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1327032 tn?1288840755 I have had this happening for about 8 years crown after crown, Today was a bit different. I told the denist what i was on and before they could start they got a medical release from my dr. I would like to blame tx but I can not. so 600 dpoolars later I have a what they call an inlay crown. some of the molar was still good. so what always scares me about 1/2 the time filing falls out I end up needing root canal not today yeah!
Avatar n tn I will ask the endodontist to make sure the problem is not an ill-fitting crown. Are they good at detecting such problems? Do endodontists make sure that a root canal is needed before they procede? Thanks again for your time.
Avatar f tn Have you had crown put on that tooth? After getting root canal, it is highly recommended to get a crown put on in order to avoid future problems like tooth fracture, infection etc etc. Consult your dentist about that and see what his opinion is.
Avatar n tn it should be shaped like a tooth as much as possible
Avatar n tn t think the dentist would have put a crown over a fractured tooth that he thought would cause me more problems down the road. according to his website he was the greatest. This fractured tooth let bacteria get into my bone I guess. So after this bone graft heals, I guess I'll go for the implant. Teeth cost a lot of money, but I am told also that it is better to keep your teeth or have implants done if have to be pulled. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn Crowns are a tried and tested form of dental treatment as countless patients will testify to. There are not usually any problems with a permanent crown but, problems can occur with a temporary crown. Your dentist will fit you with a temporary crown whilst you are waiting for the dental lab to fabricate your permanent crown. This crown is cemented in place but with a much less stronger form of cement than used in the permanent one.
Avatar n tn does the tooth have a root canal? it might need one. you havent described when it hurts. sometimes there are problems if the tooth is cracked or there is a root fracture which can make your tooth hurt with pressure. the crown usually can help the cracked tooth. root fractures are unrepairable.
Avatar m tn i was told by my dentist that it was normal that a crown is larger than the old tooth it replaced. ie. it feels like bigger and feels odd. is that right? but the maim problem feels tight. above the the tooth into the gum. more so in the morning. and dosnt feel like the other teeth. always a tight senation all the time. not painful or hurting. just a tight feeling. ok between the other teeth for flossing. ???
Avatar n tn I had the specific root canal mentioned through an endodontist, and it was two or three weeks before my dental appointment to fill and crown it (well, re-crown it, the root canal was through a crown.
Avatar m tn I am concerned the tooth will collect bacteria and cause further problems (smell, infection, etc). We were planning on going back to the dentist today to complain but wanted some ammo from other experts - please help.
Avatar m tn I recently had a permanent crown put on one of my back molars. My tooth has been sensitive to certain things when the temporary was on there, but not the biting down part of it. When my dentitst was trying to fit my crown on and get the bite rite before she finally cemented it on, whenever she would put the crown on my tooth, I would get the pain, but then it would go away. She kept taking it off and on about 4 times.
Avatar f tn I had my very back bottom right tooth removed and had a crown put on the very back top right tooth. Four days after having the Procedures done I scheduled me an appointment to see the dentist again I was having top right Jaw Pain and pressure around the crown that was effecting my sleep.
Avatar m tn how long is a root canal tooth supposed to be exposed without a crown? I feel the dentist that performed the root canal was negligent, because the should have completed the treatment and not leave my tooth exposed to further problems like I'm facing now. =( Thank you!
Avatar m tn Actually I have two teeth that have a temporary crown on them and the temporary crown covers both teeth. I did the root canal on the very back tooth because whenever the specialist did his test,it was that tooth that was giving me problems. Now, I know its only been 8 hours since I had it done, but I was biting on food that a little bit hard and I still have pain(or pressure) in the two teeth that have the temporary crown on.
Avatar f tn i have had another crown for 30 years without a single problem. just because a tooth has a crown things can still happen like root fractures but without a crown chances of loosing a cracked/root canaled tooth dramatically increases. if you crown a molar get gold. its much stronger and has less impact on surrounding teeth and gums. it will also last much longer.
Avatar n tn I just got a permanent crown put on my root canal tooth and 2 days later, i have pain when eating something hard or crunchy. My root canal was done 7 years ago and i have had no problems but it was recommended to put a crown on it so i did. i went back to my dentist who put on the crown to let him know i was having pain. he checked the bite and said it is fine, gave me antiobiotics and referred me to a specialist to look at the root canal. why would getting a crown cause pain when 1.
Avatar n tn I have recently had a temp crown on the tooth and am getting fitted for a perm crown - it is made of metal on the inside and has porcelain metal on the exterior.
Avatar f tn It seems to be most sensitive between the temporary crown and the tooth just behind it. Is it possible the root to the tooth behind the root canal is damaged? I went back to my dentist and he said everything looks fine and the pain should subside with time. I'm just concerned about permanently placing the finished crown (appt is next week) without finding the cause to my existing pain. ..any advice would be most appreciated!
Avatar n tn If the tooth didnot yield the symptom before temporary crown, i.e., symptom developes after temporary crown, it probably rsults from occlusal interference of temporary crown. If crack is present, the symptom does'nt change whether there is a temporary crown or not. Further occlusion adjustment is needed. Perfect comfort can be achieved if occlusal interference is completely eliminated.If provisional crown is not satisfactory, outcome of final crown is questionable.
Avatar m tn I had my permanent crown put on last Friday and by Saturday I was in pain. I couldn't put any pressure on the tooth. I never had any problems with my temporary crown. I go back to the dentist today to adjust the bite of the permanent crown. I had a root canal last month and had an infection in the tooth. Hopefully everything will be fixed today because I have used up all of my dental bebefits for the year.
Avatar f tn either way they are going to gringd your teeth down.... if you get a crown they are going to make your tooth into a small little stump so they can place crown on top....veneers they are going to grind it down to make them stick to it.... if they are not noticable and they dont cause any problems then leave it up to you..
Avatar f tn I also looked at the tooth after the dentist finished prepping it prior to placing the crown. The dentist drilled three holes in the top of the molar rather than prepping the perimeter of the tooth. I have had crowns in the past so I know how they normally are prepped. Her tooth did have a big filling in it and the pulpa had been removed so that is why she needed the crown, but I am still not sure why she would have drilled holes in the top of the tooth and not ground the perimeter.
Avatar f tn There is a gap between my crown and my other tooth where the GD ground my natural tooth away to fit the crown in. Both of mine have to be replaced the Prosthodontist stated. Lots of money in them. And the bad part is the GD thinks he did nothing wrong.
Avatar n tn in my practice, i would say 90% of the time that patients came in with a loose crown it was becasue something more involved related to the tooth underneath or the crown itelf (a perforation for example) was going on. I would say abot half the time it was becasue the tooth had had a root canal and the post became loose (hence the crown) due to a fracture or decay. vey rarely did i need only to recement a loose cown---ie very raely was everything ok underneath.
Avatar f tn The roots of some upper teeth are very close to the sinuses, so your tooth may be the culprit. Most root canals are successful, but from time to time a tooth with a root canal becomes re-infected and must be re-treated. A periapical x-ray can show if there are any abnormalities around the roots of the tooth.
Avatar f tn t think taking anything else away from the tooth structure will help anything. Any thoughts on the necessity of crown lengthening? I feel like reg. dentist is pushing me to go other places (perio and endo) and spend money b/c of a brotherhood or ????? I was a dental assistant for 5 years and know a (very) little about dentistry and have never had this feeling of being pushed until now. I am not sure how to handle the situation without spending a ton more money on this tooth.
Avatar n tn ve moved since then and he is too far away. How can a nerve die under a crown? When he put the crown on my tooth hurt the whole time, he said he couldn't numb it any further and I would just have to put up with it.