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Avatar m tn From the x-ray of my implant, I found that my implant is too close to tooth #9 and the bone in between my implant and tooth #9 not grow much to integrate with the implant. I could also see the implant through my front gum, the gray color show off. I deeply worried and began to consult with some oral surgeons and some implant specialist. When they see the x-ray, all their first reaction is: This implant is not good. So, I took a CT Scan to see the implant 3-dimension.
Avatar m tn From the x-ray of my implant, I found that my implant is too close to tooth #9 and the bone in between my implant and tooth #9 not grow much to integrate with the implant. I could also see the implant through my front gum, the gray color show off. I deeply worried and began to consult with some oral surgeons and some implant specialist. When they see the x-ray, all their first reaction is: This implant is not good. So, I took a CT Scan to see the implant 3-dimension.
Avatar m tn I had a bad implant on tooth #10 which was put in on April 14, 2008. There is no bone cover the outer side of the implant. Also, the implant was placed in a position with close to #9. the implant was taken out on Aug. 14, 2008 by another doctor. She used BMP-2 which cause big swelling over 2-3 weeks. and light swelling afterwards. On Aug. 30. I noticed my #9 become loose and very sensitive to percussion. On that day, my gum on #9 and #10 was seriously inflamed.
Avatar n tn After completion of wound healing, it would be a good idea to replce the missing tooth with implant if conditions allowed.
Avatar n tn This is not the normal post op symptoms of having a implant placed. Is it possible that another tooth on that side is the culprit? I would return to the oral surgeon and get a definitive diagnosis. There should not be swelling during the integration of the implant.
Avatar m tn i need one for a molar and between the implant (the post put in your jawbone) and the crown (the tooth that screws on it) the cost was around $5000. this changes with the type of tooth being replaced and what part of the country you live in. the front teeth are cheaper.
Avatar m tn I did an implant on my tooth #10. The same day the doctor did tooth extraction and an immediate implant loading. on one side of the implant, there are some bone infection. It dose not cause much pain and swelling, but it cause the procedure of bone binding the implant very slow. I am very concern about the success rate of my implant under this condition. I would like to hear expert's opinion about it. How is the success rate under this situation.
Avatar m tn Proper maintenance of implant is essential, which includes interdental brush, floss, and tooth brush. Mechanical cleaning is indispensible. Implant is generally cleaned by plastic instrument or meticulous cleaning of metal instrument. You may need to inform your hygienist which tooth or teeth is implant supported restoration, so that she may avoid routine cleaning procedure for implant. one routine dental cleaning does not likely cause permanent damage of implant.
Avatar m tn I have implant done on tooth #10 , which is a front tooth, in the middle of April, 2008. no abutment put in, and the suture was taken off after two weeks of the surgery. suppose the gum will close several weeks after the suture removed, but now, 3 month passed the surgery, my gum still not closed. I am deeply worried if that will cause any problem. if the gum still not close after 6 moths of the surgery, do I need to do gum regeneration? how much will it cost?
1486020 tn?1354028475 Tylenol (acetaminophen) is okay to take during pregnancy, just not too much. I'll try your clove idea. Someone also suggested a baby toothing gel, since it would be safe for a baby it should be safe during pregnancy. I wish the dentist would take me sooner! This is agonizing..
Avatar m tn I have one tooth severely losen and had it extracted. I expect to have an implant some time later. At the time of extraction, the dentist told me I need have bone graft and it should be done at the time of tooth extractio or at least within two weeks after the extraction. But I did not follow his advice and just simply had the tooth extracted. My question is if I am to have an implant later, can I still have bone graft at that time?
Avatar m tn I would say implant is the closest we are right now to something resembling normal tooth. Bridges are a good idea too, but during that procedure two healthy tooth are shaved down so they can be used as anchors for the missing tooth. Again consult oral surgeon, in the end it is your decision.
1415174 tn?1453243103 I had a tooth extracted and I am thinking of getting a dental implant. I am concerned with several things regarding the implant: 1. how long are you under anesthetic? 2. how much pain after they put the implant in? 3. do they put in a plate or something so you can chew on that side? 4. I understand it takes 4 months to heal before the implant and then 4-5 months after before they can put the crown or top part on.
79258 tn?1190630410 Restoring it later on (ie puttin a tooth on the implant) is usually a piece of cake. It sounds to me like the plan to hemisect the tooth is not a good one, although again I have not seen you or your films so I cannot be sure. It sounds to me like the tooth wants to say goodbye.
Avatar m tn I went to a oral surgeon who tried to correct the problem. During this period we found a crack in the enamel so there was nothing that could be done with the tooth. This all happened a year ago. Everything seemed well enough and I have let it be. The problem is that where the crack in the tooth, just above the gum line, puts off a unpleasant odor and I need to get this tooth pulled. Of that much I am certain and have no problem with that. What concerns me is what to do after that.
Avatar n tn The my jaw did not heal correctly, because there were bone fragments and pus were the first tooth was removed, and implant. The second implant was pinching into my jaw and they was a notch there, and this implant was remove. Now I have a large ulceration above my right eye tooth to my jawline and there is a hard are near my right nostril you can palpate hard area my face. I am noticing clear drainage leaking out of my right nostril, and this area feels different from the left side.
Avatar m tn I routinely augment gum during my implant surgeries, and on occassions I have to do some more later to get my desired results. there are too many factors involved, of which your tissue type is not the least.. speak to your surgeon, and if you don't completely trust him/her get a second opinion.. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I had a surgery on 8/14 on tooth #10 to remove an implant. the implant was very very close to my tooth #9. because the suture not removed, my gum got some infection or inflamation on tooth #10. That infection spread to #9. yesterday, I suddenly found that my tooth#9 become loose, and when I gently tap the surface of my tooth, the whole tooth feel very sensitive. I saw my dentist on Tue, she is a periodontist but just graduated from school not long ago.
Avatar n tn I am 25 and need to replace a missing tooth. I am undecided between implant and bridge. My dentist has told me that normally for people my age he would advise implants, however, since my adjacent teeth have fillings, he told me that I should strongly consider a bridge. However, I am afraid of the damage that may be caused to the adjacent teeth. What do you think? Thanks!
Avatar m tn If root resorption tooth is asymptomatic , you don,t need to worry. No one can tell when the tooth will come out. Implant is a highly predictable and viable option for replacing missing tooth.once it is inserted and restored , it can service decades, no need to remove healthy implant.
Avatar n tn What are the indications for an apicoectomy or other endodontic surgeries? I'm under the impression that these are last resort treatments for a failed root canal. I'm told this is not possible for #3, on which I had a root canal on 3/27/07. Pain/pressure continued; had redo on 5/7/07 where canals were left open; crown resealed with temporary filling, and antibiotics. I noticed on the xray that the tooth looked overfilled -- asst. said this will be reabsorbed into body.
Avatar n tn I removed 1 bad tooth last year and planed to do implant it this year. My previous dr. left the org some time last year. The new dr. changed my plan after my yesterday's visit. He asked me to remove 3 teeth before implanting the removed one. The 3 teeth are, 2 were decayed teeth but haven't had problem almost 15 years, they are wisdom teeth. One is 2 teeth away from the one to implant, 1 is far away at the other end. For the 3rd one need to remove, i agree with the Dr.
Avatar m tn i said no and they looked shocked and then we went ahead with the root canal, i told them to just pull the tooth but of course they didnt want to. i told them i didnt have 6000 for an implant or 3000 for a bridge so we did a root canal and they are going to fit a crown to it... if your not in pain yet then start saving money now....
Avatar n tn hi, i had a tooth implant done about a week ago and having some throbbing in that area is this normal?
Avatar f tn It could also be due to tooth infections, impacted tooth or skin infections. The others are migrainous headaches and those caused due to brain disorders, disorders of the eyes , neck or ears to name a few.To find a cure you need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment.In the meantime take OTC naproxen for relief from pain. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.