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Avatar n tn And within 15 seconds, that pain from the needle was non existent.. The tooth did not hurt at all..Matter of fact, I had no further pain to deal with once my gums got over the minor swelling associated with the shots. Bottom line. If you go to an endodondist, this will be over in 45 minutes, all completed in one appointment, and at least in my case, I did not need any pain medication to deal with the after affects. Once he had completed the root canal, my pain was gone...
Avatar n tn Hi, I need some advise regarding my teeth. I had a root canal done on my tooth 19th maybe about 3 years ago. 2 years ago my gum swelled because of pus & infection therefore the dentist did another root canal to remove the infection. I found out last sep. that there's some infection underneath that same tooth again, but because of some complication with insurance i didn't do anything about it till now. This time there's no swelling or pain or any sort of discomfort.
Avatar f tn What kind of harm can a tooth infection do to an unborn baby? Also I am in SUCH PAIN! ***** getting teeth pulled wgile pregnant- no pain killers for this patient!
Avatar m tn caps fitted until my bridge was ready, once the bridge was fitted the sensitivity went off but I still could not chew with it, it always pained, after 4 months I underwent a course of Antibiotics (4 days Amoxycillin - no help) followed by (5 days Cipro 500mg + Metronidazole 500mg) and it seemed i could start biting with it, so obviously there was an infection but I could feel it was not 100%, still it was sensitive, the day i would do a lot of chewing with that tooth it pained later but this wa
Avatar n tn When the anaesthetic wore of I had the most excruciating pain in the tooth and jaw. I went to my dentists and told him about the pain and he game me amoxycillian 250mg for 5 days and took out filling, re cleaned the tooth and filled it. The pain continued after taking 5 antibiotics and 400mg ibuprofens. Went to A&E early hours of morning pain so bad. Went back to dentists he took out my tooth and said I did not need antibiotics anymore as infection if present will drain out.
Avatar m tn When tapping my abscessed tooth there was incredible pain but now when i tap this tooth the pain hardly changes. The gum tissue above my abscessed tooth was also very sensitive, dark pink, and began to develop a boil. There is no sign of that this time. Salt water relieved pain completely when i had my abscessed tooth but now salt water has no effect whatsoever. I went to the doctor and he believed it to be sinusitus and prescribed antibiotics and saline nose rinse.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you need an antibiotic, and even some vicoden or something. I'm sure being pregnant limits your options for pain control, and maybe even the antibotics. The doctor, or dentist who did the extraction should have given you antibiotics and pain medication if they were needed. I'd call whoever extracted your tooth and find out if pain medication and/or antibiotics are warranted.
Avatar n tn Hi there, for 3 weeks I've had a terrible tooth infection. The first few days I fobbed it off as I'm scared of the dentist but started to hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. So, went to dentist and she couldn't see anything wrong, even with the X-ray but put me on amoxicillin and arranged another appointment.
Avatar f tn I had a cleaning and when they were checking my filling in #3 there was apparently a crack and I received an infection. I was put on Amoxicillin and a root canal was performed on June 23, two days later an incision was made in the gum to clean out some of the infection, the next day a small hole was made in the upper gum to try and drain some of the infection. On July 1st I was sent to an oral surgeon who did a panoramic of my face and there was infection the size of a walnut up into my sinus.
Avatar n tn The swelling and infection was one week after the root canal was done. I did have a second visit to the endodontist after I started the antibiotics. The recommendation was to hold off on the crown repair for a week after getting off the antibiotics to determine if the symptoms would return. The maxillary pain has returned affecting my eye w/ headaches. Possible extraction was mentioned.
Avatar n tn i had top tooth out and wisdom 6 mths ago, amd still get pain in that area been back and too dentist and they say its anxcity and panic attacks fed up with ,,, had pain this weekend had an infection give me antibiotics for 3 days no pain ,, no feeling faint no headache wired hey ..
1386405 tn?1291587800 Probably a stupid ? but I went to the dr last week because I had a tooth infection they put me on Keflex 500mg take 3 on the first day and then 1 two times a day after for 9 days.
Avatar m tn How long after starting amoxicillin before the pain from a tooth infection goes away? I saw the dentist and started taking amoxicillin about 30 hours ago. I have a root canal scheduled a week from now. But the pain is as intense as it was prior to starting the treatment. I do have type II diabetes treated with diet and pills. I know this can prolong infections. But wow, I sure would like the pain to decrease. I'm taking vicodin and it still hurts! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I had that problem a few years back, I begged the dentist to remove an aching tooth but an x-ray revealed a pocket of infection compressing the nerves under the tooth.
Avatar f tn Antibiotics are safe and will bring down the swelling and pain till you can figure out what to do. my ob prescribe antibiotics and pain killers for my infected tooth. They did say it was a onetime thing on the pain killers...
Avatar f tn i have a really bad tooth infection, how do i know if it is in my blood stream and what are the effects it will have on me?
Avatar f tn So now I am on antibiotics to try and care for the tooth infection but at same time fighting inflammed thyroid and constant knee pain, I have been seeing doctors for it all for along time its none of it easy. Thanks for the help.
1678096 tn?1304539087 t go there either, but what I was beginning to say is that I had a broken tooth for a long time and discovered the infection that gets into the lymph system can wreak havoc on your health, you don't need to have an abcess to feel like crap with that. It can cause sore throats as your tonsils try to remove the infection, the lymph node activate and try to remove it and it spreads.
Avatar f tn Could i have a sinus infection with no pressure no previous head cold but i just have a constant toothache on my right upper jaw. i had a cat scan done said chronic mucoperiosteal thickening in the right maxilary sinus with a small amount of fluid. I see an ENT tommorrow but i want relief from this tooth ache very soon. should i go to him or another endodontist?
Avatar m tn I thought the endodontist did a very poor job). So now I'm on my 2nd day of 500 mg Penicillin QID, and I'm still having pain. I've been taking 600 mg Ibuprofen Q6HR alternating with 1000 mg Acetometophin Q6HR, which helps, but I was wondering: how long should I wait till I possibly suspect the antibiotic is not doing the job on the infection? Also, it was recommended that I have a redo of said root canal, which I agree with, that going to be a very difficult procedure?
Avatar n tn I had a root canal on #14 due to a dead nerve. No infection was found. The endodontist drilled thru a crown that was on the tooth. One week later the left side of my face started swelling, my eye reddened and was tearing. I was put on Clindomyacin for an infection----that was now seen on the x ray. The antibiotic worked great, swelling & pain went away. Now that I am off the antibiotic---the pain is returning, left maxillary, eye pain & head aches---no swelling at this time.
Avatar n tn Tooth pain is not always dental origin, although most dental pains do come from cavities and gum disease. Assuming there is no dental pathology identified by your dentist other than the offending tooth, the possible causes of thermeal sensitivy and aching are 1.occlusal trauma resulting from occlusal interference. 2. referred pain from myofascial trigger point pathology. 3. central nervous system dysfunction.
Avatar f tn Basically, I have a small spot on my gum that appears every day or so, bursts and then goes away again. There is no pain, no bad taste and no smell (and very little discharge). I went to the dentist a couple of times recently, and the first time she gave me a course of antibiotics, and the second time a deep scale and clean. She has x-rayed the tooth (it had a root canal years ago) and says that the root canal is intact, and that the infection is in a pocket between the tooth and the gum.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here and i need some advice. My tooth had an infection , my dentist opened it up to drain it but couldn't. So i was put on penicillin and i just finished it. After he opened it i waited a week to bite on it. when i did it hurt like hell. Then the pain went away. Now it's back with a vengeance. Sometimes it's ok like right now since i decided not to bite on it.
Avatar f tn Ive been having a bad toothache for a awhile the dentist prescribe me antiboticis for pain and the infection but I notice a ball on the side of my gums where I need the root canal.