Tooth infection causing neck pain

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Avatar n tn I just had an abscessed tooth pulled -- my fourth in fact -- and I always felt pain in the area right below my ear when I had an abscessed tooth, whether on the top or bottom. I also had some pain in my neck (on the side) about that time and so I assume it was from an abscessed tooth as well.
727650 tn?1231287999 I have a had a MRI done on my neck they said my spine has a little curve to it that believed was causing my head and neck pain on the right side but with my tongue doing this I just wanted to know if anyone knew what may be going on? I do have a dentist appointment in a month. Any answer would be so much help!
Avatar n tn You need to run a test for moniliasis to rule this out. It could also be due to caries in tooth, abscess in gums, pyorrhea, abscess in cheek, or infection of internal ear. It could also be due to osteomyelitis of the jaw bone or due to involvement of temporomandibular joint. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. You would need to consult a dentist and an ENT specialist for this. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn s been having a reoccurring pain/swelling around the neck/jaw area (right hand side - around wisdom tooth but its not that). Sharp kind of pain that suddenly appears and is similar to nerves being trapped more or less. We have seen dentist, doctors and done x-rays, ultra sounds and so on but everything appears to be fine. It calms down with antibiotics but its no cure... Do you have any advice what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn I have an impacted wisdom tooth on lower right side and a slight gum infection according to my doctor. I recently noticed my cheek is swollen and my neck. My ear hurts occasionally and last week I actually got sick and my throat hurt very bad. I also noticed a lymph node on my trapezius muscle between my ear and my shoulder. Can my wisdom tooth be causing all this? Please help I am very stressed about this. I am a hypochondriac so that doesn't help. Going to dentist tomorrow to see.
Avatar n tn When I saw the oral surgeon he took a full mouth xray and found the infection in my jaw. I was told by the oral surgeon that the tooth I just had the root canal on should be pulled. I then went back to the dentist and had the tooth pulled and he prepped me for a bridge. I now have a temporary bridge over the extraction. The swelling in my face and neck has gotten worse so I went back to the dentist yesterday and was told it might be the tooth in front of the tooth they just extracted!!!
Avatar f tn Your tooth is probably not causing your hand and elbow pain, but it's a very bad idea to prolong treatment of your tooth. Infection from your tooth enters your bloodstream and can adversely affect other areas of your body. Tooth infection is different from other infections. Antibiotics don't eliminate the infection, it just lowers it but it will return if the source of the problem is not treated. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn Hi I have large extremely painful abscess causing severe pain and swelling in gum, jawbone and neck. This is from a tooth diagnosed with internal root asorption. I've been taking anitbiotics for 5 days with no relief. I'm scheduled to see new specialist in 5 days, the first available appointment so I'm officially under nobody's care. Is this a dangerous situation and do I need to do something ASAP instead of waiting for my appointment?
677314 tn?1226288142 For a few times now, i have been getting a bad pain going up the right side of my neck & into my head. Tonight, my right temple was throbbing & felt like a little pulse in there also. Its scaring me because of the unknown.What could it be?
Avatar f tn I was looking for info for my husband and saw your post. It reminded me of the same problem I had many years ago. I went to a doctor, had a CT scan of my sinuses done which showed nothing and the Doc couldn't explain it. A friend at work told me it sounded like facial neuralgia. I don't know how painful yours is but mine was debilitating. I suffered through, took some pain pills and it finally went away. My doctor also suggest that it may be a problem with a tooth.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my neck, seems like the glands for over 3 weeks now.... lately I've noticed my breasts are very tender and also under my arms. Lab tests were done and we are also waiting on results of a thyroid ultrasound and xrays. Labs seem normal. Any idea what could be causing these issues...
Avatar n tn This has got to be fixed as soon as possible, because the tenderness that is in your face and neck is pus collecting from an infection of the tooth, and the coming and going of pain, plus the reaction to cold, is the sign of a damaged nerve. You do not want this infection to keep going, because an abscess can form and break thru your skin and can also make you really sick.
Avatar m tn Yes, its the infection spreading in the cheek area, pinching the muscles and causing a problem with the movement of the jaw. How many day of antibiotics has it been now? One finger is quite narrow. How's the swallowing and breathing?
Avatar f tn My worry is that I either dont have bacterial sinusitis and something is stuck in my sinus above the extraction site causing infection, or I do have bacterial sinusitis but its not being treated properly or needs more antibiotics. I'm alarmed by the burning headaches and neck pain which painkillers don't ease. Do antibiotics for sinusitis make you feel worse at first?
6780421 tn?1384730327 t think my tooth was causing this issue because I actually had no pain in the tooth, but the gum around the tooth was killing me. I finally got into see a perodontist and I definitely need a root canal. He said that this is actually common to get vertigo symptoms. The infection is severe so I am on penicillin for a couple of days then I get my root canal!! Again I have no pain just feel slight pressure on tooth and the gum isn't as sore anymore.
Avatar f tn Neck lymph nodes can be the result of tonsillitis, pharyngitis (infection of upper throat), infection in mouth, caries in tooth, internal ear infection, outer ear infection, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, breast cancer, fungal infection, other cancers like lymphoma etc. If you had flu like symptoms initially then it could be due to infectious mononucleosis too. A CT would give a clear picture of what the swelling is—a lymph node, a cyst or a neurofibroma or lipoma. Take care!
Avatar f tn and sure enough, I have an impacted wisdom tooth!!! Undoubtedly, this was infected several months ago, causing infection to get into my sinus cavities. It must have been really messing with the trigeminal nerve. Sounds like you didn't have the sinus pressure, so your problem may not at all be of a dental origin. But I thought I'd mention the very surprising root cause of my problem, in the off-chance yours might be similar. If not, I hope you find an answer... Best of luck!
1842266 tn?1318860459 2 of my teeth are broken to the gum and one is just the shell of the tooth nothing inside and half broken. I dont have swelling or bleeding gums , I dont have pain just broken decaying teeth.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago I had a tooth implant (bottom wisdom tooth plus adjacent tooth). The swelling of the gum next to the implant extended to the next 2 bottom teeth. IV antibiotics were given plus antibiotic tablets with little effect to reduce the swelling. The pain was mainly at the ear, the joining teeth and the back of my head. Then I started having swelling of the lymph node near the jaw with pain/discomfort spreading to the lower part of the neck (the side of the implant) and shoulder bone.
Avatar m tn It all started on Monday when I started getting headaches and feeling dizzy. At the same time, I noticed the gum around my top left wisdom tooth started to swell. It hurt a bit, but not much. It kept swelling and I felt a bad taste coming from there, so on Wednesday I go see a dentist. I arrive at the office, get an x-ray, dentist looks at my tooth and says I have an abscess and it seemed to have been there for quite some time already.
Avatar n tn I had vertigo 15 years ago due to a virus in my sinus and it cleared up after 2 weeks. This time I got it for no reason (no virus) and'I've had vertigo symptoms for almost 8 weeks. The vertigo spinning was bad at first and I guess I ruptured my ear drum due to a lot of fluid but most symptoms have subsided except for when I lay down flat on my back and if I look up for a long time.
Avatar n tn Stay on the antibiotics and see an oral surgeon asap.There is an infection but it is very rare that it will cause a brain abscess but the infection can not be ignored.