How long does a tooth implant take

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Avatar n tn I had a complicated tooth extraction a week ago on bottom tooth. The tooth wasn't stong enogh to pull out in one peice, so she had to lossen the bone around the roots to remove it. She put in more bone compund and packed the socket and stitched me closed. I have now developed what I think is a dry socket ( the pain is amazing). I called her back , and she said she can't use the dry socket packing , because we will undo everything she has done ( ie bone compond).
79258 tn?1190630410 Restoring it later on (ie puttin a tooth on the implant) is usually a piece of cake. It sounds to me like the plan to hemisect the tooth is not a good one, although again I have not seen you or your films so I cannot be sure. It sounds to me like the tooth wants to say goodbye.
Avatar n tn s because I had used denture for 20 years before the implant, so I might not be used to a tooth there.) As a result of always touching the back of my crown, my gum feels so tired. I don't know whether I can eventually get used to the new crown and feel it as if it were my real tooth. thanks.
Avatar n tn s 10 bucks a month and will usually provide you a 40-50% savings when purchasing/getting an implant. Just remember that the implant does not replace the tooth portion, it is only an "artificial root" and you will have to have a "abutment" and "tooth" made to complete the treatment.
Avatar n tn I had a failing dental implant pulled (a tooth on a metal screw) they gave me amoxicillin to take for a few days and I rinsed with warm salt water till day 3 then religiously used mouth wash twice a day. It's been 2 months and I'm 100% fine. Did they give you a temp tooth?
Avatar n tn It would require extracting the front tooth and replacing it with a titanium implant and then a crown on top. That way, the other adjacent tooth is untouched. The tooth with the loose crown sounds like it is non-restorable (non-salvageable).
Avatar m tn I had a bad implant on tooth #10 which was put in on April 14, 2008. There is no bone cover the outer side of the implant. Also, the implant was placed in a position with close to #9. the implant was taken out on Aug. 14, 2008 by another doctor. She used BMP-2 which cause big swelling over 2-3 weeks. and light swelling afterwards. On Aug. 30. I noticed my #9 become loose and very sensitive to percussion. On that day, my gum on #9 and #10 was seriously inflamed.
Avatar n tn If the dentist feels that the tooth is hopeless then I would think it has to be extracted now to avoid the possibility of an infection. As far as the replacement, if the lower first molar makes contact with the upper second molar there is a good chance that the upper molar will not extrude into the position of the lost lower molar. In those instances the tooth need not be replaced.
Avatar f tn he told me that he cant put a crown and an implant must be done...he put a composite instead of the tooth and asked me to come for an implant but the dental surgeon who will work with him told me to make a panoramic and a periapical before taking the decision of the implant it showed that my roots are good and i dont feel any pain but it doesnt show the crack...i saw the crack in the mirror i know it is there but no one can now how deep is it...till now i dont feel any pain...
Avatar m tn Seeing an endodontist is advised. Your descriptions don't suggest the offended tooth is hopeless.if you do need an implant, you need to see a dentist near by, because implant requires long term follow up care. Most dentists are hesitant to take care of other dentists' implant.
Avatar n tn i have a perforated 14th molar and I want to know if there is still a chance of saving the tooth or does it need to be extracted? The molar does not hurt but sometimes it feels a little sensitive (rarely).
Avatar n tn Where these teeth are would require something to fill in the space to prevent drifting, either an implant (which I would recommend), or a bridge. A bridge would necessitate the teeth next to each tooth be the anchors and require crowns. In the long run, an implant would probably make more sense, but I would still seek another opinion. Your xrays both show "halos" around the tooth root. That's infection.
Avatar f tn Has anybody had a tooth implant ? Could you tell me if it hurts? and what it's like? How long does it take ?
Avatar m tn does dentist then outsource pulling of bad tooth, bone graft and implant placement to oral surgeon i.e. does oral surgeon work in same office? new developement; now there is slight inflamation in gum above bad # 10 tooth, still no pain but i try to avoid biting down on food with this tooth.
Avatar m tn Still, a dental implant should last longer than a bridge and it would preserve #13 as well. As a long term investment, a dental implant is more ideal. It may cost more upfront but it should, in theory, last longer as well although no one can guarantee that.
Avatar m tn I have had a dental implant for approximately 1 1/2 yrs. now. I have never experienced any discomfort or pain from it. I had my teeth cleaned 3 weeks ago and the dental hygenist used metal instruments on the tooth. For 2 - weeks had a warm feeling in the jaw and soreness which I immediately reported to the dentist. I faithfully rinsed with salt and warm water and floss daily. The warm feeling has passed however I still have a soreness which almost feels like an air bubble is under the tooth.
Avatar m tn You may consult with a restorative dentist first.If the tooth is indicated for extraction, you can have immediate implant or delayed implant, depending on the clinician's preference and experience.consultation with an implantologist is advised.
Avatar n tn Hi, You can replace it with a three pontic bridge. A single implant, or a single pontic removable partial. The bridge would be permanent and would necessitate the crowning of the two teeth next to the missing tooth as the anchor part of the bridge. A partial would be removable and have a single pontic. These can look quite natural and normally hook onto nearby teeth with small clasps. And, a single implant and crown to replace the missing tooth, which is the most natural replacement.
Avatar n tn hi, i had a tooth implant done about a week ago and having some throbbing in that area is this normal?
Avatar m tn I'm 63 and have been without 2 molars for more years than I can remember and have had no issues. You DO get used to it and it doesn't interfere with eating or anything else. Except for the two molars, I still have all my teeth and they are very healthy except for one. It has a filling and is cracked but my dentist says "why do anything until it causes you a problem?" That was about 7 years ago and it still has not given me any problems.
Avatar m tn I want the best long term solution. Also I read on the internet that there is a problem with food around a tooth after a root resection. Is the best solution extraction and an implant? I will need another implant next to #22 also as the bridge covers that space.
Avatar m tn hello, i had an implant done 3 days ago after removal of my front upper tooth UR2, by the 'immediate loading' method. Everything seems to be fine, no pain, no bleeding etc, except for the strange feeling in my implanted tooth and the adjacent tooth UR1. The area feels a bit 'tight' ( i would describe this sensation to be similar to when i floss my teeth and the dental floss stucks between two of them causing a funny feeling of tightness).