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Avatar n tn Hello, I am desperate for help. I recently had a dental implant on my top right, next to a root canaled tooth which had been done 20 years ago. The dentist told me to have a veneer on this tooth since it was quite yellow. After the implant crown and veneer was put in, I started to feel numbness on my top and bottom lips. I have had this numbness for nearly 3 months now.
Avatar n tn Yes, its possible that its nerve damage although the more common symptom is just generalized numbness in the area down to the lower lip. It may takes up to several months to heal although I would imagine it would be sooner than that. It may be possible that its due to the crown and not the nerve itself. Has the pain started since the day of the injection or since the placement of the new crown?
Avatar f tn Most of the time a crown is recommended. Sometimes you can avoid a crown on a front tooth if there's no structural damage but usually a root canal is indicated when the nerve is damaged/infected which is at the center of the tooth so usually a cavity or crack would have to get deep enough to injure the nerve. But there are some cases were the nerve dies but there's no visible problem with a cavity or crack.
Avatar f tn The only reason why I would wait for a crown would be if the wisdom tooth is in the way of making the crown and would make it more difficult for me to place the crown in. If that's the case, then I would recommend wating the 6 to 8 weeks to get a better fitting crown. Ideally, the easier it is for the dentist to do the work, the better the outcome will be.
Avatar n tn I do not think there is any nerve damage but I would be concerned that the tooth is still sensitive to any type of function.It is possible that the earaches are related to the tooth and I would have both the root canal and your ear checked out by the appropriate doctors.
Avatar n tn I agree with the last posting. sometimes a prep can damage the nerve on the tooth and you need to take it out...hence a root canal. im not sure why you wouldn't want this as it has a crown on it anyhow.
Avatar f tn After the appointment I was okay but for the next 72 hours or so the nerve to that tooth continued at first to throb and then the tooth felt better but I noticed things like the the left side of my face to my nose felt it was going numb, similar to when you use novocaine or whatever when you work on a tooth. I also noticed that the weird nerve pain had left the tooth and was moving more toward the back of my head behind my ear and giving me a headache that kind of made me feel shaky.
Avatar f tn I am afraid that the improperly fitting first temp crown had damaged my nerve . My dentist said to give it time to bounce back. Can it bounce back?
Avatar n tn I am of the opinion that since the size of the tooth was reduced to accept the crown, that damage has been done to the root canal in some way.Possibly on the biting surface side. Is this possible? The pain i feel is nerve pain not toothache. I am quickly coming to the conclusion that the tooth will have to be pulled.
Avatar f tn i have had another crown for 30 years without a single problem. just because a tooth has a crown things can still happen like root fractures but without a crown chances of loosing a cracked/root canaled tooth dramatically increases. if you crown a molar get gold. its much stronger and has less impact on surrounding teeth and gums. it will also last much longer.
Avatar m tn He also says I should get a crown on the tooth in the near future. If I get a crown, is it necessary to replace the old filling at all? I thought the crown would do the job of a filling too. I asked him and he said that yes, he had to replace the filling prior to the crown. I've had 2 crowns done before and they've grinded the tooth down to very little and it seems like a filling would just disappear at that point.
Avatar m tn but instead to make it even, he then made the veneered tooth shorter than the crown tooth. I am so upset with they way they look now. What are the options do I have? should I ask him to replace the veneer? whould it make my gums recede more if i replace the veneer? Please advise. Thanks !
Avatar n tn typically, heat sensitivity over cold sensitivity in a tooth indicates nerve damage and a root canal treatment (rct) would be the treatment in that case. cold sensitivity could indicate either a temporarily aggravated nerve which may settle over one day to 1 month, or crack which may need a crown and/or rc. pain worsening after a bite typically indicates a fracture, and these do not always show on x-ray. although....sometimes even the professional may be in error.
Avatar n tn Doctor has prepared my tooth (molar, #30) for a crown, however while waiting for a crown for a about a week I've experienced pain in my down and even upper jaw from the right side. Took ibuprofen, so I could function during the day and sleep during night. No pain directly in the tooth, but dull pain around it in the jaw.
Avatar f tn The second cone-beam scan shows that the root is curved under the nerve, to the extent that there will be nerve damage. As x-rays go, he said that mine was bad and I have to think carefully about what to do. I am reluctant to have surgery to remove the tooth as I don't want my lip (and possibly cheek, tooth area) to have no sensation. I understand that the severity of my case indicates that the nerve damage will most likely be permanent.
Avatar f tn You are probably referring to 2nd or 1st molar. Complete removal of whole tooth rarely causes any nerve damage. Seeing an oral surgeon is advised.
Avatar n tn Hi all. I had a tooth prepared for a crown on Tues. March 7. After the carbocaine wore off, i decided to have lunch and when i bit down on that side, a SHOCK of pain went through my i "hit a nerve." I called the dentist and they said it was most likely cuz the truth had been traumatized.
Avatar m tn A root canal also involves removing the nerve from the teeth this leads to a disruption of blood and nerve supplies which further leads to death of the tooth. A crown is usually recommended to protect the tooth from breakage and decay. It provides protection to the tooth and acts as a splint in binding the tooth structures together. You can grind, chew and clench your teeth easily without any risk of breakage of the tooth if a crown is placed.
Avatar n tn Since then i have realised the tooth has trapped a nerve or my eustacian tube or something connecting eye and tooth, initially the back of tooth went sensitive to heat i think it's a root problem as requires antibiotics it is at the back of the tooth, i get a sucking sound from tooth and toxins in my mouth also my left ear goes deaf due to something trapped, i can hear an feel problem when i bite on the tooth and it knocks my balance and makes me ill.
Avatar n tn removed the cracked portion, placed a pin in and rebuilt up the tooth. The dental hygeinest made my temporary crown. I went home, and when the numbing wore off, I was in severe pain. not just my tooth. but also my whole face and jaw. I called the dr. and was told it was normal. after several days pain STILL did not go away. I went back in and the dental hygeninst drilled the tooth so it didn't hit the upper teeth.
Avatar n tn There were no symptoms prior to the crown. The tooth is not sensitive to heat/cold or biting on something. Could the injection of anesthegia hit a nerve to cause this? If so, what is prognosis, treatment, and length of recovery.
479581 tn?1317757488 If more extensive, a veneer, inlay, or a crown might be needed, unless the crack goes below the gumline which might need a procedure called crown lengthening and if the cracks continue down too far to the bone, then the tooth may not even be savable and then a bridge, partial denture or implant might be needed. Also if the crack has gone to the nerve of the tooth and the nerve is exposed, then a root canal might be needed as well.
Avatar n tn the darkening of the tooth(the portion with the roots still attached)may have suffered nerve/blood supply damage from the blow that broke it... if NOT care for in a timely manner, sometimes even a root canal will not save a dead tooth and wouuld then require removal of the tooth... My unprofessional advice is not to "sit" on this too long...