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Avatar n tn i would not have the tooth restored until there is no evidene of infection whatsoever. see your dentist or n endodontist about the drainage.
Avatar n tn It could have been aggravated by a dental infection . Since sometimes the roots of teeth are very close or inside the sinus , periapical infection of the tooth may cause pus formation in the sinus . If the pus doesn’t come out through the tooth canals , it is likely that discharge will be through the nose . Please consult your dentist and ENT surgeon for examination and diagnosis. Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar f tn This can cause a Foul-smelling or tasting postnasal drip based on the severity of infection. Stasis and infection of the sinus cavities, and the resultant drainage into the nose and throat causes the bad smell and taste. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I had a severe toothache went to dentist and put on an antibiotic one week later wisdom tooth extracted pain still persists, drainage, foul taste and smell, upset stomach, pain in jaw and ear and sore throat. Spoke to the dentist and was instructed to continue antibiotic and salt water rinses. I finished the antibiotic and all symptoms still present is this normal and should I be doing something else. I am nervous that I should be taking more antibiotics or doing something else.
Avatar n tn If there is a tooth root abscess it is very wise to have the affected tooth extracted. Although the tooth itself may appear to be healthy the root is already compromised. Once you treat the current Abscess with antibiotic's another abscess will probably return unless a curative treatment, such as a root canal is performed. Root canal's are rarely performed in pets since the procedure is more complex than an extraction, and therefore much more costly.
Avatar n tn I had same thing, & had root canal yesterday. The infection is out of too t h, but still in sinus & upper inside of cheek, very painful. How will infection get out of my system without drainage? I've read, they can be very dangerous. Please help!
Avatar n tn I have a root canal scheduled for a month from now, since the infection apparently needs to lessen before they can fix the tooth. Any suggestions on how to make the pain stop? or at least be more bearable? Should I get a second opinion?
Avatar n tn It seemed ok but about 2 months ago a small hole appeared on the gum in front of this teeth which sporadically leaks pus and the tooth feels sore now and then (with varying intesity of pain). My dentist has prescribed 2 courses of amoxicillin now but this has not fixed the problem. Any advice on what I should do now? I don't want to have the tooth out as it is a front bottom one.
Avatar n tn My asthma/allergy doc tapped on my face and I had severe pain and he saw drainage indicative of a sinus infection and saw that I have a deviated septum. This was a month ago and it was complete news to me. He wanted to do a head CT but first we tried Nasacort and doing a sinus rinse daily to see if that would help. It has not so I'm going back tomorrow.
1839466 tn?1432593084 ve also seen my dentist who started a root canal on the tooth but just drilled a whole, did some drainage, not all, and left a sponge in it so it can fully drain. I'm supposed to go back next week to complete the full root canal. Anyway, the swelling has dropped a lot BUT I still have a hard knot of pus(I'm guessing) in my cheek. Should I ask if this can be drained? Its really painful and annoying. It feels like rocks in my face.
Avatar f tn I had my third molar removed through emergency dental surgery two days ago, thankfully. My jaw swoll up to the size of a grapefruit going down my throat and into my ear with a red discoloration on my skin, very angry like with heat and a lot of severe pain. The dentist misdiagnosed my problem, thinking it was an impacted wisdom tooth. Two days later my face was disfigured and I was in the ER getting antibiotic iv's and morphinr for pain. Since then, the tooth was extracted.
Avatar n tn I had an infection above my tooth #13. The dentist suggested I get root canal. When the endodontist saw the infection, he said he could not do the root canal because the infection was too severe. He sent me to an oral surgeon who did surgery to drain the area. My left cheek swelled up then went down within a day or 2. I was on antibiotics (clindamycin) for 2 weeks after.
Avatar n tn The abscessed tooth was swollen under her eye and drained from her gums. During the surgery they flushed it out and the swelling went down. When we picked her up, the area was swollen again. The vet was surprised but gave us antibiotics, pain meds and anti inflams for her. After the meds, she still had the swelling and it was draining again from her mouth (at times if it got really big it would drain clear fluid but it was majority of the time it was blood).
Avatar f tn Firstly the fee for the retreatment of the rct sounds a bit excessive, are you sure that this was for that procedure. You will know if the infection doesn't clear up by having the tooth x-rayed periodically and if you should have any symptoms such as pain, swelling or fistula(bump or drainage) near the tooth.The type of surgery I think you are talking about is called an apicoectomy.
Avatar n tn A sinus infection due to a tooth infection is usually in the maxillary sinues, so a Neilmed Sinus Rinse is probably best for you--available at drugstores for about $13
Avatar n tn five years ago i had a root canal and shortly after had the tooth removed. since then i have had constant drainage and a feeling of stuffiness in my upper jaw. i have had oral surgery twice and seen ear nose and throat doctors also to no avaial. i also have stiffness and skin eruptions on my neck and shoulders on that side .
Avatar n tn He said we would need to watch it and see. The x ray also showed there might be an infection brewing... I am having sinus drainage and ear pressure.. But no pain in tooth or around whatsover...I saw an endodontist for a 2nd opinion. He said there is a perforation by the post. The endodontist is going to drill a hole in the crown and look at it with a special microscpoe. He said he will tell me if there is a chance he can repair it.. If not , the tooth will need to be extracted..
Avatar n tn I am the reason it ruptured because I was pressing down on it and I worry that I may have pushed some of the infection to the brain. I know I swallowed some of the drainage. I have tried to explain this to a doctor here but I can't seem to get him to understand my concerns.
Avatar f tn I had my tooth removed 2 days ago and have been sufferning (before extraction) with a cronich tooth infection that was only discovered by my new dentist as he drilled abit further into my tooth than the last dentist, he then told me that my tooth was dead, the infetion had killed it and he wanted to save the tooth.
Avatar n tn Went to the dentist for pain ect with newly filled tooth. He put a hole in the tooth (number 23) to drain and I go back in 3 weeks for root canal. 1st question is it normal to leave a hole? 2) wont that hole hurt like hell when numbing wears off? 3) shoudnt he have taken an xray since my xrays are 1 year old? And he said nothing came out of the hole so he thinks it was gases or something built up in there......sound right? Sorry with all the ?
Avatar m tn t mean the problem is solved, as the infection usually remains at the root of the tooth. If untreated in the long term, gumboils can cause tooth and even bone loss, as the infection dissolves the bone surrounding the root of the tooth.cure:Standard treatment of a tooth abscess is to drain pus and then disinfect and fill tooth, or remove tip of root (an apicectomy) if it cannot be disinfected, or take the tooth out.
Avatar f tn I've been on Amoxicillin for 5 days for a tooth abscess. I went to the dentist for significant facial swelling, and was diagnosed with the abscess. The swelling has gone down, however I now have a pus pocket on my gum above my molars. It's only painful when I touch it, but I can see the swelling under my cheek when I smile. Since I'm already on Amoxicillin, can I pop the abscess using a sterilized needle? It's Friday night, and the dentist won't be in until Monday...
Avatar f tn It sure sounds like a sinus infection. Is the mucus coming out colored or sticky in any way? Does it drip down the back of your throat and you can kind of taste it? I'd say because of the tooth pain too it's a sinus infection. You could try saline to help rinse out your nasal passages or go to your doctor. They might give you a Z-pack or some other antibiotic if they suspect bacterial infection.
1399266 tn?1280637104 My 8 year old cat, Kupid was diagnosed with a dental abscess about a week ago and put on clindamycin 1 ml twice a day. When she started she had a pink drainage coming from her right eye and right nostril. Her eye has gotten better and her nose has slightly improved. She is still sneezing and looks terrible but she is eating on her own. This cat has failed the pre anesthesia test twice after having complications during her spay surgery so we are reluctant to put her under to pull her tooth.
Avatar n tn I took 14 days of cleocin when I had a bone graft placed above my missing canine tooth for a future implant. Slight swelling remained which was dismissed but now (in 3 weeks without anitbiotic) has grown, as well as a feeling and taste of drainage. I am on 150 mg of cleocin 4 x a day for one week. I am concerned that this will not completely remove the infection. What are my options on how to clear this up? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Over the past 4 weeks, I've bounced between dentist, PCP, and ENT doctor. On the top left of my mouth, I've felt extreme pressure and tooth pain. I went to my dentist, they took an X-Ray, found a couple of cavities which have been filled, and suggested that I see an ENT doctor in regards to a sinus infection because they did not see anything obvious. I went to urgent care first, who prescribed prednisone and amoxicillin.