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Avatar f tn I have had a bottom molar crown for over ten years and have just noticed a black line on the bottom inner side of it. Is this normal or is this something to be worried about? It doesn't hurt but I'm wondering if its loose or if the blackness is infection.
Avatar m tn After eating just one thing it cakes up around the crown and she can actually place floss up and around all sides of the crown. Is this normal? What is the acceptable gap between the crown and gum line? Should she be able to wrap floss around the whole tooth (not just the sides like a normal tooth) Her gums are slightly recessed - but shouldn't the custom mold crown I paid $3000 for compensated for that?
Avatar n tn When you look in your mouth do you see the crown and then it just goes straight to the gum or do you see the crown and then tooth structure and then your gums? Maybe you have been brushing too hard and some of your root is exposed which can be very painful. Maybe you should have your dentist probe your periodontal ligament. This is the area around your tooth. If you have a deep pocket it maybe packing food and your gums might just be kind of yuck.
Avatar f tn I noticed that there are black flakes coming out from under the crown. The first time I saw it, I thought it might be something I ate. But yesterday, I didn't eat anything like black pepper or with any black color in it. What might this be? Could it be my tooth that is disintergrating? !!! I can't go back to my dentist until Tuesday, but I'm worried. Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn if the filling that exists in the top of the tooth is large, and if this newly discovered decay is extensive, the tooth may need a crown after the decay is cleaned out and the cavity filled. remember that the more "filling" a tooth has, the more prone to fracture it is. when teeth do fracture, sometimes they cannot be restored at all, so placing a crown befoe that happens is oftentimes prudent if the fillings are large.
Avatar m tn Ideally, crown lenthening is needed in order to establish biologic width. However, after crown lenthening procedure, interdental papilla may recede and there may be black triangle present between tooth#9 and #10, which compromise cosmetic result. In addition, crown-root ratio needs to be considered.The presenting x-ray does,nt show complete image of the entire tooth.
Avatar n tn it will turn black due to the loss of blood supply because the tooth is dead after the root canal because they remove all the infected tissues inside, either get a temp crown or have a better temporary filling material put in
Avatar n tn My dentist recently recommended a replacement for a crown that had been on my tooth for at least 8 yrs (after a root canal). He did take an impression of the tooth and make crown. Upon completion, I had pain along my gum line on one side of the molar tooth. I went to visit him a few days later and he thought it was sore from the novicane shot (although I thought otherwise) and sent me on my way. Approximately 5 weeks later while out of town, the permenant crown fell out.
Avatar n tn Well, now my whole upper left side of my gums hurt and I keep getting headaches, and on top of that, the crown feels like it will fall out every time I try chewing on it or if I drink water, it feels like the water is going beneath the crown. It also keeps hitting the bottom tooth when saying specific words... What could this be? What should I do? My dentist said that he would only shorten up the bottom teeth and that the crown was a perfect fit...
Avatar f tn My last dental visit a month ago I had no cavities on my left side however I looked today and number 17 has a black spot on it as well as bad decay on the OD area. my gums are swollen and sore. and the teeth where I just got my rooth canal the gums are swollen around the crown and my mouth is just sore. What is this. I'm do everything i can to save my teeth. What more can i do? please help me!!
Avatar n tn I am starting to feel pain on the right gum line next to the very last molar. Is this pain from the crown? Or will I need a root canal? I am not positive, but it is near the area of where i recieved multiple shots for the numbing.
Avatar m tn Sorry. Kind of hard to tell because I can't see the teeth or the x-rays and so giving specific advice on treatment can be kind of hard. I will say that a full gold crown is definitely the best restorative material. It is proven to last the longest and has the best wear characteristics of any material we use in dentistry. It polishes nice too. The only problem with gold is that its expensive and that its not cosmetic because its gold, not white.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal on a tooth 10 years ago. The crown was not a good fit. I have had some pain since. I switched dentists and was told 5 yrs ago that during my root canal a file must have broken off because he could see it in the xray. Now i can see that my tooth is turning black under the edge of the crown. What options might i have and which would be the most cost affective.
Avatar n tn If the tooth is not broken below the gum line then the crown is fine. A gold crown should be well within the skill set of a general dentist, however, if you want more expert skill you could see a prosthodontist. As for the other matter, I am not recommending a root canal, I am merely mentioning that it should be discussed as a possibility, and shold be part any clinical judgment.
Avatar f tn My original tooth used to bite down and cover almost all of the tooth below it, but now this crown is barely able to bite down on the outer side of it to the bottom tooth. should i have a new crown done? or is it normal for the crown to not be exactly (bite size) as the original tooth? Im worried that this is changing my entire overall mouth bite. I literally cannot even feel that tooth touching the bottom tooth as i bite down. what should i do?
Avatar f tn Four implants are ideal , but soft tissue (gingiva) may not be restored as natural looking gum. Black triangle may be present after tooth replacement. Papilla regeneration surgery may be needed to achieve optimal cosmetic results. Alternatively, if tooth #8 and 9 are pontics, it's much easier to fabricate a natural looking tooth. Full ceramic crown is not a good restoration for implant, because the implant abutment is metal, which may compromise the shade of ceramic crown.
Avatar f tn I had my very back bottom right tooth removed and had a crown put on the very back top right tooth. Four days after having the Procedures done I scheduled me an appointment to see the dentist again I was having top right Jaw Pain and pressure around the crown that was effecting my sleep.
Avatar f tn I have decay under crown and dentist wants to remove tooth but I also have a bridge next to this and the supporting tooth for this has roots going sideways due to an impacted tooth in gum line. This may become unstable after extraction and i end up with a large gap . what is the alternative. I have no pain under crown but gum is soft due to the decay.
Avatar f tn Back in October 2013, I broke a piece of tooth off (#19). I had my teeth cleaned in October at the periodontists office. He said I needed to get the tooth looked at by my regular dentist but it wasn't a rush if it wasn't bothering me. It was just a little piece broken off the back cusp. I went to reg. dentist and had it prepped for a crown.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had luck with laser dentistry in solving the problem in having an offensive odor around a crown? I had a crown on one of my back teeth several months ago and after placing the dental floss deeper than usual I noticed a very bad odor!! I went to my dentist and the X-ray showed a dip at the corner in the gum line between the teeth, the "pocket" was about 5 mm while the gum line in in front of that area was about 3mm.
Avatar f tn The roots of some upper teeth are very close to the sinuses, so your tooth may be the culprit. Most root canals are successful, but from time to time a tooth with a root canal becomes re-infected and must be re-treated. A periapical x-ray can show if there are any abnormalities around the roots of the tooth.
Avatar n tn I had no problem at all with my temporary crown on the tooth for almost a month while waiting for the perm. crown. But with the permamant crown, I have mild cold and hot sensitivity issues and gum line irritation?? it is a week and my discomfort has not getten any better. I did not need any root canal before either and I went for a crown due to a minor crack in the tooth. any idea???
Avatar n tn If the nerve is involved, then root canal may be necessary. If the crack goes under the gum line, then a crown lengthening procedure may be necessary-- this procedure helps to expose more of the tooth by repositioning the gum tissue. If the crack goes down the root too far, the tooth may need to be removed altogether. My best advice is not to wait for it to get worse. Cracks are usually not restorable with fillings--the tooth needs to be covered and protected.
Avatar n tn I am in horrible pain ~ My question is should I try to get an emergency extraction of the tooth that is black and hurting? Can the tooth be the cause of the ear infection? Please help, any advice is GREATLY appreciated...I am scheduled for the root-canal re-do in 6 days but I don't think I can make it.
Avatar n tn He tapped the crowned tooth and each tooth on either side of the crowned tooth. No pain for me there. He applied cool air around the area. No discomfort. He applied that cool gel to the crowned tooth and to the teeth in the front and back of the crowned tooth to check the nerves. I felt no pain. Of course the crowned tooth felt no sensation because of the root canal that was done on it. He poked around the ridges and gumline and no breaks or leaks were evident.
Avatar f tn When you have a crown they grind down the tooth, drill a whole and put in a post, so the question is the post loose or is the ground down tooth under the gum line. Obviously food was getting under the original crown and thats were the bacteria order was from. You might now consider an implant.
Avatar f tn There is a gap between my crown and my other tooth where the GD ground my natural tooth away to fit the crown in. Both of mine have to be replaced the Prosthodontist stated. Lots of money in them. And the bad part is the GD thinks he did nothing wrong.
Avatar n tn Many stronger cements draw moisture out of the tooth and can leave it very sensitive. If your tooth was prepared correctly so that the crown tucks under your gums, it should never leak or decay. Rest assured, your tooth should be just fine. I would be more concerned about the fracture under the crown. Hope this helps!