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Avatar f tn m am ANTI antibiotics.....but when I was 13 weeks pregnant I got a really bad Infection from a broken wisdom tooth and had to take them to kill infection before having it pulled. I'm now 38weeks and my Daughter is fine, although I was Leary. An infection in way more detrimental then The antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Hi there, for 3 weeks I've had a terrible tooth infection. The first few days I fobbed it off as I'm scared of the dentist but started to hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. So, went to dentist and she couldn't see anything wrong, even with the X-ray but put me on amoxicillin and arranged another appointment.
Avatar m tn caps fitted until my bridge was ready, once the bridge was fitted the sensitivity went off but I still could not chew with it, it always pained, after 4 months I underwent a course of Antibiotics (4 days Amoxycillin - no help) followed by (5 days Cipro 500mg + Metronidazole 500mg) and it seemed i could start biting with it, so obviously there was an infection but I could feel it was not 100%, still it was sensitive, the day i would do a lot of chewing with that tooth it pained later but this wa
3134702 tn?1342642293 Started 1 week of penicillin after weekend of light tooth pain. The cheek & lip became numb when I began the antibiotics.Changed to another antibiotic because the cheek and lip numbness continued After 1 week my dentist performed root canal and the tooth is doing well, but the lip and cheek numbness continues three days after procedure. My antibiotics end today and the office is closed. My question is, do I need more antibiotics? How long does it take for the numbness to go away?
Avatar m tn I have a tooth abcess and my dental appointment is on the jan 3rd i have been on antibioticd for at least 7 days. Apperently before a tooth surgery u need to clear the infection first. Well two days ago i developed a sore throat prolly from a sick fam member. My qustion is this.... Will the antibiotics make my throat worse?
Avatar f tn Hi I have large extremely painful abscess causing severe pain and swelling in gum, jawbone and neck. This is from a tooth diagnosed with internal root asorption. I've been taking anitbiotics for 5 days with no relief. I'm scheduled to see new specialist in 5 days, the first available appointment so I'm officially under nobody's care. Is this a dangerous situation and do I need to do something ASAP instead of waiting for my appointment?
Avatar m tn He identified the issue as a tooth infection and scheduled a root canal for after the infection is cured. I had no swelling at the time. The pain lessened but was still noticeable since beginning the antibiotic (amoxicillin). This morning I woke up with the pain mostly gone from the tooth; however, my jaw is now swollen with what feels like a hard lump and is sensitive to being touched. I am traveling for work and was wondering if I should seek emergency help.
Avatar f tn She has x-rayed the tooth (it had a root canal years ago) and says that the root canal is intact, and that the infection is in a pocket between the tooth and the gum. She advised increased dental hygiene in order to shift the infection, and said that there was nothing else she could do beyond extracting the tooth. Since then I have been beyond meticulous in trying to keep my teeth clean.
Avatar m tn The antibiotics should ideally contain the infection until your insurance starts and you can get treatment. It may not be a bad idea to switch your prescription in case it not working. Is the swelling significant? Or is it smaller like a pimple?
Avatar f tn Antibiotics are probably the least of your concerns as far as meds go while pregnant. Ive had uti's while pregnant...antibiotics took care of it. I had a bad tooth infection and had to take IV antibiotics as well as pills. I can't just take any antibiotic. Because I'm allergic to penicillin anything related to it or derived from it. If it ends in cillin.... its a no no for me so I have had to have some pretty funky antibiotics during all 3 of my pregnancies. .
Avatar f tn I’ve had a horrible taste coming from the tooth all day... is this the infection draining or is it the tooth pulp dying? Or both? My question here is it safe that I’m swallowing it? I assume it’s better than it being trapped but I’m still freaked out and now scared of sepcis. When will the antibiotics work? When should I go too the ER or call the dentist again? Am I being Overly dramatic and just need to let the antibiotics work and relax? Probably right?
Avatar f tn say it was abcessed and needed a root canal, the antibiotics will only take the pain and infection away for a while but until the tooth is fixed youll have continuting issues. Ive never heard of numbness like that? sounds like nerve issues? like I said call you dds pronto and tell them what happened and they might send you to a specialist.
808815 tn?1254301881 hi thanks for your help, my pharmacist changed it yesterday to penicillan i had taken 2 days worth both nights i had nightmares was horrible just to be on the safe side they changed it im on methotrexate so they have to watch what they give me i have been advised to miss my methotrexate this week until the infections away i have had a time of it with my mouth went to dentist emergency appointment wed last week my dentist was off so had to see someone else she started root treatment on my tooth s
Avatar n tn i have been on antibiotics for 5 days for a tooth infection. The lower part of my jaw and my neck in the last 2 days have become extremely swollen and i am having a hard time swallowing. I have an appt on thursday for surgery but it seems the infection is getting worse. Should I go to the hospital?
Avatar f tn i have a really bad tooth infection, how do i know if it is in my blood stream and what are the effects it will have on me?
Avatar n tn E early hours of morning pain so bad. Went back to dentists he took out my tooth and said I did not need antibiotics anymore as infection if present will drain out. I have a swelling on left side on jaw, pain is serious had no proper sleep for 4 days now, pain is in jaw and now in my head and underneath my left earlobe is excruciating. I contacted emergency dental hospital yesterday and left message on answering machine yesterday for advise but no reply as yet.
Avatar m tn my lower left jaw became swollen and numb after a tooth infection. three day ago.
Avatar f tn how long should I wait before having the tooth extracted? will the extraction speed up recovery from the infection?
Avatar f tn A month later, I was in severe pain, quite suddenly. I then was told there was an infection and a 7 day course of antibiotics would do the trick. It is now 9 days since taken antibiotics and although I was feeling a little better, I am in agony all over again. My dentist confirmed 2 weeks ago, the tooth was not damaged or chipped. I really do not want my tooth extracted. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I was not given antibiotics until yesterday. When I went to see the oral surgeon yesterday she said that the tooth was infected and that if it was not better in 24 hours with the antibiotics that she would numb it back up and cut a hole and let it drain. My glands in my neck are stiff and swollen and my left ear aches. Is this normal procedure?
Avatar f tn Sounds like a tooth abcess, I had one of this this spring. Got a bump on the gum above the tooth. It can make the tooth hurt, but it doesn't have to. You need to go see a dentist, not good to have infections in the teeth. You need antibiotics and then a root canal with a crown. Very expensive, but the only chance to save the tooth.
Avatar n tn And was told the fractured tooth could be crowned but the adjacent molar showed signs of root infection, I had a root canal and crown done on the infected tooth about two years ago. My dentist is telling me that it will have to be extracted. Is there any alternative to extraction such as antibiotics?
Avatar n tn The antibiotics were used to reduce the extent of infection but once the tooth is out, the antibiotics and your immune system should be able clear the infection.
Avatar n tn I had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted 2 weeks ago, and since last night Ive had trouble swollowing and there is pus in the socket. What should I do?
317787 tn?1473358451 Hey there, I have an abscessed tooth, have been on clindamycin/cleocin for 7 days now, today I have to get the tooth pulled. I can see the infection is still draining. I was wondering if anyone knows what would be the safest antibiotic for me to take, considering that I have cirrhosis. I would appreciate any advice. I had asked for anything in the penicillin family however the doctor gave me the above instead.
Avatar m tn I thought the endodontist did a very poor job). So now I'm on my 2nd day of 500 mg Penicillin QID, and I'm still having pain. I've been taking 600 mg Ibuprofen Q6HR alternating with 1000 mg Acetometophin Q6HR, which helps, but I was wondering: how long should I wait till I possibly suspect the antibiotic is not doing the job on the infection? Also, it was recommended that I have a redo of said root canal, which I agree with, that going to be a very difficult procedure?