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Avatar m tn Another 5 months with a composite as tooth was lower front. Then implant.. Pain started immediately in neighboring tooth as it was placed too close. Pain increased, then all of a sudden other tooth on other side, which had never had anything done to it started crying out with pain. Dentists were baffled. I told them it was galvanic currents from titanium. They insisted that I was wrong, did 2 unnecessary root canals on neighboring teeth. Pain got WORSE after...
Avatar f tn do an implant i just did mine 3days ago ......
Avatar n tn wanted him to ask me if I had ever had an implant like knee implant. I said no, but then all of a sudden it dawned on me that I had a titanium tooth implant in 2008. Elevated white count showed up in 2009. The current doctor suggested to keep watching it as it has not gone higher.
Avatar f tn This may include switching to titanium-free toothpaste and cosmetics, or in some cases, consider removing a titanium implant from the body. Regards.
Avatar m tn I have a dental implant in my front tooth which has been in for a couple of years and i think it is giving me some grief? I have neck pain once in a while that comes and goes along with a clogged nostril and sometimes my joints achearound my neck . It seems that it happens with change of weather, is this an allergic reaction to the implant or something else? Tim.
Avatar n tn Hi. I had a tooth extracted and a titanium implant put in on Feb 2, 2015. I started getting a sour taste in my mouth, which then became horribly salty, then bitter. I also had dry mouth. After 6 weeks of this, I got frustrated. I have some unusual allergies, so I just asked the oral surgeon who "has never heard of such symptoms in 30 years" to remove it. He removed it on March 16. My symptoms have not entirely gone away. Some days its still salty, some days its bitter.
Avatar m tn I too have had a cental implant in my front tooth. I am considering having the implant taken out. I have checked with many surgeons. They say I can lose the tooth on either side. I can get infection. But the one I like the best is in Philadelphia area. Has done this before and feels he would be able to remove it safely but that there is always that possibilty of that happening. Please keep me posted on what you decide and how things go.
Avatar n tn If a health problem starts after you have received a titanium implant it is possible that you are allergic to titanium. If you are planning to have a test before receiving a titanium implant it is advised to find out the exact composition of the implant. Vanadium, aluminum and other metals are sometimes added to improve the properties of titanium implants, and allergy to these metals can also be tested. You can access more information at the following web-site http://www.melisa.
Avatar n tn Because of this the bone bonds to the implant as though it were the root of a tooth. When the implant moves after it is placed, the body recognizes it as a foreign object and rejects it.This causes an allergic reaction to the implant. But true allergy to titanium is rare.When titanium is combined with other metals like nickel,then allergy can take place as nickel is a common sensitizer. Diagnosis is done by skin patch test or blood tests for allergy.
Avatar f tn ( and my dentist is talking me into having a titanium implant but I'm scared of possible side effects. My question is: Have any of you had an autoimmune disease before having a dental implant placed? If yes, has it gotten worse? Or maybe you fell from an autoimmune disease after having a dental implant placed? Was it titanium or zirconium one? I really don't know what to do hence any help will be very appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn My husband had a dental implant done about 2 years ago and still suffers from sharp pains (on and off), tingling sensations, sensitivity on the face around the area of the implant. He has been to a doctor, dental surgeon, neurologist and a pain centre, all with no answers. He has been on pain killers for two years. The dentist that did his implant feels that there is nothing wrong. Should we get the implant removed?
Avatar f tn Titanium implant fixture is a time proven treatment modality.
Avatar f tn A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers. I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.
Avatar n tn It would require extracting the front tooth and replacing it with a titanium implant and then a crown on top. That way, the other adjacent tooth is untouched. The tooth with the loose crown sounds like it is non-restorable (non-salvageable).
Avatar f tn s, neurologists,mri etc, they decided to pull the canine tooth (real tooth)... the tooth was fine.. still having pain, finally decided to take out number 9... end of pain .. they put an implant in #8.. and all was good for 2-3yrs, now pain in #8... the perio. said losing bone, and added bone... no help...
Avatar n tn The break was right at/just below the gum line and my dentist removed the tooth and I had a titanium implant put in my jaw bone and it was crowned - not cheap! I was also offered a bridge.
Avatar n tn most dentist will push you for abridge or implant after getting a tooth out for the big $ but also to keep your teeth from shifting. a laywer might be needed if they dont want to extract that tooth or they are still trying to bill you for something that they messed up. implants are extremly expensive about 6000.
Avatar n tn The implants were all constructed of the same grade IV titanium. Three types of implants were used, namely LIBB compression implant, cylindrical implant and Brånemark-like implant. These three types of implants were placed as part of a research project, which received approval from the ethics committee. The patient developed a severe reaction to all the implant units, with both clinical and radiological features of complication.
Avatar f tn I have bad reactions to almost everything else so Advil will be the only thing I can take. I had to have my front tooth pulled three weeks ago and I am due to have the implant next week. I have read so many horror stories that I'm about ready to back out. I have a fairly high pain tolerance but I don't want to be in excruciating pain after the freezing comes out. Can anyone tell me how bad the pain is? I would appreciate it.
Avatar m tn I don't know about any tests but I know I hate my plate and 4 screws at C5-6. Hot to the touch back of the neck, horrid, painful swallowing and pain where as before, no pain. And now, always hearing snapping, cracking, popping sounds after whiplash caused by a school bus hitting me last sept. 1st.
Avatar n tn I had a titanium tooth implant put in in September. I haven't felt right since then. I sent my blood to Melisa. It came back mild allergy to titanium. I have have miserable joint pain, headaches and now ringing in my ears. No one can figure it out. I had breathing problems with most medicines all my life, but doctors couldn't understand why. Til my new allergist figured out, after 15 months on Plavix and trouble breathing that I am possibly reacting to Titanium.