My tooth implant hurts

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Avatar f tn i was at work in the toilet and there was a wet foor and in a second i found my self on my face with a broken front tooth...i searched for my tooth and i found it i didnt feel any pain except in my inner lip it was bleeding my tooth too....but nothing in the gum above my tooth...i went to the dentist immeadiatly he told meafter the x ray that the nerve is exposed after removing it he found a crack a vertical one from the right to the left....
Avatar n tn Thanks for the reply. How much dose an implant usually cost? and is it covered by insurance? I will have this tooth exctracted sometime this this week for sure. I finally gathered the courage to visit a dentist and will start the treatment soon.
317787 tn?1473358451 Hi I had a dental implant with a healing cap placed 2 weeks ago on a lower back tooth. I have been eating on the other side, lots of soft food I have read that if the implant is in the jaw under the gum, you can begin to eat more than soft food after 10 to 12 days. If there is a healing cap you need to wait 6 weeks or longer. I also read one should stay away from sonic toothbrushes. I asked the surgeons office they told me not to worry, stope reading the internet, eat whatever I am able to.
Avatar n tn It has pulp tested normally, is normal on x-ray, and shows no signs of decay or cracks (according to two dentists and two endodontists). The extracted molar has now been replaced with an implant and this top tooth now hurts to chew on. It doesn't hurt to eat mildly crunchy things, but it does hurt to eat something thick and chewy like Italian bread. It used to hurt to push on it with a finger, but it doesn't hurt to do that anymore. It sometimes hurts to push it from the side.
Avatar f tn all a root canal is is the dr cleans out the pulp of the tooth ( the inside of the tooth) basicly killing your tooth. it kills the nerve. if the tooth is pulled than so is your root canal. I would suggest maybe going to see a different dr or asking for a different cement if possible. only an oral surgeon can put in an implant and they are very expensive and can be difficult to care for as well. please read up on care for implants before your make your decision.
Avatar n tn It does not hurt, is very small, and comes and goes. My dentist thinks I need to remove that tooth and have a dental implant because there is going to an infection to my jawbones. Since there is no pain and the tooth seems pretty solid (for now), is this really necessary at the moment? I was told not to wait longer than two months before removing it. I don't want to regret it.
Avatar n tn My dentist got "overexcited" and shaved almost my entire tooth while preparing it for the clown. The "thing" which remains from it is so small (H=1/8", W=1/16", L=1/16") that even temporary crown does not stay in place.
615350 tn?1272598969 I heard the same thing when I had a root canal done on my back lower left tooth (not the wisdom tooth). The darn thing hurt for a year after and I finally had it pulled. The oral surgeon told me he should pull the one above, too, but I declined. That was 10 years ago and my upper tooth is just fine. I have very dense and hard bone and it held just fine. It's still fine and I have had no problem with it at all.
Avatar n tn The pain has gotten worse, to the point that my whole face throbs, the roof of my mouth it hurts to move my cheek to cry, my ear hurts, my eye hurts, i just want to to die. So i go to the endo, and he took an exray and told me the cause was the loose crown he said the xray looked fine, i asked for antibiotic and he gave me z pack.
Avatar f tn I don't know if my first message went through, would a tooth implant be ok? I'm trying to find a dentist office who will let me make weekly payments, I've had no luck finding any dental office that will let me do that type of payment plan. I was hoping maybe you would know of a few places. Thank You!
Avatar n tn I don't think you can "redo" the inside of that crown to fit an abutment. Each crown is custom made to fit either the post from a natural tooth, or the abutment part of the implant. The implant and abutment are two separate pieces. I don't think what you are proposing is possible. You would need an new implant bridge. The only other thing would be to remove the end teeth on your bridge and have new ones fitted to the remaining bridge.
Avatar f tn Has anybody had a tooth implant ? Could you tell me if it hurts? and what it's like? How long does it take ?
Avatar f tn It appears that implant has not been placed yet. The gray line is generally the neck of implant which is showing through thin gingiva. In order to achieve better cosmetic result, implants can be placed in the position of tooth #7 anf #10 which serve as abutment teeth for supporting pontics #8 and #9. However, neck of abutment crown may or may not show grayish color, depending on the thickness of gum. If tooth #6 and 11, are solid, they can serve the abutment teeth for fixed bridge.
Avatar n tn The implant was placed and my dentist put on the crown. I waited 2 weeks after receiving the crown before biting with the left front tooth. The biting resulted in the same aching and soreness. HELP!!! I broke the tooth 11 months ago. What else could be wrong??????
1058622 tn?1254346187 The tooth began to fall out, piece by piece, and was painful at times, but I ignored it. Now, after it happened to another tooth almost directly across my bottom jaw, the first tooth has begun to hurt to the point that I can not eat on that side. Today, I noticed a small swollen lump directly under the first rotten tooth. I haven't had dental insurance, and just applied when the pain began. It hurts badly, but hasn't pussed or anything like that.
Avatar f tn I keep getting this white bump on my upper gums in the same spot every time, just above my left front tooth. Sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable so I will pop it like a pimple and a white fluid comes out but it relieves the pressure and pain, then i rinse with listerine. I think it may have something to do with a past injury to my teeth.
Avatar n tn I went to an oral surgeon and he said the implant was infected and in my sinus cavity. This implant was removed. The my jaw did not heal correctly, because there were bone fragments and pus were the first tooth was removed, and implant. The second implant was pinching into my jaw and they was a notch there, and this implant was remove. Now I have a large ulceration above my right eye tooth to my jawline and there is a hard are near my right nostril you can palpate hard area my face.
Avatar m tn From the x-ray of my implant, I found that my implant is too close to tooth #9 and the bone in between my implant and tooth #9 not grow much to integrate with the implant. I could also see the implant through my front gum, the gray color show off. I deeply worried and began to consult with some oral surgeons and some implant specialist. When they see the x-ray, all their first reaction is: This implant is not good. So, I took a CT Scan to see the implant 3-dimension.
Avatar m tn I asked my dentist and he referred me to another place (a dental school). They said that my tooth had mobility and that it wouldn't be worth doing a RC on and they said that it had some bone loss. I looked at the X-Rays and couldn't see any bone loss that they were talking about. They told me that I should get an implant. I told my dentist and he wondered the Endo had told me to get an implant and not a bridge. He said that I might not have enough bone to get an implant.
1145691 tn?1291478338 m really excited to start ttc, especially as this is my last chance to get preggo before my due date would have been for my previous loss. Not to mention I kinda like the thought the baby would end up being a libra like me (or even have the same birthday as me). The problem is I have a tooth with a previous filling from an old dentist, that needed touching up. Well a piece broke off my tooth and now its verrrry painful and am afraid he will no longer be able to save it.
Avatar m tn From the x-ray of my implant, I found that my implant is too close to tooth #9 and the bone in between my implant and tooth #9 not grow much to integrate with the implant. I could also see the implant through my front gum, the gray color show off. I deeply worried and began to consult with some oral surgeons and some implant specialist. When they see the x-ray, all their first reaction is: This implant is not good. So, I took a CT Scan to see the implant 3-dimension.
Avatar n tn I am undecided between implant and bridge. My dentist has told me that normally for people my age he would advise implants, however, since my adjacent teeth have fillings, he told me that I should strongly consider a bridge. However, I am afraid of the damage that may be caused to the adjacent teeth. What do you think? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I removed 1 bad tooth last year and planed to do implant it this year. My previous dr. left the org some time last year. The new dr. changed my plan after my yesterday's visit. He asked me to remove 3 teeth before implanting the removed one. The 3 teeth are, 2 were decayed teeth but haven't had problem almost 15 years, they are wisdom teeth. One is 2 teeth away from the one to implant, 1 is far away at the other end. For the 3rd one need to remove, i agree with the Dr.
Avatar m tn I have tooth decay on the inside of my # 10 tooth (upper) the decay is spreading towards the "bone level" according to the xrays, it is close to the root (nerve?) but not touching it and the 5 dentists i have seen all recommend extraction of the tooth with all but 1 of them recommending an Implant, the 1 lone dentist recommends a fixed bridge shaving down the 2 healthy teeth next to the bad one, i cannot afford either of these proceedures costing $3,000 & above right now.
Avatar n tn I am a healthy, 19 year old girl. I lost my frontal tooth 9 years ago and I had to make an implantation 3 days ago. At first the gum under the implant was looking pretty good, but now I have pus on it. What can I do to take it off? Can it get worse?
Avatar f tn Since having my implant I have experienced horrible neck pain, head pain and feel tired all the time. Could it be my implant that I got and had problems with even then?
Avatar n tn Not sure how this is possible on a root canaled tooth. It really hurts if I bite down on it then I feel my pulse in the tooth for 5 minutes. My dentist took an x-ray and reffered me to an endodontist. My regular dentist did not seem convinced either way if it needs re-treatment or not. The other thing is I seem to have a slight "reffered" pain in a lower right tooth (feels a little like something is stuck between the teeth or that the tooth is loose, just a mild ache).
Avatar n tn hi, i had a tooth implant done about a week ago and having some throbbing in that area is this normal?