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Avatar n tn If you are type 2, the diabetes can often be very well managed with low carb diet and exercise (read Dr. Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes Solutions"). However, if your pancreas is not working then insulin or meds are the way to go, in addition to diet and exercise management.
798555 tn?1292791151 Prediabetes is usually seen as a precursor to type 2 type diabetes, which is not the autoimmune type. Type 2 diabetes, was known as adult onset type, has a strong genetic component and is often associated with insulin resistance. This forces the pancreas to work harder and eventually it can't produce enough insulin. Type 1 is autoimmune type. This happens when the insulin producing cells of the pancreas are attacked by antibodies which destroy them.
Avatar m tn After this study I would think anyone with either hep-c caused Diabetes or Diabetes from natural causes should avoid Tx at all costs. I mean really if treatment can cause Diabetes just think what the affect would be with someone who already has it.
Avatar m tn i have just been told i have hep c type 2, dont know for how long. doc wants to start treatment for 6 mo. he did ultrasound and everything looked fine, i have no symptoms and my enzymes are only slightly high. not sure about this tx it dont sound good.has anybody heard of this herbal? cure on hepatitesccure.net? or know of new drugs coming out that are better?
Avatar n tn Fasting Glucose - 100 1 Hour - 204 2 Hour - 181 3 Hour - 125 So now it's Diabetes, Hypothyroid and Fibromyalgia Any thoughts to be shared are appreciated. This is all new to me!
Avatar n tn I would like to know what folks think on this forum with regards to my treatment options, Should I go on medication for Diabetes or just treat the low T and control the diabetes with diet alone? I am only 38 and have very active life/marriage. What does the future look for me ? How long can I go on like this and will be recover the low T or will be on meds permanently? Thanks.
8526246 tn?1405605476 I have type 2 diabetes my whole pregnancy and my baby will be almost 9lbs if I make it to 39 weeks. I'm having a c-section but it's because of a previous c-section and a hernia operation I had, nothing to do with me having diabetes. If you have GD it will, no matter what, cause your baby to be bigger cause the extra insulin you create leaks through the placenta which causes baby's heart to thicken, which causes them to grow faster. Their body not their organs.
12773 tn?1328916786 I never had a problem with Thyroid before treatment.. was just overweight and had diabetes. type II, which with the loss of weight was corrected, but now its high again. and I never really changed my eating habits, still sugar free.. so I don't get it.. So we will see what the doc says when she calls next week. I know I will have to have an appt to discuss it. errrr. at least I got my copy of the labs, so I know what to expect. Its the SVR that I am ecstatic about.
1348686 tn?1310657843 In addition, it reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes (and metabolic syndrome). White tea contains a flavonoid called epigallocatechin gallate. This flavonoid has recently been shown to calm the brain and reduce anxiety. It works by activating the organ’s most protective system against anxiety the gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor. This aids sleep as well. White tea has a higher level of this flavonoid and much less fluoride than green tea.
1462810 tn?1327364049 A) They probably don't know about it, any more than they know what the full effects of the medications they prescribe, and B) Even if they know about the natural treatment, there's no possibility that they can get a financial kickback if you buy the natural treatment. Case in point, fresh raw garlic is a fabulous antibiotic. It stings at first, and it stinks, but it works amazingly well...
Avatar n tn And, about years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and perscribed 1- 10 mg tablet a day of Lipitor for treatment. I've since been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and prescribed 1 - 1000 mg tablet twice a day of Metformin for treatment. For the past several years, I've been focused on lossing weight with little results. The things that I'm doing routinely are: 1) reduced intake of processed carbs, 2) walk for 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week coulped with a 15 minute exercise.
Avatar n tn I have type 2 diabetes and i am having trouble regulating my sugar. It may be 150 nom and 250 afterwhile.( my fault ). I just ate 2 pears for breakfast but I would rather have had biscuits and gravy. My question is with the sugar content in the pears would I be better off eating my biscuits and gravy?
Avatar n tn She is 6 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 1 1/2 years ago. Just a month ago she started complaining about stomach pain around her belly button. She only complains when she's really in pain. She also loves school and have been missing a lot of school because of the pain. At first it started out happening about every few days then it got more and more and now it was happening constantly. She said that she was always in pain but at times it would hurt very badly.
Avatar n tn BACK to the original question - does marijuana affect type 1 diabetes? no. I've been type 1 diabetic for 9 years and between alcohol and marijuana, I will ALWAYS choose marijuana since alcohol lowers my blood sugar and sometimes leads to me having seizures.
Avatar n tn Hi Nadia: I took the liberty of copying some background information on Hulda Clark from Quackwatch.com so you can put her claims in a more proper, unbiased context. It's a bit lengthy, but very instructive: =========================================================== Hulda Regehr Clark, 72, claims to cure cancer, AIDS, and many other serious diseases.
Avatar m tn how about these supplements effect diabetes? i have type 2...and i'm worried about it interfering with it...
492869 tn?1285022533 When I have recieved IV I have felt literally 'great'. I have recently asked my cardio if I can have this as a form of treatment, but with no luck. He did say I can have it when things are really bad, soooo....when I am I just have to find the strength and the 'ability' to stand up to get there!!! I have heard LOTS of positive talk from Dysautonomia patients regarding this and wish that our doctors would seriously consider listing this as a 'standard' form of treatment.
Avatar n tn I knew for 8 years before I treated. I finally decided to go for treatment because 2 of 3 docs said I should--mostly based on my genotype (3a is easy, right????) and their belief that you really oughta get rid of this virus if possible. I have two kids (8 and 10)--and I couldn't risk dying on them. I didn't know about this board before I started treatment. With this board AND with my own personal experience at week 17/24, I wish I hadn't decided to do this.
Avatar m tn 1) Side Effects - most people probably do have subclinical side effects that they either do not notice (ie - slight flattening of psyche and shaving a point or two off of mental acuity) or do not attribute to INF combo therapy (ie - arthritic symptoms commencing and developing 2 months to one year post-end of treatment). 2) Beats the alternative -- Wait now, what is the alternative? Certain death from liver cancer or liver failure? That seems to be what you suggest.
15375805 tn?1441615985 type 1 and type 2. Type 2 is more prevalent globally and according to the World Health Organisation forms 90 percent of all diabetes cases. You are more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction if you have type 2 diabetes than if you have the type 1 version of the condition. Causes You may be left wondering why a condition caused by uncontrolled glucose levels can have such an impact on erection function.
Avatar m tn I think most doctors recommend antivirals because it has minimal side effects and easier to tolerate long term as opposed to Peg Interferon (some on the HepC forum referred to Interferon as doing hard time). Combo treatment is taking 2 antivirals to cross protect against resistance. It attacks the virus on 2 fronts to reduce it adaptive abilities. Important because you may may to take antivirals for the rest of your life. Always think of the long term.
Avatar n tn I smoke basically all the time (even in school) and i have type 1 diabetes. It's affected my motivation for school and my grades have fallen slightly but all in all its not changed my life. Ive been diabetic for 13 years (since i was 3) and i still went out and got absolutely steaming. For a while i was the one who was always sick, always a state and it was great. It didnt affect my diabetes. So then i discovered weed which i liked better, could control easier and had more fun with.
Avatar m tn I'm afraid she will get type 2 diabetes. What is the best way (and natural, of course) to treat gestational diabetes?
Avatar m tn Hi I am 21 yrs old an have type 2 an have not been taking my meds for months an have had diabetes for 3 yrs prob. But today I was suppose to have my period n didn't. I have had unprotected sex for the past 3 months n this is the first missed period, I think I may be preg. What shud I do?
Avatar f tn cervical spine), I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation Type 1 and syringomyelia. I recently (last week) requested follow up MRIs to see if any changes had occurred-- to see if my condition had worsened. Well, it turns out that my syrinx has basically doubled in size. My pressure headaches come and go and I can usually sleep them off. Other than headaches, I have not had any symptoms associated with syringomyelia-- muscle weakness, numbness, blurry vision, etc.
Avatar m tn Natural compound blocks hepatitis C infection Finding may lead to a new treatment "Researchers have identified two cellular proteins that are important factors in hepatitis C virus infection, a finding that may result in the approval of new and less toxic treatments for the disease, which can lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis.
146021 tn?1237208487 Types of Diabetes The three main types of diabetes are type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, formerly called juvenile diabetes, is usually first diagnosed in children, teenagers, or young adults. In this form of diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas no longer make insulin because the body's immune system has attacked and destroyed them. Type 2 diabetes, formerly called adult-onset diabetes, is the most common form.
Avatar n tn I am a (otherwise) healthy 27-year old female. About 2 years ago I was tested for hypothyroidism due to irregular menstrual cycle, fatigue, a little depression, weight gain (from 140 to 172lbs in 2 years - height 5'8 ). My Primary doctor at the time, saw my TSH level at 6.70 and did not think much of it. She said, no further tests were needed because I did not have a goiter. Although my menstrual cycle continued to be irregular, I thought it would 'self-regulate'. Silly me!
Avatar m tn I admit it has been difficult, but dealing with diabetes and heart disease is worse. I am seing first hand on my husband what type 2 diabetes can do, even though he is well controlled. He also has 3 stents and now a pacemaker. I am considerd overweight by 10 pounds. And yes, I have a belly. It's all in my belly, hips and thighs, and of course I am somewhat flabby.