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Avatar m tn The nostrils are dry and i get a pain in the nose that I can feel in my front teeth. It feels like a small tooth ache. Went to the dentist and endontist and it is not tooth related. I posted earlier that I thought this might be an infection but after two visits to the ENT there does not seem to be one unless it is the larger septum which he said looks a little bigger but not infected. I am now using coconut oil, steam and some water with salt. Can I expect relief?
Avatar n tn My question is that ever since I have quit smoking and had my wisdom tooth taken out, I've noticed soreness in my upper back area, and on the lower mollars there is blackening around my crowns. My mouth has a bad taste and odor to it as well. I've been using an electric tooth brush, and floss alone with listerine. Do I need to make another dentist apt. or is there something I can do to get rid of the blackness and odor?
Avatar n tn Hi there, for 3 weeks I've had a terrible tooth infection. The first few days I fobbed it off as I'm scared of the dentist but started to hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. So, went to dentist and she couldn't see anything wrong, even with the X-ray but put me on amoxicillin and arranged another appointment.
Avatar f tn Hello I don't have any answer for you but I can sympathize with your pain. I'm currently suffering from a bad tooth. I'm trying to get mine taken out. I'm seeing the third dentist this week. Reading your post has made me more determined than ever. Good luck. I hope you will post to let us know what you decide to do. And when your'e feeling better, let us know what worked.
Avatar f tn He already had bad teeth, but lately his breath has become almost unbearable and when I try to look into his mouth he snaps at me. I now he has one bad tooth and sometimes his jaw looks swollen. Would it be humane to get his tooth pulled or just see if they can give him meds for the infection?
Avatar f tn I have bad tooth pain and my dentist said it's from a sinus infection. So I got on an antibiotic. I'm just waiting for it to be gone completely. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Periapical infection associated with root canaled tooth generally results from incomplete canal debridement or oburation, or root fracture.Elimination of the infection can be achieved through, redo root canal, periapical surgery with retrograde filling, root amputation(multirooted tooth), or extraction with thorough curettage of socket.Seeing an endodontist is advised.
Avatar n tn There is no corrosive leakage. I also doubt that it is a yeast infection. It might be that you are irritating your tongue from the broken filling. The sooner you can get the toth fixed the less expensive it will be in the long run and at the same time you should have your tongue checked out.
Avatar f tn 08 in late march it felt lose and have a puss filled bump on the outside of the root canaled tooth and had a smell I could smell an odor called my dentist and put me on antibotics and went to see him a couple days later he cut the bridge off and the infection came ousing out cleaned it and put a temparay bridge on till could get my new permenant bridge that took 3 wks in the mean time the temparay bridge I could feel lateral movement let him know that i just got my permenant bridge put on yeste
Avatar m tn For a couple of days the gum surrounding the tooth was swollen and painful to the touch, the swelling and pain went away, but it has been replaced by a rotten taste coming from the tooth that has been there for the past week. The taste has become milder but it's still there, the tooth itself is painless. I've been rinsing my mouth with vodka every night before bed to try to kill any bacteria that might be there.
Avatar f tn i have a really bad tooth infection, how do i know if it is in my blood stream and what are the effects it will have on me?
779797 tn?1263618235 It's unlikely that your presentation are caused by a non-painful cavity.
Avatar f tn So I have a really bad tooth infection on my left top and bottom teeth... I was given straight Tylenol but I am out and a family member of mine has ibprohan 400 and Tylenol w codine I need something but I'm not sure what to take...pleaze help!!!!
Avatar n tn In 2006 I had a root canal & crown done on last molar & then 9 monts later woke up swollen & puss came out of gum. The dentist xrayed & said everything looked good & it happened because the tooth sat to high & I gring my teeth & the pressure brused the bone & caused infection. Now again last week the same thing except now I also have a white bumpy looking thing on the opening of throat on the same side as the molar. I'm sure that's from the infection.
Avatar f tn I’ve had a horrible taste coming from the tooth all day... is this the infection draining or is it the tooth pulp dying? Or both? My question here is it safe that I’m swallowing it? I assume it’s better than it being trapped but I’m still freaked out and now scared of sepcis. When will the antibiotics work? When should I go too the ER or call the dentist again? Am I being Overly dramatic and just need to let the antibiotics work and relax? Probably right?
Avatar n tn If the tooth is not severely mobile, the chance of losing tooth is minimal.
Avatar n tn I waited to long and a got a real bad infection in my throat. You think you are in discomfort now! I was told it can also affect your heart. Infections are real bad in that area and can cause a lot of problems. I was always had a "run down" feeling, up at night, enlarged glands in the throat and very hard to eat. It's not worth prolonging it, it just gets worse. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Am pregnant and my tooth was extracted and now I have a infected gums and hurts bad what can I take for infection and pain
Avatar f tn Sounds like a tooth abcess, I had one of this this spring. Got a bump on the gum above the tooth. It can make the tooth hurt, but it doesn't have to. You need to go see a dentist, not good to have infections in the teeth. You need antibiotics and then a root canal with a crown. Very expensive, but the only chance to save the tooth.
Avatar f tn He said I have a whole in my tooth and it will cause very bad infection if I do. I am in tears and the pain is getting worse. What do I do? I do not want to take any pain pills and I will not take any.
1806721 tn?1554333407 m still feeling very weak and sweaty with horrible headaches and constant tooth/jaw pain. Is it possible to get a fever/headache from a tooth infection? Or is the fever just an isolated viral infection? Do I need to be checked by my doctor or dentist?
Avatar m tn It is possible that there is a slight infection in the root left from having that particular tooth pulled. I would suggest putting about a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing for about a minute - spit, then rinse before putting your partial back in there. Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic and it could solve your problem. I would be interested to know if it helps you. Wishing you the best. P.S. Drinking the coconut oil won't hurt you...
Avatar m tn I had 20 teeth pulled an go back in a week to get the rest of my teeth pulled, the thing is ive been having a headache every since they also pulled a wisdom tooth all on the right side, why would I be having these really bad headaches?