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Avatar f tn Recently I was having pain, swelling and itchiness in vagina. My doctor told me I had a bladder infection. Antibiotics (Cipro) worked for a while, but the pain came back and actually got worse. With sharp pain in pelvis, hip and lower back. This time I was put on different antibiotics - Apo-Sulfatrim but I still am having strange pain in pelvis and my urine seems to have little bits of transparent debris in it (Which I had when I had my bladder infections).
Avatar m tn The pain would come back though. I had back pain, pain in my legs and groin. Always felt like a urinary tract infection or kidney infection. Was much later diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Was treated for that with great results. Basically, your bladder goes into a spasm, holding urine and creating the pain I felt. Treatment was to take meds to help soft muscles to relax and allow urine to be passed. Also had to have in office infusions into bladder with heparin.
Avatar n tn I was on antibiotics for a week for a bladder infection and i finished my last pill yesterday. While i was taking the pill my symptoms went away and everything was fine. Then i started itching after i urinated which i thought was due to a very mild yeast infection. So i took Diflucan yesterday as well. Then yesterday i noticed a slight ache/pain after i urinated similar to the one i had previously but not as bad. Does that mean that it is coming back?
Avatar f tn That's out of the picture. About a month ago, I had a bladder infection that was obvious. When I urinated, blood was there and my lower abdomen hurt also. Now, I just frequently urinate. I was just curious if it is just another sign of a bladder infection.....
Avatar f tn I have a bladder infection, I think. So I called my Dr and told him what was going on. He prescribed Septra generic DS. It made me so sick that I called him back and asked what to do and he said it would be alright to take a half pill twice a day instead of a whole one. This is the second time I've had a bladder infection in two months. The first time was when I was in the hospital. No catheter was used. They sent me home with a script for Septra and it cleared up with in 5 days.
12639259 tn?1426420079 I don't want to sound a pain but iv took the antibiotics about 3 days know and my bladder pain is almost fully gone but the pain in my back is 3 times worse and it's so bad I feel like I'm going to be sick
Avatar f tn I had a 105 degree temp, chills, sweats, when I got up at 4 in the morning to pee, I thought I peed myself but there was blood all down my leg and when I looked there was about 1/2 cup on the floor from my bladder... then the horrible bladder spasms started and the worst infection. I was delirious I guess... I knew what I was saying but my husband and daughter couldn't understand a word I was saying.
Avatar n tn pain in bladder area, all the way down to urethra,having to void q 1/2 hr, some blood seen on paper when wiping,unable to walk too much as pain and pressure in pelvic area increases, went to ER ,they did a urine dip -showed no infection (but I am still taking the macrobid) did an ultra sound -they said it was normal! I am in so much pain and discomfort i do not know what to do-They have not got the urine culture back yet and so refused to give me another antibiotic .
1983221 tn?1333509785 Prior to being diagnosed with MS I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis due to bladder pain and frequency. It's been at least a year since I suffered from that but it's now back. If it is a symptom of the MS would steroids help?
4801019 tn?1359349012 Hello, my name is Chris & I'm a healthy 29yr. old male dealing with what I believe is a Bladder Infection. So this all started off like four months ago. I was peeing a lot, burning when I peed, no discharge, lower back pain, lower abdomen pain & also a itch inside the penis. My family doctor did a urine sample on me & he said the sample came back with a bit of an infection, so he gave me a antibiotic but I can't remember the name, & said to take it for five days.
Avatar f tn I have lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, and minimal pain in my flank on my right side. i am really worried about this being some kind of cancer. what does this sound like it could be and what do i need to do?
Avatar f tn If your doctor suspects that your pain is not due to infection, they may order an ultrasound to find the cause of your pain. Make sure that you give the full history of your symptoms and the name of the antibiotic that you took. Inform the doctor of any medications you are taking including vitamins. If you have had any changes in lifestyle or activity it is important that you also make the doctor aware.
Avatar f tn My daughter (21years old) was treated for a severe urinary tract infection and he said the infection may be in her kidneys. The symptoms of the UTI are gone, but she continues to have significant pain in her back on the left side. She has been taking the antibiotic since Wednesday night. Is it normal for her to still have the pain?
1318483 tn?1318350782 UTI is a non-specific generic term. A bladder infection is a UTI. Not every UTI is in the bladder. Nitrofurantoin is the generic name for Macrodantin, an antibiltic commonly used to treat UTIs. I would have thought you would be beginning to feel better after four days on the antibiotic. If you are no better by tomorrow, definitely call the doctor to report this. He might want to order something different or add another drug to what you are taking already.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the infection is 'dormant', very little pain and I can function as normal. Other times the infection is extremly painfull and can not do anything comfortably, and I can feel the pain in my kidneys. I am only 17 years old and know that this is not normal. I have seen many doctors during all differant stages of having the infection, all of which told me differant things, and most of them perscribed various antibioics which would make the symptoms go away for a week or two.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound in August and afterwards, I had what I thought was a bladder infection and took anitbiotics for it. Yeast infections are sometimes the result of antibiotics, but I never felt those symptoms so I didn't take anything for it. When I told my PCP that I was still suffering from abdominal pain, she prescribed an over the counter cream for what she thought was a lingering yeast infection. Then I took Diflucan when it didn't completely go away.
Avatar n tn I'm 30 years of age and was just to the doctor (MD Internal Medicine) with symptoms of a bladder infection (painful urination, frequent urges, chills) which I'm familiar with, only this time I had some spotting and very bad lower back pains, and a possible fever the one day, but none since...thus the reason I went to the doctor. Like an idiot I took 2 tylenol before going to the doctor, so I was feeling better while I was there.
Avatar f tn Was the cystoscopy the only way to detect the bladder infection? Could this infection be the cause of my night sweats? Like I said I have learned to live with it. I drink no more than 40 oz of liquid a day, and I stay away from water. Water makes my bathroom visits increase by 10 fold. I do not drink my liquids fast either, that will also increase my urges. Will the infection ever go away? I do not have any pain, i just go too much.
Avatar f tn I feel so awful, has anyone else ever had a bladder infection in pregnancy, none the less this late in pregnancy? When can I expect to start to feel better? My midwife said the Uristat should help, but it is not really doing much for the pain or frequent urination, which is what it is supposed to do. I am also taking cranberry concentrate soft gels, as my midwife told me to avoid cranberry juice, which is high in sugar and will only feed the bacteria.
Avatar f tn Doc at the clinic casually mentioned that since it's not resolving maybe it's not a bladder infection but something to do with surgery? He said could have a build up of fluid that is giving symptoms of infection? Spoke to surgeon(cause he scared me) and she says not likely as surgery was straight forward and not near bladder...anyway really frustrated at this recovery and don't know what else to do.Am on second 3rd set of anti-biotic's since dec4.Anyone have this happen???
Avatar f tn My lumbar pain is manageable and can be relieved by taking pressure off the region (laying with legs propped for a couple hours). I have taken Zofran for nausea at least 2-3x per week for over a month... My stool is now in the form of dense pellets with mucous.
Avatar f tn It hurts it the early morning and will sometimes be relieved when getting up and walking around but sometimes that's at very early times in the mornings and at times when I still need to be sleeping (when I work late nights) so I need to still sleep and I couldn't sleep because the pain would prevent me from laying back down. I'm even on a pain patch and morphine and that still wouldn't relieve the pain that's how bad it gets.
Avatar f tn but now gradually the frequency has reduced but still i am unable to urinate properly.I feel a constant slight pain in my lower stomach(may be bladder) n feel a pain in my lower right portion of abdomin too... Can some one please suggest what can be the reasons..Though i have a healthy life style and i drink lot of water. Also to add i had oral sex with my fiance last week, can this be the infection due to that?? or are these the symptoms of pregnancy....
Avatar n tn When i went to see him on Thursday we talked about the cck and they still use it here also. He said that if when the pain comes back he will most likely take my gall bladder out. It is so frustrating, not knowing what the pain is from, and not finding a cure for it. I have changed my eating habits, and am trying my best. The pain has subsided for now, but i know the pains pattern, it goes away for awhile, then comes back even worse than before.
Avatar n tn I had a lot of back pain last week along with simptoms of a bladder infection, which those symptoms seem to be gone except for the back pain which seems to be my whole rib cage, giving me a shortness of breath and I've had a fever for 3 days.
Avatar n tn I sometimes get pain in my kidneys. Mostly in the morning when i have urine in my bladder. The pain subsides after I go to the toilet and sit or stand straight for a while. This has been going on for the last 2 years. I also feel the need to urinate badly when my bladder isn't full. I think this is an infection that has developed over the last decade.