Does a tooth implant hurt

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615350 tn?1272598969 I heard the same thing when I had a root canal done on my back lower left tooth (not the wisdom tooth). The darn thing hurt for a year after and I finally had it pulled. The oral surgeon told me he should pull the one above, too, but I declined. That was 10 years ago and my upper tooth is just fine. I have very dense and hard bone and it held just fine. It's still fine and I have had no problem with it at all.
Avatar n tn i have a perforated 14th molar and I want to know if there is still a chance of saving the tooth or does it need to be extracted? The molar does not hurt but sometimes it feels a little sensitive (rarely).
Avatar n tn s 10 bucks a month and will usually provide you a 40-50% savings when purchasing/getting an implant. Just remember that the implant does not replace the tooth portion, it is only an "artificial root" and you will have to have a "abutment" and "tooth" made to complete the treatment.
Avatar n tn is there a periodontal problem? meaning are there pockets around this tooth? mobility? does it hurt to bite or when you release your bite?
Avatar n tn My first choice if you have to lose the tooth is the placement of an implant.The implant can be a life time restoration.Who places the implant and who restores it is very important.
Avatar m tn I'm 63 and have been without 2 molars for more years than I can remember and have had no issues. You DO get used to it and it doesn't interfere with eating or anything else. Except for the two molars, I still have all my teeth and they are very healthy except for one. It has a filling and is cracked but my dentist says "why do anything until it causes you a problem?" That was about 7 years ago and it still has not given me any problems.
Avatar n tn It was sensitive so received a root canal. A month later, I found a boil of pus on my gums above that tooth. It does not hurt, is very small, and comes and goes. My dentist thinks I need to remove that tooth and have a dental implant because there is going to an infection to my jawbones. Since there is no pain and the tooth seems pretty solid (for now), is this really necessary at the moment? I was told not to wait longer than two months before removing it. I don't want to regret it.
Avatar n tn If the dentist feels that the tooth is hopeless then I would think it has to be extracted now to avoid the possibility of an infection. As far as the replacement, if the lower first molar makes contact with the upper second molar there is a good chance that the upper molar will not extrude into the position of the lost lower molar. In those instances the tooth need not be replaced.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have a question about a fractured front tooth. I am 25 years old and I have had this injury to my top front tooth for about 4 years now, as far as I know it is fractured all the way from the middle of the tooth up to the root. My dentist told me after it happened that it would likely need a root canal done one day, but said it could be a year or ten years, no way of knowing.
Avatar m tn If root resorption tooth is asymptomatic , you don,t need to worry. No one can tell when the tooth will come out. Implant is a highly predictable and viable option for replacing missing tooth.once it is inserted and restored , it can service decades, no need to remove healthy implant.
Avatar n tn So the first part was to remove the tooth and add a bone graft to replace bone that came out when the tooth was removed. That hurt, and hurt and hurt for almost a month. It was swollen, painful to touch, my face and area under the jaw bone was visibly swollen, headache and earache. I was on more pain killers than ever in my life (I have had babies, back pain and prior surgeries).
Avatar m tn You may consult with a restorative dentist first.If the tooth is indicated for extraction, you can have immediate implant or delayed implant, depending on the clinician's preference and experience.consultation with an implantologist is advised.
Avatar n tn I am curious as to why the root canal needed to be done all of a sudden after the implant surgery. Was there a pre-existing problem with that tooth? I would also be concerned about a communication between your sinus cavity and your mouth. If you have not lost confidence in the "surgeon" who did the implant placement surgery, I would return to them to discuss your situation. I am assuming you were treated by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.
Avatar n tn hi, i had a tooth implant done about a week ago and having some throbbing in that area is this normal?
Avatar m tn does dentist then outsource pulling of bad tooth, bone graft and implant placement to oral surgeon i.e. does oral surgeon work in same office? new developement; now there is slight inflamation in gum above bad # 10 tooth, still no pain but i try to avoid biting down on food with this tooth.
Avatar n tn A periodontist has determined that when my dentist put a post in my (root-canaled) tooth before putting on a crown, he perforated the tooth, with the post positioned between the roots rather than inside a root... There is probably some gum infection and tooth now wobbles some. The periodontist is recommending extraction, bone graft, and implant. Are there any other options to treat and save this tooth??
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone has had a child or theirselves pull a tooth by theirself after loosing a cap on the same. Thank you.
Avatar n tn t have a chance to have someone else do the implant (and collect the fee) a year later. also this is not a front tooth so there is no esthetic emergency. implants placed into healthy bone under a neat surgical incision (as opposed to an open and fresh extraction site) do better statistically.
Avatar m tn If you are hitting on your temporary crown first before your other teeth, then that could cause your tooth to hurt and feel more bruised. It does take a little while for your tooth to recover from a root canal---depending how bad the infection was, etc. It may just take some time for all to heal.
Avatar n tn Hi, You can replace it with a three pontic bridge. A single implant, or a single pontic removable partial. The bridge would be permanent and would necessitate the crowning of the two teeth next to the missing tooth as the anchor part of the bridge. A partial would be removable and have a single pontic. These can look quite natural and normally hook onto nearby teeth with small clasps. And, a single implant and crown to replace the missing tooth, which is the most natural replacement.
Avatar m tn t suggest the offended tooth is hopeless.if you do need an implant, you need to see a dentist near by, because implant requires long term follow up care. Most dentists are hesitant to take care of other dentists' implant.
1415174 tn?1453243103 Hi thanks for the info. Yes it has a molar then a space then a smaller tooth. So it leaves a big space and not much left area to chew with for that long a time. They supposed to give a thing (don't know the name) that is supposed to prevent the upper tooth from coming down and I think a support for the two teeth on both sides so they won't move towards the space. Is that what the "fllipper" is? One of the big things is not being able to chew on that side for a long time.
Avatar m tn You can gently bite down on a cotton gauze pad placed over the wound to help stop the bleeding. The removed tooth can be replaced with an implant, a denture, or a bridge. A bridge is a replacement for one or more (but not all) of the teeth and may be permanent or removable.
Avatar m tn I have had several surgeries to have a tooth implant put in. last week i got a sinus infection and was put on antibiotics (a Z pack that i finished 2 or 3 days ago). i started to feel better 2 days ago. however, yesterday i started getting pain in the general area of my implanted tooth. the tooth is located on the upper left side of my mouth (5 in from my front tooth). I thought it was strange that it started bothering me AFTER most of my congestion went away.
Avatar n tn Because the tooth is hurting does not necessarily mean that it is fractured. It could be that the infection from the dead nerve has not healed. I would not rush to extract the tooth unless you get a consult with an Endodontist(RC specialist). It is possible that the rct has to be retreated. There are opther ways to replace that tooth other than a bridge--implant is a possibility--so you do not have to touch the other teeth. I would first explore the first scenario.
Avatar m tn Do you really think it is this serious, since I never had any problems prior to my dental cleaning a few weeks ago. What can I do preventitvely to avoid a serious issue? Is there a mouthwash or something specific for implants to keep them healthy? Thanks again!
Avatar m tn I have one tooth severely losen and had it extracted. I expect to have an implant some time later. At the time of extraction, the dentist told me I need have bone graft and it should be done at the time of tooth extractio or at least within two weeks after the extraction. But I did not follow his advice and just simply had the tooth extracted. My question is if I am to have an implant later, can I still have bone graft at that time?