Tooth infection without pain

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Avatar f tn Sounds like a tooth abcess, I had one of this this spring. Got a bump on the gum above the tooth. It can make the tooth hurt, but it doesn't have to. You need to go see a dentist, not good to have infections in the teeth. You need antibiotics and then a root canal with a crown. Very expensive, but the only chance to save the tooth.
Avatar n tn I will be going back to the US in 2 months, so until then i was wondering if there is any temporary treatment i can use to relieve the pain of the infection (maybe an Antibiotic? If so will that antibiotic prevent a reinfection for atleast 2 months?) Do you think i will have to have my root canaled tooth extracted when i go back to the US, since this is the second time an infection has happened in this tooth even after a retreat?
Avatar n tn Since then, this tooth has been hurting me, causing pain to radiate from my tooth to my jaw. It is sensitive - but not overly so - to cold and heat. I went to my dentist and he took an x-ray this week and saw no sign of decay or abscess. What could the problem be?
Avatar n tn Hi, I need some advise regarding my teeth. I had a root canal done on my tooth 19th maybe about 3 years ago. 2 years ago my gum swelled because of pus & infection therefore the dentist did another root canal to remove the infection. I found out last sep. that there's some infection underneath that same tooth again, but because of some complication with insurance i didn't do anything about it till now. This time there's no swelling or pain or any sort of discomfort.
Avatar n tn It is not unusual to have post op pain after RCT. I think the endodontist would have placed you on antibiotic therapy if he thought you needed it. It is important that after the treatment the tooth is taken out of occlusion so that you don't bite on it. If you close your mouth without any food and you feel the tooth then the tooth has to be adjusted.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you need an antibiotic, and even some vicoden or something. I'm sure being pregnant limits your options for pain control, and maybe even the antibotics. The doctor, or dentist who did the extraction should have given you antibiotics and pain medication if they were needed. I'd call whoever extracted your tooth and find out if pain medication and/or antibiotics are warranted.
Avatar f tn The next day after i had the crown i felt an throbing pain on the crowned tooth. I went to the doctor and he advised me of doing root canal. 2 days later he cleaned my canal and injected antibiotics in my canals. My question is that 1) In how many days abscess is going to heal? 2) why he didnt prescirbed me any antibiotics? 3) if the infection is healed can i put crown without doing root canal?
Avatar f tn What kind of harm can a tooth infection do to an unborn baby? Also I am in SUCH PAIN! ***** getting teeth pulled wgile pregnant- no pain killers for this patient!
Avatar f tn If the pain is from a small crack, the tooth may be in jeopardy with a poor prognosis and may need to be extracted. If the pain is from an infection from the tooth, the antibiotic should have helped in conjunction with the starting of the root canal. Does it hurt when you bite or is it all the time? The occlusion or bite may need to be cleared so you're not touching that tooth when your teeth come together. You should be able to get out of pain for your cesarian.
Avatar n tn Hi there, for 3 weeks I've had a terrible tooth infection. The first few days I fobbed it off as I'm scared of the dentist but started to hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. So, went to dentist and she couldn't see anything wrong, even with the X-ray but put me on amoxicillin and arranged another appointment.
Avatar m tn caps fitted until my bridge was ready, once the bridge was fitted the sensitivity went off but I still could not chew with it, it always pained, after 4 months I underwent a course of Antibiotics (4 days Amoxycillin - no help) followed by (5 days Cipro 500mg + Metronidazole 500mg) and it seemed i could start biting with it, so obviously there was an infection but I could feel it was not 100%, still it was sensitive, the day i would do a lot of chewing with that tooth it pained later but this wa
Avatar m tn How long after starting amoxicillin before the pain from a tooth infection goes away? I saw the dentist and started taking amoxicillin about 30 hours ago. I have a root canal scheduled a week from now. But the pain is as intense as it was prior to starting the treatment. I do have type II diabetes treated with diet and pills. I know this can prolong infections. But wow, I sure would like the pain to decrease. I'm taking vicodin and it still hurts! Thanks!
Avatar n tn are your wisdom teeth coming through,when my were coming through the root of the tooth was growing into my ear drum,giving me intense pain,i had an x ray and then had it removed in hospital
Avatar n tn About 10 days ago my right first lower molar started aching. This ache has pretty much subsided. It started after eathing 2 very sugary sweets almost instantaneously. 6 months prior, I had a very deep white filling put in, replacing one that was leaking and causing sensitivity. The current tooth in question has/had no sensitivity to bite or heat since the filling was put in. At present, my temperature feels raised as of a couple of days ago and my glands are up.
Avatar f tn i have a really bad tooth infection, how do i know if it is in my blood stream and what are the effects it will have on me?
Avatar m tn Root canal treatment also referred to endodontic treatment performed to repair the badly decayed tooth which has an infection.
Avatar f tn Your tooth is probably not causing your hand and elbow pain, but it's a very bad idea to prolong treatment of your tooth. Infection from your tooth enters your bloodstream and can adversely affect other areas of your body. Tooth infection is different from other infections. Antibiotics don't eliminate the infection, it just lowers it but it will return if the source of the problem is not treated. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn When the anaesthetic wore of I had the most excruciating pain in the tooth and jaw. I went to my dentists and told him about the pain and he game me amoxycillian 250mg for 5 days and took out filling, re cleaned the tooth and filled it. The pain continued after taking 5 antibiotics and 400mg ibuprofens. Went to A&E early hours of morning pain so bad. Went back to dentists he took out my tooth and said I did not need antibiotics anymore as infection if present will drain out.
Avatar m tn I thought the endodontist did a very poor job). So now I'm on my 2nd day of 500 mg Penicillin QID, and I'm still having pain. I've been taking 600 mg Ibuprofen Q6HR alternating with 1000 mg Acetometophin Q6HR, which helps, but I was wondering: how long should I wait till I possibly suspect the antibiotic is not doing the job on the infection? Also, it was recommended that I have a redo of said root canal, which I agree with, that going to be a very difficult procedure?
623537 tn?1243564908 This is done so that they can proceed with doing whatever is necessary to the tooth without having the infection spread or in the way. I think with you having the two problems, I would see your doctor and/or dentist. For a tooth to hurt, it has to either have a cavity or be infected, and either way it needs to be fixed, probably with a root canal. I'm not even sure you have lymph nodes on the back of your head. Best to error on the cautious side, at all times.
Avatar n tn Internal ear infection, fluid in ear (went in during swimming or during a shower bath or due to infection), or impacted wax can be a problem. TMJ and infection of tooth, exposed nerve endings of tooth can be a problem. Infection in the eye, glaucoma, near and far sightedness and sinusitis are the other causes. It is difficult to diagnose the cause without examination. You will have to consult your PCP when your cards come in and maybe need a referral to an ENT, eye specialist and a dentist.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here and i need some advice. My tooth had an infection , my dentist opened it up to drain it but couldn't. So i was put on penicillin and i just finished it. After he opened it i waited a week to bite on it. when i did it hurt like hell. Then the pain went away. Now it's back with a vengeance. Sometimes it's ok like right now since i decided not to bite on it.
Avatar f tn Ive been having a bad toothache for a awhile the dentist prescribe me antiboticis for pain and the infection but I notice a ball on the side of my gums where I need the root canal.
Avatar n tn I grind while sleeping and have broke a ton of teeth that way! But the pain I get from grinding all night is a lot different from infection or root pain. A simple mouth guard would fix that if it was your problem. Your situation could really be either one, I know not so helpful lol. You had a break so bacteria could be in there. Ive have broken teeth with infection that the pain would subside and come back as my body fought the infection.