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Avatar f tn On one side I have a crowned tooth (gold crown) and on the other I have a tooth that is full of filings. I need to decide between an implant and a bridge. The dentist suggests a bridge - as one of the side teeth will likely need a crown in the future. The oral surgeon suggests an implant, as I have a gold crown and it is a shame to lose that expense.
Avatar m tn Patients may choose a removable bridge which is generally disliked by many, fixed bridge that requires tooth structure to be removed from the adjacent teeth, implant and no treatment. Your dentist should be able to provide a financial look at the different options as well as the best option and alternatives to your specific case.
Avatar n tn why more delicate maintenance for the implant? everything else I read said that it is easier to floss than vs. the bridge? thanks!
Avatar m tn my implant is gonna be thousands!
Avatar n tn I am 25 and need to replace a missing tooth. I am undecided between implant and bridge. My dentist has told me that normally for people my age he would advise implants, however, since my adjacent teeth have fillings, he told me that I should strongly consider a bridge. However, I am afraid of the damage that may be caused to the adjacent teeth. What do you think? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Now I need to change the denture and was thinking of fixed bridge instead..but Im worried of the effects in one of good tooth to be use as a support for the bridge.,was worried that it will be infected eventually also.Pls. enlighten me of the advantage and disadvantage of having bridge over dentures and the procedure to it.thank you.
Avatar n tn Has anyone here had a tooth implant rather than a bridge? My dentist in recommended an implant for a tooth I was born w/o and I'm nervous about the procedure, it sounds painful (and more expensive) but he does not want to ruin the two teeth surrounding the gap with a bridge. He claims it will last a lifetime as well - anyone have feedback on this issue?
Avatar m tn i'm posting xray of my #10 tooth, not sure if it is considered decay or infection but it is on the inside of the tooth not the surface. i posted story previously on this forum without xray image, thanks to all for your input i am trying to avoid bridges, implants and dentures. most dentists have est. $3,000 + for fixed bridge or implant. i currently have no pain unless i chew on hard food with tooth. can tooth be saved ? by root canal ?
Avatar m tn A three unit bridge affects two healthy teeth, the tooth in front of the fractured one, and the tooth in the back of it. You're talking about a very esthetic area, right in the front of your mouth, so if you can manage, I too advise you to get a dental implant. I have two myself and am really happy with them.
Avatar m tn The prices I have been hearing for a bridge to implant (lows of $2600 to highs of $5500) seem a bit over the top. I hesitate to do a bridge simply because I do not want to tear down two good teeth with a seemingly short term solution (bridge that last around 10 years). Thanks for responding.
Avatar m tn 4 implants at 30, 20, 26, 28 and then the dentist do the bridge to give me a tooth in the back of each side/bottom and fill in the two up front that are missing. Plan 2: 2 Implants at 30 & 20 and then grind down the remaining teeth and bridge whole lower between 30 & 20. Cost is an issue here and he estimated $1,900 per implant, is this about right? I've never heard of grinding teeth down like this, is this a normal procedure? Which do you think is more cost effective?
Avatar n tn My first choice if you have to lose the tooth is the placement of an implant.The implant can be a life time restoration.Who places the implant and who restores it is very important.
Avatar m tn I have a three tooth bridge at the upper front of my mouth. This broke the other day, snapping off the two anchor teeth, at the gum line, which was holding it in place. My regular dentist is away and his "stand in" has advised that I either get a denture (which I would absolutely hate) or root canal the two anchor teeth and then insert posts two days later for a new bridge to sit on. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I have a bridge on the upper front of my teeth. Teeth 7, 8, 9,10 & 11 are the anchors. The bridge or caps cover teeth 6,7,8.9&10. I have had the bridge for 20 years. I recently had tooth 11shatter and fall off leaving the silver under bridge part showing. I went to my dentist who put a temporary on it costing $320. To replace one side of the bridge will cost $2700.00 and it won't necessarily match the other side so if I want to replace both sides, that will cost $5400.00.
Avatar m tn i said no and they looked shocked and then we went ahead with the root canal, i told them to just pull the tooth but of course they didnt want to. i told them i didnt have 6000 for an implant or 3000 for a bridge so we did a root canal and they are going to fit a crown to it... if your not in pain yet then start saving money now....
Avatar f tn If done properly, the success rate of a root canal can be quite high. It could be as high as a 90% chance of success. An implant has roughly the success rate if you want to go that route. An extraction would remedy the situation also but then you'd need to replace it. If not an implant, then you're looking at a bridge which has a lower chance of success or a flipper/stayplate or false teeth that you have to remove and clean at night.
Avatar n tn My bridge broke. It has 2 teeth but now we need to add a tooth in the bridge. The dentist said one of the root canals has a slight infection & it should be redone. Then the other tooth (Which i posted about earlier having the "lentulo paste filler" look.) We may have to redo that one as well. With the 3 teeth & the 2 redo of the root canals the charge the office quoted me is $5,333.00. This seems a lot to me. Is this normal these days?
Avatar f tn The other option if you do not want to have an implant is a bridge. The only concern for the bridge is that you will have to have your #30 and #32 prepped (shaven down), so the crowns can be put on it in order to help hold the abutment of #31. Implants are thought to be not as good, but close enough to our natural teeth. You mention that your tissue is in good condition, you probably do not smoke - so the dentists recommended implant.
Avatar m tn Before I went for the 3D Xray Periodontist said it needs to be extracted and to go with an implant. #22 supports a bridge. Is there an endodontic procedure that will save the tooth? I want the best long term solution. Also I read on the internet that there is a problem with food around a tooth after a root resection. Is the best solution extraction and an implant? I will need another implant next to #22 also as the bridge covers that space.
Avatar n tn I can finance the root canal/crown, but the problem in the back of my mind is; after I commit to the cost factor, what would be the odds of my retaining the tooth with my dental habits (brush fairly daily and do not floss). I've had too many people tell me over the last couple days that they had a rct/crwn done, only to have the tooth removed in about a year. With my habits, am I a candidate for the same results, or is a rct/crwn more reliable than I am led to beleive.
Avatar m tn Actually, there are two cost of a dental implant. First, the cost of the implant itself, which can run between $1500 and $3000 per tooth. Unfortunately, that only leaves you with a titanium rod embedded into your bone. Now, you need a crown. and crowns for implants can cost more than normal crowns because as my dentist put it, there are more parts. Plus you will also probably want to use a higher quality Crown that also cost more.
Avatar m tn My dentist never told me about the option of getting a Dental Implant. I googled information about it and it seems to be a better option than a Bridge. My guess is that the Dentist doesn't make money if a surgeon puts the Implant in. Instead he wants me to do a bridge with him. Is this true? I'm considering changing my dentist because when the crown came out he said.
Avatar m tn On the place where one tooth was missing, they placed a Maryland Bridge. I preferred a dental implant, but they said I could better wait a while because of my age. I am a 17 year old boy. The missing tooth I am talking about is located in the upper jaw between the front and the canine tooth on the (from my perspective) left side.