Tooth decay under crown

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Avatar m tn Unfortunately this does happen, and if you don't do anything the tooth will just decay away and your crown will fall off. Your dentist can remove the crown to see how bad the decay is and maybe fill the tooth but this would require you having to get a new crown. It's been my experience that by the time they discover the decay it's too late to save the tooth. Good luck and take care.
Avatar f tn I have decay under crown and dentist wants to remove tooth but I also have a bridge next to this and the supporting tooth for this has roots going sideways due to an impacted tooth in gum line. This may become unstable after extraction and i end up with a large gap . what is the alternative. I have no pain under crown but gum is soft due to the decay.
Avatar n tn I would definitely check out the tooth that is sensitive to touch for possible root canal therapy.
Avatar n tn Decay under crowns can be caused by not keeping the crown clean enough. The removal of the crown shouldn't damage the tooth. They should just be able to cut the crown off, remove the decay, and reprep for a new crown. Unless the decay is into the nerve, then you would need a root canal before getting a new crown.
Avatar n tn Now, one year later, I have decay so large under the same tooth,I now need a root canal! Now they are all failing again. Is this the fault of the dentist? I have 2 amalgam fillings that are over 20 years old that are fine.I'm so disappointed in my dentist. I plan to have a root canal done and a crown, but what is my solution for the other failing fillings? Thank-You.
Avatar n tn X-ray may or may not show deay within the crown. If x-ray doesn't show pathology, removal of crown may be indicated.
Avatar f tn A cavity was discovered under the supporting crown for my bridge. The bridge was removed and the dentist stated in order to save this tooth, which already had a root canel, it would be necessary for the dental surgeon to build this tooth up, since the decay is at or below the gum line, before putting on a new crown. How is the tooth built up? My other option is dental implants.
Avatar n tn Once you alter the tooth under the crown, the crown isn't going to fit as perfectly as it did before which can lead to many problems. My first thought would be that maybe the bite is a little off. If the crown is high, an adjustment may be needed to alleviate the pressure on that tooth. If the crown fits perfect and all margins are sealed, you shouldn't experience any sensitivity.
Avatar f tn I noticed that there are black flakes coming out from under the crown. The first time I saw it, I thought it might be something I ate. But yesterday, I didn't eat anything like black pepper or with any black color in it. What might this be? Could it be my tooth that is disintergrating? !!! I can't go back to my dentist until Tuesday, but I'm worried. Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn Even when crowns are well fitted there is a chance of bacteria getting underneath and causing decay, plus as we age our gums tend to recede allowing bacteria to get under the crown and decay the tooth. Keep going back until you are happy...your dentist works for you and you deserve to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of his work. Take care.
Avatar f tn I have decay under an existing crown on a tooth that has not had a root canal. Will my dentist be able to remove the existing crown, get rid of the decay, and use the existing crown or is a new crown necessary?
Avatar f tn Hi there, In cases where there has been decay in the tooth under the crown this decay leads to destruction of tooth structure and may affect its shape. As a result, the crown no longer fits and can become loose and needs to be replaced. If the teeth have shifted significantly the same crown cannot be reused. In your case it is important to consult a dentist and get the crown seen and then determine whether it can be reused or not. Do keep us posted. Best luck and kind regards!
Avatar n tn 1) It's hard to tell because an xray cannot show anything under the crown--the metal part of the crown blocks out any tooth structure. So there may be more decay under the crown that won't be able to be seen until the crown is removed. Personally, I would have it taken care of soon for this reason. 2) Cost of a crown depends on the geographical area you live in. Some areas will be more and some less. See if your dentist will take payments or offers Care Credit.
Avatar n tn Is it okay to go to different dentist? Bcoz my dentist is in the Philippines and im in the US now.
Avatar n tn go back to your dentist. the tooth either wasnt sealed properly or its lost its seal. you didnt mention how long you have had this crown. the smell is from the bacteria that got inside. you need to have it cleaned up and a new crown placed.
Avatar f tn I am wondering what are all the pros and cons for veneers vs crown, for a root canaled tooth. My tooth has a largish filling on the side in addition to the root canal, so my prime worry is whether a veneer can protect my tooth against getting cracked or damaged. Cost wise they both are about the same, I will be going for metal free ceramic crown/veneer. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn He should have done a root canal and placed a crown and instead he just did a huge filling extremely close to the nerve and now the tooth is dead. I have decay under the filling and have to decide soon whether to have it extracted or pay the $2000 to have it fixed. Good grief! I can't believe he was telling you that story as he was working on you. That is so unprofessional. If I were you, I would not go back to him. File the complaint and maybe try to get your money back.
Avatar n tn The immediate side effects after crown placement are infection of the gums or mouth, bleeding, pain etc.The late side effects are tooth decay under the crown or falling off of the crown in cases it is not fitted properly. Since it is almost 2 years since crown placement and there has been no other symptom it seems unlikely that it is due to the crown. What type of bone changes are seen in the twisted tooth? It is best to have a frank discussion with your dentist and get your doubts clarified.
Avatar n tn The very last tooth had and old filling, the middle tooth an ugly crown and the tooth in front of it a large crack and decay under existing filling. My DDS opted for an inlay, onlay and new crown. From the time the numbing medicine wore off the cracked tooth hurt. I returned to my DDS 3 or 4 times complaining of a toothache, jaw pain and earache. He felt the tooth was "too high" and adjusted it to no avail. Today I had a root canal on the tooth....and guess what?
Avatar n tn There was decay under the old crown was the reason it was replaced. Now I cannot chew on that crown. It is very tender. I believe I already had a root canal on that tooth. What could be the problem?
Avatar n tn well many things can cause it to have a loose feel. maybe it needs to be recemented (there are many conditions that say yes or not to this)> the tooth under could be fractured, get to the dentist soon. maybe the tooth itself is loose but you cant tell. unfortunatly you need to see a dentist in person to give you a proper diagnosis and treatmen plan.
Avatar n tn As I have written, I have a molar with a large temporary filling that has been showing signs of irriversible pulpitis. I went to a 2d dentist to get an opinion on treatment v. extraction & implant. He said it will need crown lengthening but he still thinks it's better to try to save the tooth (he thinks in this case CL won't interfere with future placement of implant if/when needed).
Avatar n tn Seven weeks ago my dentist removed decay under an old filling in a molar in my upper left jaw in preparation for a crown. He mentioned then that the decay was more extensive than he'd expected and that I might need a root canal at some time in the future---from 2 weeks to 2 years later. I had no trouble with the temp until 3 weeks later when I developed mild sensitivity to cold that would linger for a short time after eating or occasional mild pain that would appear after eating.
Avatar n tn After the decay was found, an x-ray was taken of the tooth (which took three tries because of the difficulty of getting a good view of the tooth). The x-ray showed quite a lot of decay inside the tooth, but there is no decay on the outside. My dentist said that is pretty rare, but can happen due to bacteria getting inside the tooth. I have always taken good care of my teeth, and the others are in good shape, so I'm really surprised and upset that this has happened.
Avatar m tn (My dental cap was placed due to my chipping the tooth, not because of decay). My gums around the tooth also feel irritated. Please help me put my mind at ease! Many thanks!
Avatar n tn One molar, which has a very large amalgam filling from a previous dentist, has a large crack and discoloration down one side of the tooth. The dentist recommended a ceramic crown (he has some device in his office which can make the crown while-we-wait). The tooth currently does not cause any pain. The next tooth over also has a very large amalgam filling. The tooth looks healthy, but the filling looks old (its maybe 7 years old), and possibly needs to be replaced.
Avatar n tn I had 2 crown preps done on # 18 & 19. I have a TERRIBLE time getting fully numb, can always feel some amt of pain. It took 4 hours the first visit (11-2-06) and 3 hours the second visit (11-9-06)to finally get the preps complete and impressions! I still have to go back again to have the perm crowns put on!!! Anyway, #19 has been causing me major grief. I have been taking 600 mg IBU tid and 2 Vicodin at HS (just so I don't wake up in pain in the middle of the night).
Avatar n tn About three weeks ago it really starting hurting right in the center of the tooth where the filling was. Yesterday, I went to the dentist. She said that I had No Tooth Decay and was preping it for a crown. I got the temp crown and I am still experiencing a great deal of pain when i eat something where I am biting down of the tooth with food. My gums feel fine.