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Avatar f tn About 2 years ago I had a root canal done on a molar next to anothe root canal with a temporary crown. I never got a temp crown for the new root canal or a permanent crown. Larry night i noticed clotted blood on the root canal tooth and it was bleeding some. I am in no pain but have a fear of ending up with major issues. I do not have the funds or insurance right now for a crown.... what should my concern be. Obtw i only experience this every once in a while and only while sleep.
Avatar n tn Well I was eating french burnt peanuts and wam I felt a tooth broke. I check my back tooth which has a root canal , but no crown yet ( left cheek ). My 2nd molar tooth on the right is broken off but not all the way. Its still connect to my gum and I have no clue what to do. I don't have insurance yet till next month. What should I do in the mean time.
Avatar f tn Your dentist is being medically correct and really can't rush procedures because of insurance constraints. To do so could be construed as negligent. A cold fact is that you can't hurry some dental things. Refilling a tooth that already is cold sensitive is asking for a root canal. If it was referred pain it would heal and the RCT would be unnecessary and uncalled for. Your other dentist basically has told you the same thing.
Avatar n tn There were no symptoms prior to the crown. The tooth is not sensitive to heat/cold or biting on something. Could the injection of anesthegia hit a nerve to cause this? If so, what is prognosis, treatment, and length of recovery.
209227 tn?1242346745 so the tooth already had a root canal and its had the crown for awhile. there are still many things it could be. there could be a missed canal that is infected or a root fracture. i dont have insurance either and am slowly getting one tooth at a time done. the first dentist should have mentioned you needed a crown and given you the opportunity to save up for the crown instead of deciding to leave it with a band.
Avatar m tn I finally got the crowns on and noticed a month later that you could see the grey of my tooth behind the one crown. At my checkup appointment last month, he said would redo the crown at no charge. While putting the temporary on, he suggested i go see an endontist before closing it up. I now need a retreatment on the first root canal AND a root canal on my other front tooth. I have maxed out my dental insurance for the year. Is this something I should be asking him to pay?
Avatar f tn What i have isn't even a crown yet it's just my own tooth and this dentist's office doesn't have the newer LED dental lights. In my area most people with my insurance only have a few dentists to pick from. Most only take private insurance. I didn't know crowns only have a life span of 7-10 yrs because I've had two others on my eye teeth for at least 15 years I musst be doing something right. But he never mentioned those crowns just my front tooth.
Avatar m tn I thought they were always supposed to crown a root canaled tooth. Did you ask him why he didn't crown it? Crowns are expensive - did your insurance not cover it?
Avatar n tn has this tooth been prepped for a crown yet? if not it should look like a tooth with a huge filling with no holes. if no crown prepping has been done i would advise you to be very careful until you can afford one. a root canal makes teeth especially molars fragile. the tooth might break if you wait to long. if the tooth has been prepped you should have a temporary crown that is only meant to last a month or two.
Avatar n tn if most of the natural tooth structure is gone, you are probably better off with a crown, which covers the tooth entirely and protects it. the tooth may first need a "buildup" if the existing filling has come out, comes out during preparation of the tooth, or has decay around it. I do not like inlays personally. ONLAYS are much better in that they also cover the tooth, but i use gold, not composite or porcelain, which can break.
Avatar n tn I had a crown done about 6 weeks ago on my upper left back molar. While I had the temporary crown, everything seemed fine - it was as if nothing happened. But after receiving the permanent crown, I began having sensitivity to hot and cold. It really wasn't that bad, so I didn't think much of it. But about 2 weeks after getting the permanent crown, my gum (cheek side) started to hurt (slight throbbing) and became a little inflamed and pulled back.
Avatar f tn I am really seriously thinking about having them just pull the tooth and be done with. I have no dental ins so the crown route is going to be costly to me rough estimate is $1073.00, way to much for me right now. I will see tommorow, my appt is at 10, this is the 3rd dentist opinion, I guess I will go from there. Thank you all. I'm going to take care of this lower molar first because its causing me alot of pain right now. Then the next step is to have the upper wisdom tooth yanked.
Avatar n tn That way, the other adjacent tooth is untouched. The tooth with the loose crown sounds like it is non-restorable (non-salvageable).
Avatar n tn But this temporary crown falls off same day. Next visit was February 11, 2006. She checked metal impression (no porcelain yet), and placed the same temporary crown back. It fall off in 2 days. Today I visited another doctor and he said that teeth underneath the temporary crown became weak and there is decay now, and one prepared tooth has a hole in it. And he thinks that under no circumstances I should agree to put those prepared crowns (which are ready by now) on my teeth.
Avatar n tn The endodontist took a new film and said he could not see any problem but would re do the root canal, basically, for no cost. The problem is that a new crown is not covered by insurance, so I am looking at $1300 for a new crown if the root canal is redone. Is a root canal redo likely to fix the pain problem? Should my general dentist who placed the crown ( and knew at the time that I was still having some pain) share some of the cost of a new crown?
Avatar n tn Hi, Since last year my crown cracked on my left side (3rd to last) and started cracking away until there was a hole in place of the crown. Starting early last week on 9/8 when I woke up in the morning, there was a sudden pain in the 2nd to the last teeth on my last side (teeth after my cracked crown). The pain lasted till today 9/16. Everytime I chew, it hurts and sometimes when I brush my teeth it hurts as well and it bleeds a little.
Avatar m tn I had another dentist look at my tooth and she could not say for sure either whether I would need a root canal or not. She said a Cat Scan of my tooth (not covered by my insurance) will tell me exactly if i need root canal done or not. She also said that i could go with onlay procedure if so I decide. So now I do not know what to do. In case I need a root canal done, would a crown or onlay be a better option ? would I need post and core if I decide to go with onlay ?
Avatar m tn When a crown fell off from my original dentist, it had not yet been five yrs, so my insurance would not pay for a new one. The dentist put a crown on it even though others had told me the tooth would need an implant next time the crown falls off. It was below the gum and one of the smaller teeth toward the front of the jaw. When the crown fell off about two months later it took more tooth with it causing me to need an implant or bridge.
Avatar f tn Hello, yesterday I had a root canal done on my bottom right molar the very last moler I think #18.the dentist I was referred to was a root canal specialist who apparently only does the root canal!! Which I didn't realize till after the procedure!! She left me with what looks like bubble gum on the tooth as a temparary filling and told me I have to go somewhere else for the cap?? Today I have a lot of pain by the tooth .
Avatar f tn My teeth have gotten whiter in the last few years and as a result my front right crown (please see attached photo) is noticeably yellow. This along with the dark ridge above the tooth is something I wish to get corrected. I know the only way to get a super white crown is to get it replaced. I remember distinctly though, that when I got this current crown, it was "A2", which was second to the whitest that was available from that dentist. Does this make sense? Is there a chart?
Avatar n tn When I was about 17 I started getting an adult tooth grow behind a baby tooth, at the time I didnt know my baby tooth never came in and I didnt have insurance so never took care of it.
Avatar m tn I am away at school 2,000 miles away from home and my dental coverage is out of network, if I was in network my insurance would have covered a porcelain crown for $300 copay, and when I was on the phone with customer service rep from the insurance I asked for the price of porcelain (above) and then asked the price for a gold crown in which she said they don't cover gold crowns, the fact that the CSR may not have known that gold is a noble metal may have been the reason why she said it was n
209227 tn?1242346745 My dentist claim I had cracked tooth, because it hurts to chew. So he prepared for crowning and no problem with the temporary crown a little sensitivety and pain. But when the permanent crowned was completed. I have exactly the same problem before the crowning. Is it possible the cracked is worst. I suggest a rootcanal but my dentist said its not nessary since my tooth only hurt when I chew. So I went back for adjustment and my tooth still hurst and now my whole bite is off.
Avatar f tn Its like it was no problem with getting the 500-700 dollar crown and charging you insurance for the work. The see another dentist who will adjust it for you. It doesnt make sense. A crown will make your mouth feel weird at first but I dont think you should feel pain. But constanly moving and cutiing anf adjusting sounds like it could cause some pain. That pain or bruising has to heal. I think you should give the pain another week. Is it sore or sharp like nerve pain?
Avatar n tn s a premolar on my left side) that had extensive decay underneath it. She recommended that I get a dental crown for it since the decay went so deep. I recall that they had to fill the amalgam-depositing device three times before they got the entire thing filled up. That's probably bad news... I also have an incisor (the right one next to the two front teeth) that she also recommended getting a crown for, since it had 3 composite fillings in it.
Avatar n tn 15) were bad enough that #2 needs to be pulled and #15 could either be pulled or have a root canal done followed by a crown (the dentist didn't give a preference between the two). With the root canal option, after discussing the financial side of things, the dentist recommended waiting until our next insurance cycle to have the crown put on (at the time, we thought that was June, but it turns out it is next January).
Avatar m tn I was told by my dentist that tooth 14 and 15 needed a root canal. In 11/2010 had the root canal done on tooth 15. The roots were calcified but the RC worked. It was never crowned yet. That tooth broke off in half and is only half of a tooth (going up and down). I went to get the other RC on tooth 14 in 01.2011 and the Endo started it but said that the roots were very small and he wasn't sure if it would turn out very good and told me to ask my dentist if he should continue.
Avatar n tn my dentist puts a watch in my large fillings that are worn because replacing them usually requires a crown. the last tooth he watched for around 6 years and the filling chipped and the tooth had a minor crack so this year we crowned it. he knows i am on a very limited budget with no insurance and we try to make my existing dental work last as long as possible replacing or upgrading only when necessary. get that second opinion.
Avatar m tn If its an extrinsic (outside) stain, bleaching may help although how much whiteness she will get may vary. If its intrinsic (inside) the tooth, then no bleaching can help and only a veneer or crown can be placed to hide the yellowness underneath. Its also possibly she had her enamel stripped away in which case a filling (white) may be done to cover it up. There are alot of possibilities with alot of different treatment options for each situation.