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Avatar n tn Finally, the dentist took an xray and said the root of the root canaled tooth is infected and he will perform an apicoectomies to remove the infection.Am I suffering from Nerve damage? The dentist hasn't mentioned nerve damage at all. Has anyone else had this and can help me . I am so gutted that i now may lose anther tooth. Please please can someone help. I am so distressed and can't think of anything else. Many thanks in advance to anyone who has any ideas at all.
Avatar f tn on one side, my pucker is lopsided, and whistling is difficult. What happened? Is this nerve damage? Is it going to be permanent? I'm terrified. I would appreciate any information or advice. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I have to admit that I am very anxious about having this tooth extracted for fear of damage to the lingual nerve that I was told by my dentist is somewhere near this tooth. (The thought of permanent nerve damage scares me.) My questions today are: Where is this nerve in relation to the tooth, how risky is removing this tooth, and how will my oral surgeon remove this tooth if there is no tooth structure above the gum line? Thank you very much for your insight!
Avatar n tn Yes, its possible that its nerve damage although the more common symptom is just generalized numbness in the area down to the lower lip. It may takes up to several months to heal although I would imagine it would be sooner than that. It may be possible that its due to the crown and not the nerve itself. Has the pain started since the day of the injection or since the placement of the new crown?
Avatar n tn Decay under crowns can be caused by not keeping the crown clean enough. The removal of the crown shouldn't damage the tooth. They should just be able to cut the crown off, remove the decay, and reprep for a new crown. Unless the decay is into the nerve, then you would need a root canal before getting a new crown.
Avatar f tn Most of the time a crown is recommended. Sometimes you can avoid a crown on a front tooth if there's no structural damage but usually a root canal is indicated when the nerve is damaged/infected which is at the center of the tooth so usually a cavity or crack would have to get deep enough to injure the nerve. But there are some cases were the nerve dies but there's no visible problem with a cavity or crack.
Avatar f tn Almost two years ago I slipped in my kitchen and broke several teeth, resulting in an implant, root canal and several crowns. Tooth number 14 was broken severely but suffered no nerve damage at the time of injury, thus only requiring a crown. I have had this crown for almost a year and a half with no problems. About 5 or 6 weeks ago this tooth started feeling odd-I cannot articulate it well, not pain, maybe slightly tingly, no hot/cold sensitivity, just something doesn’t feel normal.
Avatar n tn I had fractured tooth #14 and my dentist prepped my tooth for a crown. I had some pain while chewing with the temporary, but not with temperature. The dentist said that she didn't think that I needed a root canal. While she was away on vacation, my temporary tooth fell off while I was flossing, and I had to see another dentist in the practice. She fitted me with my permanent crown, despite telling her that my tooth hurt.
Avatar n tn It is defintely within the realm of possibility to have the need for a root canal after a crown. Unfortunately, a crown does a significant amount of reduction of your tooth. With this thinning of the tooth, it can be more susceptible to problems later on. On the other hand, if a fractured tooth is left alone, it can potentially crack further and it does fracture below the jawbone, it can be un-saveable and would need to be removed.
Avatar n tn and put in a temporary crown. I am still experiencing pain from the tooth and it feels like nerve damage. Is there a chance it will stop or will I need a root canal?
Avatar m tn Many times it will harden behind the crown and then pulverize and you can taste it. Nerve damage from the implants should not give you the sensations you are having. Nerve damage would leave more a numbness or transient shock like pain, not a taste. Your Vick's vapour rub description sounds like the cement. Perhaps you could start there. GOOD LUCK on finding a solution.
Avatar f tn The only reason why I would wait for a crown would be if the wisdom tooth is in the way of making the crown and would make it more difficult for me to place the crown in. If that's the case, then I would recommend wating the 6 to 8 weeks to get a better fitting crown. Ideally, the easier it is for the dentist to do the work, the better the outcome will be.
Avatar n tn I agree with the last posting. sometimes a prep can damage the nerve on the tooth and you need to take it out...hence a root canal. im not sure why you wouldn't want this as it has a crown on it anyhow.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago, I went in for a regular cleaning and I was informed I had a fractured tooth and needed a crown. I agreed as I had a minor amount of pain with eating and they were afraid I would crack the tooth off and cause worse problems. I had the temporary put on and was forced to stay on regular, fairly high doses of ibuprofen. After they put the permanent on, which seems to have a great fit, I have dull, constant pain. Sometimes I can get away with 200 mg.
Avatar n tn Hi all. I had a tooth prepared for a crown on Tues. March 7. After the carbocaine wore off, i decided to have lunch and when i bit down on that side, a SHOCK of pain went through my i "hit a nerve." I called the dentist and they said it was most likely cuz the truth had been traumatized. It's now Friday morning, Marc 10 and it STILL hurts to bite down if there is food there, not just the bite alone - only the added pressured of something between the teeth when biting down..
Avatar n tn I thing that, adjusting may help, but there is nerve damage also. When I roll my hips back and for to help relieve the pain, my back/hip area pops. If I do not pop it back then my left foot gets a bruise on it. When it pops back the bruise goes away. When my left foot is bruising I can barely walk. I feel pain down both legs and at night I feel like pins and needles are poking my feet and fingers. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Doctor has prepared my tooth (molar, #30) for a crown, however while waiting for a crown for a about a week I've experienced pain in my down and even upper jaw from the right side. Took ibuprofen, so I could function during the day and sleep during night. No pain directly in the tooth, but dull pain around it in the jaw.
Avatar f tn i had a crown put in on the right top back tooth almost 4 weeks ago and as soon as the numbness wore off i've had severe tooth pains. not just the tooth they worked on by all my teeth upper and lower rigth side. i really dont know what to do. i called the dentist back and they prescribbed me an antibiotic and pain meds and said after the antibiotic is gone if im still having pain then call back....but the pain is so bad i wake up in the middle of the night.
Avatar n tn You can't bruise a tooth. You need a root canal and a crown and he Knows it. Find a new dentist. He'll give you vicodin. Poor thing.
Avatar n tn it was an accident and i'm sure it trapped a nerve.... My ear also wont unblock on the left which is connected to the tooth problem, something twists and squeaks in the facial area when i move jaw to the left, i am positive it is a trapped ear ll4 is supersentive to heat and is really nervy, surely root canal will take of the nervy feeling on the tooth........... Due to have an mri saturday which i hope will reveal something but not sure it will..........
Avatar m tn I had a crown placed about 2 weeks ago on tooth #4 as it had cracked. It was fine for a few days after I went back for a high bite adjustment but now its sensitive to cold(only a few seconds) and hurts periodically along with the neighboring teeth - both upper and lower. The dentist said that this is from grinding my teeth but if I have been grinding all along wouldn't these symptoms of pain and sensitivity to cold have been present prior to the crown being placed?
Avatar n tn Ive used all my insurance money on the stupid crown and if my dentist is going to recommend a root canal and anther crown I am going to lose it. What happens if they just pull the tooth? You can't see it, its in the back. Do you have to have a crown or bridge? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/937394'>Pain after permanent crown</a>.
Avatar n tn Is it possible a nerve was irritated from that. It is a BIG filling, the tooth was broken, but he said he saw no infection and it was not dark so there was no root canal at this time. I only ask because I have read soo many stories about this but I know every one is unique.Also how doe this happen just all of a sudden? Even if I see a TMJ specialist they can't help me with dental work right? Or can they advise on my bite?
Avatar f tn NOT getting it adjusted can cause damage to the tooth, nerve, and TMJ.
Avatar n tn I am of the opinion that since the size of the tooth was reduced to accept the crown, that damage has been done to the root canal in some way.Possibly on the biting surface side. Is this possible? The pain i feel is nerve pain not toothache. I am quickly coming to the conclusion that the tooth will have to be pulled.
Avatar f tn I had a crown put on a broken tooth 10 days ago. I still have an ulcer and quite a bit of pain on the gum under the crown. The novacaine injection hurt terribly, like never before. Could there have been some damage that I still have pain. The office told me to keep gargling with salt water. But after 10 days, the ulcer from what I think was trauma from the instruments is still here. Can this trauma cause an abscess?
479581 tn?1317761088 Also if the crack has gone to the nerve of the tooth and the nerve is exposed, then a root canal might be needed as well. If you need help with evaluation of the training of the dentists in your area, feel free to visit You would be able to find someone who can help you in the General Dentistry section of the site as well.I hope this is helpful and let us know if you have any other questions.
Avatar n tn and that means there is a great chance that bacteria can easily find their way to the nerve chamber, specially after tooth preparation for a crown. Hence the recommenation for a root canal eventhough the tooth seems fine now. As for Lynn suggesting that my "claim" about cutting through a crown does not destroy it.. well lets just say that is probably what her dentist told her when he/she had to do the root canal through her crown..
Avatar n tn However, the dentist told me that he wanted to put a crown over two of my teeth. About a month ago, I had temporary crown put in. Not long after, my teeth began to bother me. Two weeks ago, I went back to the dentist to put in the permanent crown. I told him of my discomfort and he seemed to think it was due to a loose temp. I told him that air was hurting me. Again, he said it would be fine when the crown was put in. When he put the crown in, I hit the ceiling! I have never felt such pain.