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Avatar f tn I am wondering what are all the pros and cons for veneers vs crown, for a root canaled tooth. My tooth has a largish filling on the side in addition to the root canal, so my prime worry is whether a veneer can protect my tooth against getting cracked or damaged. Cost wise they both are about the same, I will be going for metal free ceramic crown/veneer. Thanks in advance.
960996 tn?1435013273 Both porcelain laminate veneer and ceramic crown can yield satifactory cosmetic result.The final outcome depends on clinician's skill. With regard to ceramic crown, there are two types, one is porcelain fused to metal and one is full ceramic crown.PFM has been in the market for more than 50 years, with good reputation in terms of durability and fitness. Full ceramic crown yields more transparency and a little bit more vivid looking.
Avatar m tn however, i got porcelain crown on the broken 3 teeth and veneer on the healthy front tooth, the reason i got the veneer for the healthy tooth is make the two front teeth look even. after the crowns were put in. My gums started to recede. my left and the right front teeth gums don't look even. is it normal after have teeth crowned? initially after the dentist installed the crowns, the crowns didn't look even. the veneered front tooth looked longer than the crowned front teeth.
Avatar n tn one dentist believes a veneer wouldnt last long and the trauma of applying it may cause the tooth to need a root canal immediately, so he recommends either leave it alone of do a root canal and crown. another dentist i asked would most likely do anything but i think he is dishonest. i live in india and i dont think there are any endodontists except in delhi or mumbai perhaps. what is a periapical lesion and how would i know if i had one?
Avatar m tn Will this mean i will have to have a crown? Also i damaged my other front tooth, she said i should have a veneer? i would like to know the costs of these treatments as i dont want to be ripped off!!
Avatar m tn Also, what is the cost of a crown or veneer (What is a veneer?) I live in Canada but I am guessing USD would be around the same price range? And also, what kind of insurance policies cover this?
631640 tn?1264419173 Idea would be to shave it down to size, get braces to move the teeth into correct position, and then crown the tooth. I suggest finding a dentist who gives you a couple of options and who is upfront about getting you a dental team for comprehensive care (at least the general dentist and an orthodontist).
5697758 tn?1372611154 I thought if I was to be fitted for a crown they had to shave down most of the tooth. Eg My wife has 2 crowns and the back of her teeth are flat. What also annoys me is I was told it was a vaneer until the point when I'm sat in the chair ready for fitting. To be honest I was in a vulnerable position to be told I'm not getting what I thought I was getting.
Avatar n tn I recently had a dental implant on my top right, next to a root canaled tooth which had been done 20 years ago. The dentist told me to have a veneer on this tooth since it was quite yellow. After the implant crown and veneer was put in, I started to feel numbness on my top and bottom lips. I have had this numbness for nearly 3 months now. Finally, the dentist took an xray and said the root of the root canaled tooth is infected and he will perform an apicoectomies to remove the infection.
Avatar n tn If you require a root canal on your front tooth, you may want to consider getting a crown on that tooth instead of a veneer as it provides some more structural support. You may want to ask your dentist about it. I wouldn't say that the root canal was caused by dirty instruments. It maybe due to the preparation work done to reduce the tooth to create space for a veneer which caused some irritation or exposure of the pulp of the tooth, thus requiring a root canal.
Avatar n tn It would cost me $600 for whitening (ZOOM), $4500 for crown lengthening-6 teeth and about $2500 per crown (including provisional crown, post and porcelein crown). I have several questions: 1) Is this overpriced?. If so, what is the reasonal price for each crown? 2) Is crown lengthening a good idea? Any negatives? 3) What is the best way to find reputable dentist and know that I'm not being overcharged? Please help!
479581 tn?1317757488 If more extensive, a veneer, inlay, or a crown might be needed, unless the crack goes below the gumline which might need a procedure called crown lengthening and if the cracks continue down too far to the bone, then the tooth may not even be savable and then a bridge, partial denture or implant might be needed. Also if the crack has gone to the nerve of the tooth and the nerve is exposed, then a root canal might be needed as well.
Avatar n tn The break could cause you to need a root canal and a build-up which would cost you more $. Onlays and inlays can not be done on a front tooth. Maybe a veneer. Which would definately need to be decided by the dentist treating you. A lot of things would determine the treatment needed for this tooth. I do agree that the premolar should be crowned first because of it's over all function in your mouth. It is a tooth that takes a lot more stress than an anterior tooth.
Avatar m tn Your dentist should be able to predict somewhat the best course of action in regards to veneer vs invisalign first. As for review sites, I'm not sure. What part of the world are you in? I think in the US, alot of people check the doctor's websites, yelp reviews, etc. I think the most popular way to find a dentist is to ask for a personal referral from a friend/family/coworker.
Avatar n tn I recently had a cavity removed from a molar. Because it was quite deep, the dentist filled it with a sedative filling and we waited two weeks to see if I experienced any sensitivity. During that time I did not have any sensitivity to cold or hot and the tooth felt fine. Originally, I was told that the remaining tooth structure was about 2 to 3 mm away from the root and that if it did not become sensitive, the tooth would be restored with an onlay.
Avatar f tn Said she only recommends an onlay on the tooth and refused to do a crown. She made an exception for the other tooth and agreed she would do a crown. I felt at that point she only wants to make more money off me. Won't a crown fix the problem either way, despite what her recommendations are? These two teeth are not in any pain, no infections. She says she found "some" decay and a cracked filling. Do I have a choice in this decision that the dentist is making?
Avatar n tn I have been reading info on the subject and are learning that an inlay strenghens a tooth while a crown weakens a tooth. an inlay also should be preferred whenever conditions allow over a crown. an inlay is also a conservative procedure as it removes the least amount of the tooth material. Another advantage not mentioned in the literature is that it should be easier to detect a decay around an inlay than in a crown. I would appreciate any comments to the statements above.
Avatar f tn I have just had my third tooth in from the bottom removed. On one side I have a crowned tooth (gold crown) and on the other I have a tooth that is full of filings. I need to decide between an implant and a bridge. The dentist suggests a bridge - as one of the side teeth will likely need a crown in the future. The oral surgeon suggests an implant, as I have a gold crown and it is a shame to lose that expense.
Avatar n tn If I chose not to have implant in 11 area, can he hook a false tooth that is attached somehow to 10? Would a veneer on 10 supposrt a small partial with one tooth? They also want implant in 29-30 area to hold partial for tooth 25. I wish there was an easier way as implants are costly and one never knows if they will work. What are your thoughts on implants? Am on Plavix and every time I see a DDS I take amoxcillan and this med is causing feet/ankle swelling.
541456 tn?1394490622 Plus, if the public could see photographs of how much tooth surface is removed before placement they would be horrified. The amount of tooth removed SOUNDS small but if they saw a photograph* they'd definitely think twice.
Avatar n tn if most of the natural tooth structure is gone, you are probably better off with a crown, which covers the tooth entirely and protects it. the tooth may first need a "buildup" if the existing filling has come out, comes out during preparation of the tooth, or has decay around it. I do not like inlays personally. ONLAYS are much better in that they also cover the tooth, but i use gold, not composite or porcelain, which can break.
Avatar n tn Due to economic reasons, I am leaning towards an extraction, but honestly would like to keep the tooth. I can finance the root canal/crown, but the problem in the back of my mind is; after I commit to the cost factor, what would be the odds of my retaining the tooth with my dental habits (brush fairly daily and do not floss). I've had too many people tell me over the last couple days that they had a rct/crwn done, only to have the tooth removed in about a year.
Avatar n tn This time the veneer will have to be destroyed and the tooth crowned. I am looking at a $2,000 dental bill which is more than I paid for the veneer. My teeth were in perfect health before getting the veneers, I got them simply for aesthetic purposes. Please be aware that these types of complications are not uncommon and think twice! This process is irreversible.
Avatar m tn its asymptomatic but the yellowish discolouration bothers me. Does vital tooth bleaching help to whiten the tooth which experience PCO?
Avatar n tn My tooth #3 is badly decayed on the mesial side. It will likely need RCT and a crown (it currently has a temp. filling). Most of the tooth mesial of the pulp chamber is gone, and the decay goes down to the gum (there's maybe 1-1.5 mm of tooth left to the bone). The distal side also has some decay but not anywhere near as much and there is plenty of tooth above the gum on that side.