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Avatar f tn I have decay under crown and dentist wants to remove tooth but I also have a bridge next to this and the supporting tooth for this has roots going sideways due to an impacted tooth in gum line. This may become unstable after extraction and i end up with a large gap . what is the alternative. I have no pain under crown but gum is soft due to the decay.
Avatar f tn I noticed that there are black flakes coming out from under the crown. The first time I saw it, I thought it might be something I ate. But yesterday, I didn't eat anything like black pepper or with any black color in it. What might this be? Could it be my tooth that is disintergrating? !!! I can't go back to my dentist until Tuesday, but I'm worried. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn The Endo gave me two options. Either to retreat the root canal and hope the crown doesn't break in the process OR get the tooth pulled and get an implant. He never mentioned the possibility of the crown being loose until I mentioned that as a possibility. He stated he couldn't determine if decay was present under the crown without venturing in, possibly damaging the crown.
Avatar f tn I was having the same odor problem under a crown and it was decay and I had to have the tooth removed. Bacteria can find it's way under the crown and cause your dentist about the odor and pain.
Avatar n tn The very last tooth had and old filling, the middle tooth an ugly crown and the tooth in front of it a large crack and decay under existing filling. My DDS opted for an inlay, onlay and new crown. From the time the numbing medicine wore off the cracked tooth hurt. I returned to my DDS 3 or 4 times complaining of a toothache, jaw pain and earache. He felt the tooth was "too high" and adjusted it to no avail. Today I had a root canal on the tooth....and guess what?
Avatar f tn my heart is pinching and my bones hurt badly now can a decay under the crown no tooth left to hold pin have a right swollen face and numbness can be caused by the decay that is under a crown that been there 10 years?
Avatar n tn If the crowns were done within the year, I'd argue that they were placed when there was current decay underneath them and therefore all decay should be removed and new crowns placed with the cost being absorbed by the dental office where you got them done. If they have to drill through the crown to remove decay they could seal things up with resin. Even though it's not the best option, it's better than having to pay for new crowns.
Avatar n tn I would definitely check out the tooth that is sensitive to touch for possible root canal therapy.
Avatar f tn I had a gross odor when flossing around my crown & it seemed loose as well. This turned out to be an abscessed tooth. The pain is unbearable, I am currently on antibiotics & pain med. having the tooth extracted next week & an implant put in 3000.00 later. Ugh what a headache. If their is a smell that means decay under the crown or something else brewing. Crowns should always feel tight & not smell when flossing between.
Avatar n tn If you have an infection under a crown you will need to get the tooth treated if you plan on keeping the tooth. If it is decay, you will lose the tooth if you leave it untreated. If you have an abscess, you may lose the tooth and if the infection is left untreated it could possibly lead to septicemia or death (depending on location). You should see your dentist.
Avatar n tn Does the tooth have root canal therapy? Sounds like there is decay at the margin or under the crown. I would have the crown taken off and check for decay. Good luck.
Avatar n tn If your tooth was prepared correctly so that the crown tucks under your gums, it should never leak or decay. Rest assured, your tooth should be just fine. I would be more concerned about the fracture under the crown. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn On one she said there was so much decay the molar has 50% filling now and I need a crown. I was blown away that I needed all this dental work when I had been given a clean bill of health for the past 2 years with my previous dentist. I was back in my old city and stopped by my older dentist. He recommended NOT putting a crown on that tooth. So my question is, would there be another more conservative restorative process other than getting a crown like an onlay / inlay.
Avatar n tn well many things can cause it to have a loose feel. maybe it needs to be recemented (there are many conditions that say yes or not to this)> the tooth under could be fractured, get to the dentist soon. maybe the tooth itself is loose but you cant tell. unfortunatly you need to see a dentist in person to give you a proper diagnosis and treatmen plan.
Avatar f tn Said she only recommends an onlay on the tooth and refused to do a crown. She made an exception for the other tooth and agreed she would do a crown. I felt at that point she only wants to make more money off me. Won't a crown fix the problem either way, despite what her recommendations are? These two teeth are not in any pain, no infections. She says she found "some" decay and a cracked filling. Do I have a choice in this decision that the dentist is making?
Avatar m tn The decay extends down to alveolar bone, pulp is probably non-vital, which may need root canal treatment in order to rescue the tooth. However, restoration is difficult.Ideally, crown lenthening is needed in order to establish biologic width. However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.
Avatar f tn but the decay that close the the nerve... depending on hoe close the perm. tooth is to the baby tooth it could already have a bit of decay already. a root canal and a crown are very expensive to be doing on a tooth that will be falling out very soon. if you plan to get him braces have the tooth extracted to prevent any possible decay to his adult teeth if it hasnt already. and that will give the adult tooth the space it needs to come in if it is close enough any ways.
Avatar n tn s a premolar on my left side) that had extensive decay underneath it. She recommended that I get a dental crown for it since the decay went so deep. I recall that they had to fill the amalgam-depositing device three times before they got the entire thing filled up. That's probably bad news... I also have an incisor (the right one next to the two front teeth) that she also recommended getting a crown for, since it had 3 composite fillings in it.
Avatar n tn She had to do a build up on the tooth and put all medicated layers along with a temporary crown. My tooth hurt pretty bad for about 3 days and then from time to time was a little sore, nothing bad. 2 1/2 weeks after temporary crown put on I am having severe pain. The pain radiates up to my temple. Throbbing pain worse after eating or drinking hot or cold. Would it be wise to just have the tooth extracted since it is the rearmost tooth? Do I have an infection?
Avatar n tn This is a replacement crown because I had decay under the old crown. I did ask for a refund, but the office manager of the office said they could not refund my money because the crown had been paid for. I paid for it myself! They said their other dentist will take another impression of the tooth. It has been a pain dealing with them. It is not my fault they can't get it right! They always blame the lab for the mistake. I wonder though. I am going to get a new impression done next Tuesday.
Avatar f tn Keep in mind that the dentist makes sure the surface of the prepped tooth is clean, dry and sterile before refixing the crown on it. You could be setting yourself up for severe decay and infection under you crown. Why are you being charged to reset it? I've had a couple pop off before and my dentist never charged me to reset it. He considered that part of the cost I originally paid for what was supposed to be a permanently cemented crown.
Avatar n tn Now, one year later, I have decay so large under the same tooth,I now need a root canal! Now they are all failing again. Is this the fault of the dentist? I have 2 amalgam fillings that are over 20 years old that are fine.I'm so disappointed in my dentist. I plan to have a root canal done and a crown, but what is my solution for the other failing fillings? Thank-You.
Avatar n tn go back to your dentist. the tooth either wasnt sealed properly or its lost its seal. you didnt mention how long you have had this crown. the smell is from the bacteria that got inside. you need to have it cleaned up and a new crown placed.
Avatar f tn I had a crown put on my tooth about 2 days ago, it hurts anytime i bite down to hard. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn I am wondering what are all the pros and cons for veneers vs crown, for a root canaled tooth. My tooth has a largish filling on the side in addition to the root canal, so my prime worry is whether a veneer can protect my tooth against getting cracked or damaged. Cost wise they both are about the same, I will be going for metal free ceramic crown/veneer. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I have been reading info on the subject and are learning that an inlay strenghens a tooth while a crown weakens a tooth. an inlay also should be preferred whenever conditions allow over a crown. an inlay is also a conservative procedure as it removes the least amount of the tooth material. Another advantage not mentioned in the literature is that it should be easier to detect a decay around an inlay than in a crown. I would appreciate any comments to the statements above.
Avatar n tn Is it okay to go to different dentist? Bcoz my dentist is in the Philippines and im in the US now.