, there may be heart cell damage and that impairs the contractility of the heart to pump adequately. Sometimes with treatment to increase the blood flow to damaged heart cells can revitalize the cells and improve the EF. That treatment can be a stent implant to widen the diameter of the vessel that may be causing some blockage to normal blood flow.
Avatar f tn The role of PPARg in cicatricial alopecia is supported in mice in which a targeted deletion of PPARg in follicular stem cells causes scarring alopecia. These findings suggested that treatment with PPARg agonists may provide a new upstream treatment strategy for patients with LPP and frontal fibrosing alopecia. Pioglitazone and rosiglitazone are glitazones and PPARg agonists that are FDAapproved and used widely to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus as well as atopic dermatitis.
Avatar n tn After 5 days of extreme pain from the treatment I awoke with numbness in the area. Since 2 months the area has gone from scarred numbness (where I could feel the scar from the inside out) to a general numbness in the skin. I can no longer feel anything in that area of my penis from the inside out. I can feel touch with no sensitivity or sensation. Strangely the skin healed really nicely and there doesn't appear to be a visible scar unless it is closely inspected.
Avatar m tn In a cross-sectional survey including 9841 persons, Mehta et al found that HCV-positive persons who were older than 40 years had an increased risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus higher than 3 times compared with persons without HCV-infection Insulin resistance is the main pathogenic factor in the development of steatosis in chronic hepatitis C, both viral insulin resistance and metabolic insulin resistance could be implied in the development of steatosis.