Wisdom teeth extraction healing time

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Avatar m tn Two weeks is not enough time for the wisdom teeth extraction to have healed properly yet. With the weak tooth, just bite on that side gently. Just make sure that you get no food stuck in the area where the bottom teeth were extracted from. Wash your teeth in the morning and before going to bed. Using salty water as a mouth rinse will also help with healing. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and was referred to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. All four wisdom teeth are impacted, the top two have erupted through the skin, but the bottom two have not come through yet. The oral surgeon informed never once mentioned bone grafting- until I got to the counter and the recptionist was putting together the treatment plan- and then it was mentioned that it was recommended to have bone grafting done after the extraction of the bottom two wisdom teeth.
Avatar m tn One of my wisdom tooth was pulled out on Tuesday, I felt an ache in the area which I believed was the normal healing process. After researching I am little concern about the side of extraction. The gums in front of the extraction (teeth 18,19, 20) are bleeding when I floss, and when I put pressure on them with my finger. There is also a slight pain as well. Is this normal? Or is this an infection of some sort?
Avatar n tn It’s pretty normal to have pain 2-3 weeks after the extraction of teeth and as Jerome Tsang stated gentle irrigation can be fine to proceed. However, get consulted to your dentist as there may be many potential risks of wisdom tooth extraction and it must be reviewed with your dentist.
Avatar m tn A piece of what I am assuming is a white food is stuck in one of the holes left from my wisdom tooth extraction. The extraction was almost three weeks ago, and the food has been stuck since yesterday afternoon. I have tried using my irrigation syringe but the water pressure doesn't seem to be enough to get the piece of food out. Should I attempt to remove it with tweezers? Could it be some sort of non-food part of the healing process? Thank you!
4144828 tn?1351683716 My bottom wisdom tooth is coming in & it's so swollen I can't even close my mouth . Im 12 wks & where I would usually take a vicodin because it's the only thing that works for pain for me , I cant now . This is the most uncomfortable pain i've ever been in . Does any one have any tips ? Or anything to make this feel better .
Avatar n tn you are experiencing is not uncommon after extraction of wisdom teeth. Usually due to the injection of anesthetic or the trauma of the extraction, the numbness is most often transient and feeling will return over time. Sometimes it could take as long as six months but usually sooner. There is nothing you can do to regain feeling sooner. You should however let the treating doctor know of your symptoms. Also be careful when eating so you don't bite your tongue and not feel it.
Avatar m tn I had my wisdom tooth(2) removed 6 days ago. my lower left lip and a few teeth are still feeling numb currently. is this numbness going to be temporary or permanent?
Avatar n tn About a month ago i had a wisdom tooth taken out. It was healing ok but 5 days ago while biting a sandwich my jaw made a loud popping sound and since then i am not able to open my mouth more than an inch. i also have alot of swelling. What coul this be?
9671341 tn?1443128711 Since the green mucus is appearing from the wisdom teeth extraction hole, there is a good likelihood that you are affected by some sort of teeth infection. This infection may not have necessarily arisen as a result of the teeth extraction process. If you have any decayed tooth, this may have caused green mucus to form in the wisdom tooth socket. " http://www.dentistshateme.
Avatar n tn I guess not a wise choice after all. Where the wisdom teeth were extracted, the gums tends to swell and cause pain from time to time and, yes, the unfortunate smell. I had the area x-rayed/Panexed(?) as well as examined by several different orthodontists and periodontists, but to no avail. There never seems to be an issue. . . . yet there is. Gargling with warm sea salt water followed by a clove oil soaked cotton ball tend to to alleviate the pain enough to get some sleep.
Avatar f tn Its probably not pain from the movement of the teeth. It may be sensitive due to the trauma of the area and possibly to the tooth next to it during the extraction. Unfortunately with dry socket, there's no way to improve the healing time of it. Packing the socket and allowing it to heal on its own is the only option. Are you on pain meds as well?
Avatar f tn Exactly a week ago on Friday March 24th I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Since then I have been taking my medication as indicated and have been following all of the rules. On the 3rd and 4th day my swelling was extremely bad... swelling is still not completely gone and I have large bruises on my face. As of right now I can't seem to open my mouth more than 1 and a half inches apart and I find it extremely difficult to chew even the softest foods like mac and cheese for example.
88793 tn?1290227177 here in the U.S. most simple wisdom teeth removals are done with ga and sometimes a little gas just for relaxation not to knock you out. even more complicated procedures like impacted wisdom teeth rarely require a hospital. being completely sedated is more risky than just being numbed up. i only had two wisdom teeth come in (top only) and yes after they were pulled under ga in the regular office i walked a mile home!
784382 tn?1376931040 No problem. Sounds like you got some dental work lined up that needs to get done. I don't do crown lengthening so I'm not sure exactly what the healing time on it is, but it should be about the same as an extraction so I'd say one week should be when its better or almost entirely gone. The big hole can be normal after 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the extraction.
Avatar m tn My words to them was I need to get my wisdom teeth checked, not pulled. They did an x-ray of my wisdom teeth, because apparently I moved and it didnt show all my teeth. Put in mind I haven't seen the dentist yet, the lady that has been dealing with me came and asked me if they can pull my teeth that day someone cancelled, I told them I would have to be put to sleep for that. I have no tolerance for pain, and i am somewhat scared of needles.
4518471 tn?1355798857 So I had my wisdom teeth just over a week and I am still in pain not as much when I first got them taken out and this pass friday I called the nurse and she said to stop taking the strong pain killers "hydro" and have been really like feeling sick but did not have a cold or anything just felt bad.
Avatar f tn t remember how my bottom wisdom teeth holes (they too were stitched) looked when they were healing. But I do remember getting rice grains stuck in them when the stitches were taken out. But I would say as long as there is no continued bleeding, and there is no pulsating pain, you should be fine. The yellowish film may be a scab. If you do feel more pain and sensations of throbbing, then do see the dentist straight away as this could be an infection. Gargle with salty water.
Avatar n tn I had a general dentist do my wisdom teeth extractions. I did not know that I should go to an oral surgeon, or even what the difference was at the time. Anyways, I had them done and during the long healing time i noticed blood coming from my left upper gum, so I checked it out with a flashlight. While I was looking through my mouth, I found the dentist made large insicions in my gum line about two teeth away from the extraction site.
Avatar m tn Just had a tooth extraction, removed all of my wisdom teeth. All areas have healed more or less except my bottom right. That area still hasnt healed and gums are beginning to surround my molar (tooth 31)? Also the inner lining of my mouth near my jaw line is a blood red. Is this an infection? Should I seek a dentist out asap?
Avatar f tn A mild swelling may occur in many cases. Here I found information on wisdom teeth ( www.webdentist.
Avatar n tn m an 18 yo male and just had all four wisdom teeth extracted as well. Tonight, about 3 days after the extraction, I noticed my cheek was stuck onto one of the lower extraction sites like you mentioned. I'm scared to death also -- my mom is going to call the dentist tomorrow. I'm afraid that if I pull it apart it will remove the clot and start bleeding again, and increase my risk of dry socket. Angel, how did you get your situation resolved?
1809287 tn?1316744936 i am due to get my wisdom teeth removed in a short period of time and am considering putting it off until all this pain is gone. ive had a lot of work done on my teeth in the last month, including root canals and even another extraction, all of which went by smoothly and the healing process was quite fast, however, this time around, it is becoming unbarable. i find myself in tears after hours of constant pain. i would love some answers. please help!
Avatar f tn I had one of my wisdom teeth surgecally removed when I was in month 6 of treatment. I did lose some blood and later my CBC looked a little bit scary for a month. Since there is a good chance you will become anemic during tx, it's better to get any serious dental work done before the tx. A month ago I also had to replace a filling, but there was no problems with my blood work after that. Good luck!
19028025 tn?1473902866 I had a tooth extraction on Monday morning and it was a painless process. It bled for about two hours, then stopped. I assume a clot formed. I have been on a light diet of mashed potatoes, pudding, and apple sauce since. I have not used a straw nor have I spit. I have had some excess saliva, so I have had to swallow often. It does feel a lot like sucking through a straw, I suppose. I do not smoke, etc.