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Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. I certainly think seeing an ENT is a good idea. Infected tooth roots from the upper teeth can go inside the maxillary sinus and cause sinusitis. The swelling could be due to this infection or due to the lymph nodes. He might need a CT of the sinuses for more information. However, if he does have an infected tooth, he will still need to have this addressed as dental infections can be potentially life-threatening. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Your descriptions suggest the presence of infection. Seeing a dentist is advised.
Avatar m tn I was thinking that it was about my sinus the after a day i felt not so well. I had a fever and then i started to notice that swollen part of my face and the i thought something about my tooth that its just a pus. So i took AMOX for like 3 days now and my face is getting small now and then i noticed that theres a bump inside, under my nose part. Im quite a bit worried about it because its kind of a bit painful when i touch it. can anyone tell me what this could be?
Avatar m tn my lower left jaw became swollen and numb after a tooth infection. three day ago.
Avatar n tn Im concerned that i may have an infection where my tooth was removed on the right side. I just need an honest opinon about it.
Avatar f tn You will need a root canal if the tooth is restorable or an extraction. Don't put off seeing a dentist for too long. The infection from your tooth can enter your blood stream and adversely effect other parts of your body.
Avatar f tn Hey tommygirl834. Welcome to the forum. Is the right side of your face swollen? Any other symptoms perhaps, like pain or tingling? A tooth abscess or other dental issue may cause it. (Dentist) If not, check for common food allergies. They can affect either side. I used to react to eggplant in the past, and it always affected my right side. Keep an eye out for peanuts and other nuts, shellfish, wheat,eggs,dairy,soy, as they are more common than other foods.
1211396 tn?1266113119 the whole right side of my face is still kinda swollen but not as bad. yet i still have the infection. the bubble is diffrent as it seems because its likes its not wanting to pop. i sterized a needle and tried popping it. till i realized the needle would not go through the abcess(bump). thats when its started hurting from irritation. so basicaly i am now sitting here about 4-5 days later. i am taking cylhmidicilin or however its spelled.
Avatar m tn Cheek is a little swollen along with my gland. However I have been having some numbness/tightness on face on the same side. Is this because of the abcess/infection. My surgeon said yes to the gland area but the numbness doesn't have anything to do with it. Does anyone else have any input that might help me. This is tooth 31. Will this cause numbness/tingling feeling on my right side of my face. Thank you for any input.
Avatar f tn My mother has a painful tooth infection; the side of her face is swollen. She doesn't have insurance and currently can't afford medical assistance. She has been aiding herself using remedies such as garlic for cleansing, I believe, and to potentially get rid of it, hopefully. Is there anything else she could do to cure this tooth infection?
Avatar n tn I noticed my dogs face near her cheek is swollen and her neck on the same side is also swollen, its soft in her neck not hard. It wasnt a gradual growth i just notices it last night. Shes acting completly normal shell let me touch it. She does have bad teeth but my vet has never been able to check her mouth for as long as ive had her. I adopted her and she not very nice with other people (we have to muzzle her and sedate her prior to going to the vet). Any ideas of what could be causing this?
1336491 tn?1340623141 My GP hadn't seen anything like it before, he pushed his thumbs into my face trying to find the tooth or nasal issue to explain my swollen face. He could of hit me with a hammer and i wouldn't of felt anything, lol its looks really odd and feels horrid.
Avatar f tn Saw my doctor on Wednesday and he said it sounded like anxiety. Dentist on Thursday, said I had a tooth infection. Freaked out, bc I know that this can spread to your brain. I've had a stye and a sinus infection, so now I'm convinced that it's spreading to my brain. My doctor said it's unlikely, so did the dentist. I'm taking an antibiotic and will be getting the infected tooth out next week. Possibly all 4... It's a top molar that's infected.
Avatar m tn Parents finally took me to the dentist. Did some tests determined had some sort of infection in the tooth. They did a root canal and the guy cleaned out the inside of the tooth the best he could with antibiotics they said. After that they gave me some more antibiotics to take for about a week or a little more after. Majority of swelling went down. Even after all that and now years later I'm trying to figure out if I still have swelling in my right side from this infection.
Avatar n tn after years of complaining about infection in my upper jaw and many tooth extractions later I still have problems. After the last tooth was extracted I became sicker than I felt before. The small pieces of pus that I had occaisionally experienced was now coming almost weekly from the back of my throat. My whole face feels swollen as well as my neck and between my shoulder blades. I have a cough that won't quit . I smell and taste a bad odor almost continually.
Avatar n tn last week i developed an abcsess in my tooth. my cheek became very swollen. the doctor said the infection from the abscess had passed from my tooth into my cheek. they put me on keeflex. within 24 hours about 60% of the swelling in my cheek had subsided. i am now on day 6 of a 10 days worth of the keeflex.
Avatar f tn my heart is pinching and my bones hurt badly now can a decay under the crown no tooth left to hold pin have a right swollen face and numbness can be caused by the decay that is under a crown that been there 10 years?
Avatar m tn But, by Sunday night when she arrived at school, her face had swollen up and she was having puss drain from her gum. She called her oral surgeon this morning. He prescribed penicillin (the same antibiotic she was given for the tooth extraction). He also wanted her to go to an oral surgeon out by her college so that he could have it flushed out. She doesn't want to go because the surgeon is an hour away. Do you think that the penicillin alone can take care of this infection?
Avatar n tn my nasal/ear passages have been swollen lately as well. When exposed to cold air it caused pain from my front tooth through my sinuses to my head. Dentist told me it was sinus infection & to see doc. Doc said sinusitus & gave antibiotics again. I went to an ENT who says everything looks "fine" in my sinuses so far (waiting for insurance to ok a CAT scan).After antibiotics I found that there was still pain in my upper molars.
Avatar n tn My aunt has problems with vertigo although its been a few years, recently she had an infected tooth and her face had swollen up pretty bad. The infection caused an imbalance in her inner ear fluid and caused her to actually pass out while driving her car. Luckily no one was hurt but the ER doctor did say this could aggravate vertigo.
Avatar n tn I have an appointment with the dentist next wednesday, which seems like forever away! I'm in so much pain and my entire face is swollen. Does anyone have amy suggestions about anything else I can do or try to help? I have never experienced anything like this in my life.
480448 tn?1426952138 My male kitty, Caesar presented this morning with the left side of his face (mostly his neck) all swollen. He's acting odd too, kind of lethargic, not active and playful like he normally is. He lets me touch the area, and doesn't appear to be in any obvious pain. He didn't come at feeding time, so I gave him canned food instead of the dry, which he did eat (slowly and gingerly). Refused the dry food all together, when normally, he's a ravenous eater. He's using the litter box normally.
Avatar m tn I went to the dentist a week ago and he said i have a tooth infection on my right top tooth and days later i was in severe pain, gums swollen and tender, right side of my face was swollen and my right lymph node is swollen and hurting. is this the sign of a tooth abscess?
Avatar f tn my tooth on the left side of my face cracked it is the 3rd one in now my check is really hard and it hurts really badly and my check is also very infected. what should i do does anyone know what could be wrong.
Avatar n tn I know that if you use antibiotic too much your body can build up a resistance to them and not work properly. She does not have health insurance and right now her face is severly swollen. she has said everytime she goes to the hospital (3x) all they do is give her antibiotics and send her home. She really need some help. Does anyone know of a place that will take someone without dental insurance in Lake County, IL.
Avatar n tn Good luck - ps I am sitting here with one on my face the size of a quarter.. eye swollen shut. 4th one on my face this year.
Avatar n tn well it filled up in less than 8 hours and my whole face was swollen and all of the sudden it burst through the completely healed spot where my tooth had been??? (this was Sunday) I plan on going in to see the dentist tomorrow and see what I need to do about this but in the mean time has anyone ever heard of this happening?