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Avatar f tn I had a temporary crown placed 3 days ago and it hurts. It is my 3rd crown and the other 2 were root canalled and they never hurt so I am not sure if this is normal. I can tell that the temp crown isn't making contact with my gum because it's too short on that side and that's where my tooth hurts. It hurts super bad to brush and I don't trust it (because I don't want it to come loose) so I have never eaten on it. Should I call the dentist and have them fix the temp crown?
Avatar f tn i was at work in the toilet and there was a wet foor and in a second i found my self on my face with a broken front tooth...i searched for my tooth and i found it i didnt feel any pain except in my inner lip it was bleeding my tooth too....but nothing in the gum above my tooth...i went to the dentist immeadiatly he told meafter the x ray that the nerve is exposed after removing it he found a crack a vertical one from the right to the left....
Avatar f tn My doctor said its not his root canal. But my tooth still hurts. I am certain its not other teeth feeling the pain. He said it would be very rare to have another canal in that tooth and I would be a textbook case if this was the reason. So I dont know what to do. i still feel pressure when I bite or tap on the tooth.
Avatar n tn The gum around the tooth is hurting me real bad. The dentist said I needed a crown because my tooth was cracked. He said my gum was not infected and I only needed a crown. I went about 10 days ago and had the temp. put own and it still hurts around the gum and the pain feels like it is nerve and not the tooth. I can not eat anything on that side of my mouth and I am having to take pain medicine every 4 to 6 hrs for pain. The only relief I get is when I lay down and go to sleep.
Avatar n tn I do have allergies year round and the sinuses around my cheek bones hurt when my allergies act up. I had a CT of my head which included my sinuses and the CT report came back clear, but an x-ray done by my allergist said they are white. I dont know whats going on since my dentist says theres nothing wrong but this tooth hurts.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had a temp. crown put on Tuesday, May 16th. The tooth they put the crown had a root canal done on it in 1999. A few hours after the numbness wore off, I was feeling a lot of pain. I just figured the area was sore, and so I took Motrin. By Friday, May 19th I still needed the Motrin. And instead of needing it every 8 hours, I was now taking 800 mg Motrin every 4 hours. So I called the dentist since by now I figured I can't still be sore from the crown prep.
Avatar f tn Have not had the crown placed yet but I am having pain when heat hits the tooth is this normal or could there be something wrong? I will be having the crown placed in 2 weeks should I go in sooner..
Avatar n tn m ready to have the tooth pulled. Are there some teeth that just cannot be fitted with a crown? (or is this just an incompetant dentist?) This discussion is related to <a href=''>dental crown problems</a>.
Avatar n tn So should I allow the specialist to do them again? Why is my tooth still hurting? What is a permanent crown look like? Is it necessary to drill the crown if I need to redo the tooth? Should I make my dentist refound the money? Is her technique poor? Please help, thank you.
697381 tn?1228011309 The tooth that had the root canal and crown on the same day (1 week ago) feels fine. Tooth 3, the one with the year old root canal and new crown hurts. The gum tissue about the crown on 3 is swollen, and it feels like the crown is pushed up too high. Is that possible? The most severe problem I am having is a severe ache in tooth 2, it feels like an intense pressue. I can't bite down on 2 or 3 at all. If I push on 2 with my tongue it hurts.
Avatar n tn I already have the permant crown on and they did the red paper to make the tooth was not too high and it was ok. I just started getting this pain yesterday.
Avatar n tn This may seem weird but one thing I had not noticed until I got home today is that the tooth hurts when it is tapped on or near the sides BUT if I place my thumb under the bottom of that tooth to apply pressure and THEN tap, there is NOT ANY pain at all. My question is could it be an ill fitting crown that is the culprit here? All things point to that in my mind.
Avatar m tn 8 months ago, I got a root canal and crown on a back, bottom tooth. Ever since, I have had pain on that tooth whenever I bite on it. I had no pain prior to this. It does not hurt w/ hot and cold, only biting. Been back to both endodontist and dentist re: problem. Both thought maybe a bite/grinding issue; both filed/adjusted crown a bit. Took x-rays. Both said was not infected (that you could tell by xrays). Filing tooth has not helped. Bite guard has not helped.
Avatar f tn Yes, its possible that there's a cavity underneath the crown and its destroyed the tooth underneath it. If that's the case, the tooth may not be restorable and may need to be removed.
Avatar m tn My top back molar broke. My dentist drilled it for a crown and put a temporary crown on it. About two days later I developed a pain in both my upper and lower jaws..mind you..this tooth does not hurt it just hurts all around it. Alleve takes the pain away. Went back two weeks later to get the permanent put on and now he won't put it on until I see an endodontist to make sure I don't need a root canal. Really..
Avatar n tn My biggest concern is that when I push against the bump either with my tongue or with my finger, the crown begins to hurt. It does not hurt to brush the crown and doesn't hurt normally. It only hurts when I push on the bump. When I push on the bump, no pus or blood comes out. I am not a smoker so I am not really concerned with it being cancer. I am thinking more on the lines of something with the root, but wouldn't the pain be worse?
5875644 tn?1375886365 About a week ago I developed a slight tooth ache on the lower left. It is a tooth that is broken, but since I had root canal done on it several years ago, there's no nerve in it. Then, a few days later I started to develop an ear ache in the same area. So now it hurts from my left ear down into my left jaw as well as a slight feeling of pressure above my left eye. I also can feel like post-nasal drip when it does hurt.
Avatar n tn I had a permanent crown on my third lower molar without any root canal the tooth was cracked but at that time my dentist said no need for root canal. Almost 2 years later its suddenly sensitive and pressure pain when eating. I went to the dentist and I was told nothing was wrong with the tooth. Is it possible my bite if off since I have a bad tmj.
Avatar n tn Hi Tina, thank you for your response. This is my first crown, so it's hard to say what exactly this feeling is. The crown just feels like the tip of it is too long, and it feels like it's just not put on my gums right, although when I feel around on it, it feels like every other tooth on the gum line and doesn't feel loose when I slightly press against it.
Avatar n tn After they drilled it down to put the temp crown on it became very sensitive which I thought was normal as basically all I had was a stump of a tooth left. I did fine with my temp crown and got my permanent one on a month ago but I am having alot of sensitivity to cold and it still hurts some when I chew with that tooth. It doesn't wake me up hurting or anything but it is painful during eating and drinking during the day. Is that normal? Will it go away? Thanks!
Avatar n tn you could have a recurring abcess in the tooth, or the crown may be impinging on the gum tissue becasue the edges of the crown were buried too far underneath the gumline. or it may be as simple as some extra cement that needs to be removed.
Avatar n tn The dentist said he felt the tooth was cracked and he would put a temporary crown on it. He did this about a week and a half ago. As soon as the novicaine wore off, I noticed the tooth was no longer sensitive to hot or cold. However, it continues to be sensitive to pressure. If I press the tooth hard or chew on hard foods it hurts for a few seconds. This crown does not feel high at all, if anything it feels low if there is such a thing.
Avatar m tn The following morning (Sunday), I awoke to a throbbing toothache and pain when I touch the tooth. Even swallowing hurts when my tongue touches the tooth. What's a reasonable explanation? Will it get better or is this symptomatic of a worse issue.
Avatar n tn Doctor has prepared my tooth (molar, #30) for a crown, however while waiting for a crown for a about a week I've experienced pain in my down and even upper jaw from the right side. Took ibuprofen, so I could function during the day and sleep during night. No pain directly in the tooth, but dull pain around it in the jaw.
Avatar n tn I began feeling pain in a lower molar when I would bite down. After seeing my dentist, he informed me that I needed a root canal and a crown. Throughout the entire process, the tooth has never felt normal. My dentist kept telling me, "It's (old filling, temp crown, and now new crown) a little high," and then he would trim it down. The permanent crown was put on three weeks ago.
Avatar f tn My dental crown ( two years old ) fell out for the FOURTH time last night ( in a six months span ) while eating. For that reason, and a few others I'd like this remaining tooth removed and also the root canal. I can't keep going to the dentist once a months for adjustments, it's really annoying. This crown refuses to stay in my mouth. Do I have to see a special dentist or will mine do this procedure? How much is a dental implant for the vacant space?
Avatar n tn I was playing basketball the other night and ended up getting the bottom half of my top front right tooth broken off. The pulp is definitely exposed. I can see the red flesh and it hurts to the touch. I'm pretty sure the bottom half can't be bonded on, but i saved it in milk anyway. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I'm just wondering what to anticipate. Will I need a root canal? Just a crown?