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317787 tn?1473358451 Hi I had a dental implant with a healing cap placed 2 weeks ago on a lower back tooth. I have been eating on the other side, lots of soft food I have read that if the implant is in the jaw under the gum, you can begin to eat more than soft food after 10 to 12 days. If there is a healing cap you need to wait 6 weeks or longer. I also read one should stay away from sonic toothbrushes. I asked the surgeons office they told me not to worry, stope reading the internet, eat whatever I am able to.
1415174 tn?1453243103 I had a tooth extracted and I am thinking of getting a dental implant. I am concerned with several things regarding the implant: 1. how long are you under anesthetic? 2. how much pain after they put the implant in? 3. do they put in a plate or something so you can chew on that side? 4. I understand it takes 4 months to heal before the implant and then 4-5 months after before they can put the crown or top part on.
Avatar m tn I had a bad implant on tooth #10 which was put in on April 14, 2008. There is no bone cover the outer side of the implant. Also, the implant was placed in a position with close to #9. the implant was taken out on Aug. 14, 2008 by another doctor. She used BMP-2 which cause big swelling over 2-3 weeks. and light swelling afterwards. On Aug. 30. I noticed my #9 become loose and very sensitive to percussion. On that day, my gum on #9 and #10 was seriously inflamed.
Avatar m tn My perio wanted me to have an implant on tooth 8. I opted for a pontic on a bridge and my prosthodontist agreed with that. He created 6 crowns over a temporary bridge five weeks ago. A week later I was due to have the extraction with my perio. He insisted on doing a bone graft - he harvested tissue from my palate) after the extraction). I had the sutures removed after two weeks.
Avatar n tn After completion of wound healing, it would be a good idea to replce the missing tooth with implant if conditions allowed.
Avatar f tn Thanks for reply. I do understand I might need the implant, but it's too much time to wear a temporary bridge. I am working full time, and all the time people are around me. It will fell down during unexpected time. Can you tell me, please, can bone graft is done without the bridge taken out? Through the gum, lingual surface?
Avatar m tn hello, i had an implant done 3 days ago after removal of my front upper tooth UR2, by the 'immediate loading' method. Everything seems to be fine, no pain, no bleeding etc, except for the strange feeling in my implanted tooth and the adjacent tooth UR1. The area feels a bit 'tight' ( i would describe this sensation to be similar to when i floss my teeth and the dental floss stucks between two of them causing a funny feeling of tightness).
Avatar m tn i need one for a molar and between the implant (the post put in your jawbone) and the crown (the tooth that screws on it) the cost was around $5000. this changes with the type of tooth being replaced and what part of the country you live in. the front teeth are cheaper.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago I had a tooth implant (bottom wisdom tooth plus adjacent tooth). The swelling of the gum next to the implant extended to the next 2 bottom teeth. IV antibiotics were given plus antibiotic tablets with little effect to reduce the swelling. The pain was mainly at the ear, the joining teeth and the back of my head. Then I started having swelling of the lymph node near the jaw with pain/discomfort spreading to the lower part of the neck (the side of the implant) and shoulder bone.
Avatar n tn ve had major dental work since an accident back in high school and the implant tooth was my front tooth:(
Avatar m tn I have had this problem with no pain for about 1 1/2 years now, what will happen as time goes on? anotherwords if I put off having tooth pulled until in pain or until I can raise money for implant will it make it more difficult to perform bone graft for implant ? or will it be more difficult to extract tooth ? any other drawbacks? thanks !
Avatar f tn What is the success rate for a bottom left molar dental implant? What is the expected healing time and common complication/s during and after procedure? Thank you for your time doctor.
1754670 tn?1312378295 Hi, Do you mean implants? Implants are a permanent solution to replace lost teeth. They are titanium screws that are placed where the tooth has been removed and then allowed to heal (osseo integration). The healing process can take a few months so normally a dental prostheses (denture) is used while they do. After they have fully integrated into the bone, an abutment (post type piece) is placed into the implant and a crown goes over this. There are three pieces to most implants.
Avatar m tn I had a bad implant on tooth #10 which was put in on April 14, 2008. There is no bone cover the outer side of the implant. Also, the implant was placed in a position with close to #9. the implant was taken out on Aug. 14, 2008 by another doctor. She used BMP-2 which cause big swelling over 2-3 weeks. and light swelling afterwards. On Aug. 30. I noticed my #9 become loose and very sensitive to percussion. On that day, my gum on #9 and #10 was seriously inflamed.
Avatar n tn If he takes my tooth out I will then have to get an implant, he says, which costs about $5,000. I would like to postpone this expense. Is it okay logic to ask for antibiotics instead of extraction? Will antibiotics stop the pain and perhaps the infection? Could antibiotics cure the entire problem all together? Are antibiotics a possible solution? I am scared to make a quick decision about something so serious. Please give me you advice, please. Thanks.
Avatar m tn This job requires extraction of mobile implant then bone graft to fill void. 6-7 months of healing before implant can be done for the 3rd time. I do not want the same dr to install the implant again. What can I do? My dentist totally supports this referral and feels work should be done by him even though I told him there are serious TRUST issues. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/587844'>bad implant and seek for advice</a>.
Avatar m tn I have one tooth severely losen and had it extracted. I expect to have an implant some time later. At the time of extraction, the dentist told me I need have bone graft and it should be done at the time of tooth extractio or at least within two weeks after the extraction. But I did not follow his advice and just simply had the tooth extracted. My question is if I am to have an implant later, can I still have bone graft at that time?
Avatar n tn He wants Implant in #5 area and one in #11 area but 11 is not healing well and time is running out. (moving) I am happy if some sort of atooth was in 11 area and forget 12, 13, and 14. If I chose not to have implant in 11 area, can he hook a false tooth that is attached somehow to 10? Would a veneer on 10 supposrt a small partial with one tooth? They also want implant in 29-30 area to hold partial for tooth 25.
Avatar n tn avoid eating on that side. He said tooth needs time to heal esp.looking at its history. Said if no improvment in 2 mths, it means tooth has split & will require extraction + bridge. Does it really take 2-3 months for pain to go away? I am trying to know which is more likely the case- Healing pains or Fractured tooth? If its fractured tooth would just light touching with just my tongue or tapping on it slightly cause pain? If tooth had fracture, how come I never had any such pain before?
703897 tn?1248019974 It is hurting my #29 tooth also. I asked him why he had to cut my gum again and put stitches the first time he did the implant on the 21st of October, 2009 and he stated because he had to make sure it was in the bone. ? I find this out of the ordinary but I guess if it is a normal procedure then I will have to believe that. I have talked to others who stated they never had stitches at time of an implant.
Avatar n tn This may be a stupid question, but I know very little about bone grafts. I got a "self-healing" bone graft for an implant, and I was wondering if there are any sort of benefitial bacteria or whatnot that I could inadvertantly kill by peroxiding the area. My jawbone doesn't seem to be healing, and my gumline has receded quite a bit.
Avatar m tn Earlier this year, I completed the six month or so long process of getting a dental implant on #18. Ever since the crown was placed on the implant, the implant hasn't felt right, despite my dentist making several adjustments and my oral surgeon's assurances that nothing seems wrong with the implant (x-rays and examination of it). When I bite down on it with certain foods, it feels uncomfortable, almost like it has moved, but apparently it hasn't.
Avatar f tn When i speak there is only one tooth on that side.. visual.. back molar tooth next to it.. then a tooth. That free standing tooth is very sensitive not to hot or cold when I speak. When i put my tongue around the gums it is sensitive.. Dentist told me that can happen and once the nerves and gums calm down that will increase. Is that true? 3.
Avatar m tn I had my implant (front tooth) removed today due to soft bone. I had a bone graft back in May 2015 which was left to heal for a few months, then my Dentist tried an implant but he wasn't happy with it so removed it immediately and replaced it with a bigger one. He stitched up the Gum and left it to heal for 4 months. He did a Bone density test today. I should have a score of 50 for the implant to hold. I had a score of 70 on one side and 25 on the other.